Our Riverdale And Teen Wolf Boyfriends Are Starring In An Epic Netflix Teen Romcom

YES give the people what they WANT.

Both Riverdale’s K.J. Apa and Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Posey are trading in the unbelievably hectic and supernatural words of their teen shows to star in the comparatively down-to-earth universe of Netflix’s upcoming romcom, The Last Summer.

K.J. is our leading man in the coming-of-age teen film, in which he and his friends are dealing with the last summer after high school and before the rest of their lives.

Instead of his signature Archie Andrews red hair and run ins with murderers and jail and what not, his character Griffin must decide whether to pursue music or a safer bet, and whether he should take things to the next level ~romantically~ with his friend Phoebe (Maia Mitchel from The Fosters).

The film features our favourite wolf boy as a young successful baseball player who gets involved with one of Griffin’s friends (Halston Sage) after she breaks up with her boyfriend (Jacob Latimore)13 Reasons Why’s Sosie Bacon is also involved in the action and judging by the trailer she is the funniest, if not only funny character in the film. 

But we’ve got love triangles! We’ve got friends with sexual tension! We’ve got some of our favourite teen (genre) actors! We’ve got angst! We are KEEN!

The Last Summer is set to drop on Netflix May 3.

To All The Boys I've Loved Before Adds Riverdale Star To Its Overwhelmingly Perfect Line-Up

So much eye candy, so little time.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before garnered a cult fan following practically overnight, so to be honest, they could serve up anything as a sequel and we would eagerly wait up for it.

But instead, they’re clearly going all out with the sequel and giving us some solid new cast members. Last week they announced that Jordan Fisher will be playing Peter Kavinsky’s competition, John Ambrose (not the guy from the end of the first film), and now they’ve announced that Ross Butler will be playing Peter Kavinsky’s bestie, Trevor Pike.

From Riverdale to 13 Reasons Why, Ross Butler is already a Netflix teen genre king, and apparently he and Noah Centineo already have a bromance that the TATBILB sequel will play off.

“His real-life friendship with Noah brings a natural chemistry and great rapport to the set and we can’t wait for fans to see this friendship play out onscreen.” Producer Matt Kaplan told EW.

The sequel doesn’t yet have a release date, but I feel it’s only right to remind everyone that the plot is looking pretty distressing. I personally don’t see what’s wrong with two hours of Peter and Lara Jean living happily ever after with no other love interests or obstacles, but I guess Netflix disagrees.

The Unnoticed Error In Cruel Intentions Proves Films Can Get Away With Anything If The Scene Is Good Enough

20 good years of flying under the radar.

Cruel Intentions has a lot of memorable moments. It’s the 90s teen film that’s always 69% more cooked than you remember and, when it comes down to it, is mostly about anal.

But what is remembered as the most epic scene in the whole movie is definitely the final shot, of Annette (Reese Witherspoon) speeding away from Sebastian’s (Ryan Phillippe) memorial in his sports car to the sound of The Verve’s ‘Bittersweet Symphony’.

It’s oddly triumphant for a post-your-boyfriend’s-funeral vibe, but odd pretty accurately sums up everything that goes down in this movie, so it works.

Entertainment Weekly has commemorated the film’s 20th anniversary with an oral history that dives deep into all the dirty details, and filmmaker Roger Kumble pointed out a major error in that final sequence.

If you look beyond Reese Witherspoon in that shot of Annette’s grand escape from the evils of New York, she’s definitely out of place.

“You see the tumbleweeds of L.A.!” Kumble said, laughing. “There’s burnt-out grass as she’s driving by, and then we cut to Manhattan. We never got called on it. It’s a huge thing, and no one cares. They’re not looking out [her] window.”

In spite of being set in New York, the majority of Cruel Intentions was filmed on the West Coast. Luckily that scene keeps us so absorbed in the moment with the wind in the hair and the music and the general energy, that no one noticed the backdrop.

Even if they decided to re-do the scene so that the setting was accurate, Witherspoon apparently didn’t love shooting it in the first place.

“I was terrified because the car was rattling,” she admitted. “I was driving this rickety Jaguar. It was a cool shot, and I was glad we did it! But I just remember getting out and going, ‘I’m never doing that again.’”

But it didn’t matter in the end, because no one noticed or cared that the final scene is completely out of place, and that’s a testament to how damn good that final scene is.


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