Rihanna, Much Like The Entire World, Wants A Collab With Lizzo

A little bit of fangirl, a lot of respect.

This is not a drill: Rihanna has revealed she wants to collab with Lizzo. We have multiple questions, the first: is the world ready for this kind of power?

We’re shaking.

It turns out that Rihanna is fangirling on Lizzo just as hard as basically everyone. She told Entertainment Weekly that Lizzo is “everything that Savage stands for.” The singer’s gushy moment was captured this week at her Savage X Fenty show for New York Fashion Week.

While we desperately wish the singer was referring to a music collab, it turns out she’d be keen to get Lizzo on board with her fashion label. Considering the singer’s line is based on inclusivity – across all races, cultures and shapes – it’s not hard to see why. Lizzo is our new queen when it comes to embracing yourself, no matter who you are and what you look like. 

Rihanna raved HARD about Lizzo after the show, and honestly, it’s relatable AF:

“I would collaborate with her on the lights for this interview right now, Lizzo is so badass and she’s everything that Savage stands for: A confident woman, no matter what size, colour, shape ― your attitude is what makes you savage.” 

Rihanna is all of us.

The love shared between these two artists is heartwarming amidst some pretty catty developments between female celebs. Women power, as a vibe, isn’t doing so well at the moment with the Desperate Housewives of New York recently dragging a transgender model during fashion week, and the whole Caroline Calloway saga.

What’s heartwarming is how mutual this duo’s admiration is – Lizzo has made her support for Rihanna’s fashion endeavour very public. Which makes complete sense considering she looks absolutely fire on Elle’s October cover where she’s wearing a strapless bra from the fashion line. 

Link to tweet

A similar supportive moment happened between the two after Lizzo’s performance at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards. According to the singer, Rihanna slid into her DMs to congratulate her for the performance.

Let us all look towards Rihanna and Lizzo when it comes to how we, as women, should relate to one another: a little bit of fangirl with a whole lot of respect.

The Cast Of Real Housewives Really Think It's OK To Drag A Trans Woman And Post It On Socials

Yes Petty, slay.

Members of The Real Housewives of New York are under fire after making transphobic comments at New York Fashion Week. Which is to be expected after cast member Sonja Morgan shared a video to her Instagram story where she can literally be heard dragging a transgender model.

The video, taken during a runway show, features Morgan’s voice as she asks the fellow housewives “who is that?” which is followed by “Oh, that’s a guy, right?” The questions were in regards to well-known drag queen, Miz Cracker, as she walked down the runway.

In another video that’s since been deleted, Dorinda Medley and Morgan are heard discussing transgender model, Yasmine Petty.

“Well, with a body like that, it’s a guy,” Medley said. “That’s a guy.”

Morgan responded: “Yeah, with a body like that it’s a guy, you’re absolutely right.”

credit: giphy

These comments are concerning for two reasons: the first being that one woman describes the trans woman as “it” and the second is that the other woman demonstrates the belief that she has the right to define someone else’s gender. 

Ignorance can’t be the case here – it’s 2019, it’s fair to assume we’ve all learnt about what is and isn’t a respectful way to address a transgender person. However, model Carissa Pinkston pretending to be transgender did make me question every assumption I have about where we’re at as a society.

Even if these ladies have never had any sort of relationship with a trans man or woman, they would surely know of Caitlyn Jenner. 

Or a multi-million dollar mansion, apparently.

When Caitlyn came out as a trans woman she partook in one thousand discussions with the media, many of which involved her stating that she would like to be recognised, and addressed, as a woman.

There is really no excuse for the way these ladies have spoken about a trans person. However, it won’t be surprising if, in RHONY’s next season, they express sentiments other than remorse. 

There is, however, a somewhat positive development that has emerged from the scenario. Petty, the transgender model subjected to the women’s transphobic comments, served up her opinion on the whole scenario to Page Six Style

“It’s pretty disheartening and disappointing, especially this day in age and being in New York City.”  

It’s not right that Petty had to call-out these women in the first place, but by doing so she models an admirable quality for women everywhere – when someone bullies you, speak up.

Petty also said that she saw the women laughing while she was walking down the runway in another Instagram video. Which, honestly, is peak high-school-mean-girl behaviour.

The model’s eloquent commentary honestly has us moved:

“My philosophy is that people can’t choose their sexual orientation. They can’t choose their gender identity. They can’t choose or not choose to have a disability or a mental illness or even their race, but things people can choose to do is not to be rude and cruel to people over things they have no control over.”

She shouldn’t have to explain, but damn, she did it well.

Guys, If You're So Cut Up About The Tayla Harris Statue, Take A Look At These Gems

Statues should NOT be made with chainsaws.

Earlier this year, AFLW player Tayla Harris, was photographed kicking for goal – a thing people do when they play football. The photograph received so much online abuse it became the centre of media attention for what felt like weeks.

Original photo of Harris during the match between the Western Bulldogs and Carlton Blues.
Credit: Women Sport Australia, Michael Willson.

It’s a powerful shot that shows off Harris’ athleticism but trolls thought it was “unladylike” and “disgusting” for reasons we’re yet to understand. Some of the comments were so vile Harris said they made her feel sexually abused.

And now the trolls are out to play again because apparently, jeopardising an athlete’s mental health once wasn’t enough. Today at Melbourne’s Federation Square, a statue of Harris and her famous kick was unveiled, commissioned by NAB. Nasty comments are resurfacing: “It’s satanic,” and “Didn’t a large bank pay for this? Hard not to be cynical.”

Tayla Harris and the prototype statue at Federation Square in Melbourne.
Credit: AAP Image, David Crosling

This Twitter user has nobly informed us of the rules surrounding statues:

Link to tweet

I’m inspired by this Twitter user who appears to have plucked this standard right out of nowhere. So much so, that I’ve also decided to make up my own rule based on nothing: anyone who takes issue with Harris’ statue should also take issue with these gems…

Melania Trump’s Statue

Link to tweet

The proportions here are very questionable. However, the Slovenian artist did craft the statue using a chainsaw so how picky can we get, really? Melania’s nose looks like a large button and the larger-than-life figure also has a distinctly grassroots and village-like feel- sort of the opposite of Melania’s entire vibe. Awkward statue rating: 8/10.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Statue

Link to tweet

Will we ever forget the horror of this statue? The soft-serve like hair, the exaggerated crow’s feet and the enormous Adam’s apple… I could go on. There’s perhaps nothing very positive to say about this statue of the famous soccer star. Also, its neck is so thick it looks more like a quadracep. Awkward statue rating: 9/10.

Colin Firth

Link to tweet

This 2013 statue of Colin Firth was erected in London’s Hyde Park and was absolutely massive. Considering how creepy it is, it’s unsurprising that it was taken down. Just look at those giant hands. I’ve never seen a head quite that round before. It sort of looks like a giant, taxidermy, Firth. Awkward statue rating: 10/10.

Andy Murray

Link to tweet

Professional tennis player, Andy Murray, was gifted this statue after winning the Shanghai Rolex Masters in 2011. I’ll be the first to say it: it’s not so much the statue that’s strange, it’s the player’s awkward pose with it that cranks up the strangeness. The statue itself looks like something from the set of lord of the rings. Why is he wearing armour? The square head and weird racket placement doesn’t do it any favours either. Awkward statue rating: 6/10.

David Bowie

Link to tweet

I won’t beat around the bush: this David Bowie statue from Aylesbury, England looks utterly alien-like. The leathery-skin effect the artist went for is really discerning. Bowie also looks undernourished and, for a reason we’re unsure of, he’s floating. To add insult to injury they’ve given him gold teeth, red hair and have dressed him in some sort of pirate get-up. Awkward statue rating: 7/10.

The takeaway here is that yes, to freeze someone in time is quite bizarre and often, it goes horribly sideways. There’s nothing wrong with throwing a bit of shade at artistic interpretation. But throwing shade an innocent athlete? That’s a different can of worms that should have never been opened.

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