Here’s How You Can Play The Legendary Snake Game In Real Cities On Google Maps This Week

It's like the real thing except the public transport in Sydney works!

To celebrate April Fool’s Day, Google is adding a playable version of the classic game Snake to Google Maps. It’s not a prank, so it’s an odd way to honour April 1, but we won’t complain because it’s awesome.

Google is launching the game to iOS and Android users around the world today, and it will be playable in the Maps app for the rest of the week. To play you just hit the top left menu button in the app, select the option to play Snake, then pick your city.

If you can’t see the play option in your app yet, try closing and reopening or making sure you’re on the latest update. 

You can play Snake as the public transport of whichever city you decide to play in, and the aim is to pick up as many passengers as you can. So far there’s Cairo, London, San Francisco, São Paulo, Sydney, and Tokyo. If this game is an accurate representation of real life, expect regular delays when playing in Sydney.

Google also launched their special Maps edition of Snake as a standalone site so you can play on desktop. It’s less subtle when you’re at work but worth it. Get around it in the next week while you can.

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