Rihanna's Take On Gun Violence Had Neil DeGrasse Tyson Seeing Stars

Ri-Ri knows best.

The recent mass shootings in the US have reminded us how horribly frequent articles with “the recent mass shootings in the US” are these days. And of all the hot responses on social media Rihanna’s take on gun violence generally and the most recent ones in particular cut right to the heart of the matter:

And just to be clear, Rihanna is correct. She is absolutely right to call this terrorism.

There is a rising trend of mass shooters expressing white supremacy ideology in their social feeds and forum memberships. It’s violence motivated by ideology in order to sow fear, horror and distrust.

And Rihanna’s take on gun violence is not hyperbole, given the reports that some of the shooting victims from El Paso were reported worried about going to hospital for fear of getting deported.

Against this background of grief and horror astrosphysicist and TV host Neil DeGrasse Tyson, who has had a less than stellar couple of years, thought he’d make a public return to hot takes with the worst one he could muster…

It’s entirely likely that the data is true, and frankly it’s also pretty horrific (250 suicides? That’s terrifying) – but

a) right after a tragedy isn’t the time to go “eh, such-and-such is worse” if you’re not deliberately and knowingly trying to get people to lash out emotionally in response,

b) it’s a pretty unambiguous attempt to change the subject away from gun violence being a problem, and…

c) it’s a deliberate F-you to those affected, unless there really are situations where where someone was told that it’s a real shame their mum was eaten by a shark but that she’d actually been at higher risk driving to the beach and went “hey, great point, I feel heaps better – say, let’s go roller skating!”

And the criticisms for N deG T’s ill-timed bout of whataboutism came thick and fast, but none were as on point as former Tonightly writer Kara Schlegl:

Thought and prayers were reportedly still not working at press time.

Vogue Has Had Enough Of Celebs Wanting To Be President And YES DEAR GOD YES

Maybe - and hear us out - it's better to have people in power that do more than post weird things on Twitter?

It is entirely possible that you’re not familiar with the political aspirations of Marianne Williamson, best selling spiritual healing author, moderately-notorious Oprah pal, and current Democratic presidential candidate.

And if you are a reader of Vogue that ignorance will only be reinforced since she is not one of the five Democratic women featured in their cover story Madam President? Five Candidates On What It Will Take To Shatter The Most Stubborn Glass Ceiling.

No. No, we’re not.

The reasons for her omission from the piece are not explicit (although it does mention her in the article), although it’s most likely that she is at best a rank outsider for the gig. And yes, we realise recent US political history doesn’t have a great track record with that particular line of reasoning.

Fun fact: the other women running for office don’t limit their political outreach to books about spiritual weight loss and incomprehensible tweetspirations.

You… you know that words mean things, right?

In her defence, unlike the rest of the women interviewed for the piece (Amy Klobuchar, Tulsi Gabbard, Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris) she might have zero experience in public office – but she reportedly used to be Laura Dern’s roommate so… um, checkmate?

Anyway, she took to Insta to decry this meanie bobeanie editorial decision:

“The framers of the Constitution did not make Vogue magazine the gate keepers of America’s political process,” she accurately pointed out. “If they had wanted to say more, than [sic] they would have. They didn’t say more for a reason: they were leaving it to every generation to determine for itself the skill set it feels is necessary to navigate the times in which they live.”

Skills like:

Health policy: sorted!

Now, we appreciate that there are some differences of opinion on whether it’s good to elect people with no idea of what public policy development who seem to spend a lot of time spewing actual nonsense on Twitter.

However, if Vogue are taking a hard line against putting fourth-tier celebrities into the White House, we strongly second this proposal. You know, just in the interests of continued human survival. And hell, we’d like the rest of media to follow suit.

Then again, maybe we’re being unfair about the capacity of people to rise to challenges. After all, Ms Williamson is reportedly currently pregnant with a better version of herself.

Gamers Are About To Be Hit Bigly With Huge New Taxes Because Trump Chucked A Tanty

The entire games industry just got fragged.

Spare a thought for the gamers in your life, especially the Americans ones, because the US president has just indicated that he’s dragging them into his trade war. And after they’d done so much for him, especially in Fortnite team chat!

In a new and exhaustingly long list of things which the US will now impose tariffs upon are games and gaming consoles, whose prices will rise by an eyewatering 25 per cent under a new proposal from the Trump administration. That’ll show them pesky Chinese!

Well, it won’t because tariffs are paid by people doing the buying, not the selling – so it’ll show them, um, Americans that like games. Boom!

There’s already a tariff on consoles imported to the US from the European Union because Trump is nothing if not consistent about his love for tariffs.

But the timing is especially unfortunate for the American gamethusiast since the release dates for the new generation of Xbox and Playstation consoles are about to be announced.

And spoiler: they are not made in America using good, all-American knowhow, and will therefore be imported, complete with new tariffs.

And this is going to put the typical US fragmaster in a bind. Does he support uneconomic strategies which force him to pay a massive hike on the new consoles and games, or criticise the president that has made it absolutely OK to be racist, sexist and homophobic in public?

What a conundrum!

Of course, now that “gaming disorder” has been deemed a medical condition maybe this is as close as Trump is likely to come to enacting a public health measure.

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