‘MKR’ Gets The Chop As Pete Evans Backs More Dangerous COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories

Karma much?

It really isn’t a good time to be a certain celebrity chef with “alternate” views on MKR right now. Following another barrage of criticism for plugging some dangerous COVID-19 conspiracy theories from a British nutjob, Pete Evans appears to be out of a TV job as MKR is reportedly axed as well.

What’s that saying…. oh yes, when it rains it frigging pours.

Speaking of COVID-19 conspiracy theories involving Pete Evans, the GOAT team dive right into all the coronavirus nonsense going around on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Let’s start from the top, shall we?

Pete Evans has copped a fresh wave of backlash after promoting the insane COVID-19 views of David Icke, a chap from Britain who makes headlines for his cooked conspiracy theories, been previously accused of being a holocaust denier, and has even been banned from entering Australia due to his views.

Seems like all this unsavoury stuff didn’t deter Pete Evans as he shared an Instagram post urging his fans to watch a three-hour interview where Icke makes some truly bonkers COVID-19 claims, like how it is “a fake pandemic with no virus,” rehashing that old “5G is the cause” conspiracy theory, and comparing social distancing rules to “Nazi Germany facism.”

Yeah, it’s not great.

Unsurprisingly, Pete’s plugging of Icke’s COVID-19 conspiracy theories didn’t go down well with many people and prompted Labor MP Josh Burns, who is Jewish, to write to the celeb chef (as per The Guardian) and cautioning him about promoting Icke’s views on social media.

As unsavoury as all this COVID-19 nonsense is, it’s all sadly in line with what Pete has done in the past. Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, Pete has shamed people for eating “crap food,” shared his anti-vax views, and promoted some BioCharger machine he’s selling as a miracle COVID-19 cure (which is completely not true and it landed him a big fine for false advertising).

Just to compound Pete Evans’ not-so-good week, the Sydney Morning Herald reports that MKR has been axed due to dismal ratings, which is the last thing you want due to the dip in advertising thanks to COVID-19.

It is reported that while MKR getting axed means Pete Evans has been released from his pricy $800,000 contract, the parting was deemed to be “amicable” and he’ll be pursuing “his own endeavours,” which presumably means devoting more time into his “wellness” stuff. Yay.

As for what Seven has said about this, the network says “nothing has been announced.”

So yeah. Between getting slammed for more COVID-19 nonsense to MKR getting axed, it isn’t a good time to be Pete Evans right now.

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Doctors Treating COVID-19 Cases In Russia Keep 'Falling' Out Of Windows

Nothing suss about this at all.

We all know Russia as a country that likes to take a dump on the concept of democracy and trusting Vladimir Putin on anything is a wasted effort. But even for a country that likes to employ beluga whales as spies, what’s happening in Russia regarding the coronavirus pandemic is next level conspiracy stuff because outspoken doctors treating COVID-19 cases under sub-optimal conditions keep mysteriously falling out of windows. Like, repeatedly.

Speaking of suss happenings, the GOAT team go over what’s going on with North Korea and Kim Jong-Un on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Alexander Shulepov is a doctor in Russia who is being forced to treat COVID-19 patients despite being tested positive for the coronavirus himself. Combine his unacceptable working conditions with shortages of medical supplies, he and a colleague vented their frustrations on social media on April 22.

Seemingly out of nowhere, a second follow-up video was shared a few days later where Shulepov denied his initial claims and put it down to his “emotional” state. Shulepov’s colleague also happens to be reportedly facing criminal charges for spreading “fake news” about the coronavirus, which could land him up to five years in jail thanks to a recently passed law.

10 days after that April 22 video, it is reported by the local media (via Buzzfeed News) that Dr. Shulepov fell out of a window under mysterious circumstances. While he survived the two storey drop, he suffered a skull fracture and is in serious condition at the time of writing.

Totally not suss at all.

This isn’t even the first instance of doctors in Russia mysteriously falling out of windows after complaining about the COVID-19 situation and the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Days prior to Dr. Shulepov’s fall, acting chief physician Yelena Nepomnyashchaya died after sustaining injuries from a five storey fall from her office window. It is reported that the 20-year health care veteran had just finished a tense conference call with the regional health minister about turning her hospital into a coronavirus ward for patients. Furthermore, Nepomnyashchaya was reportedly outspoken to her superiors about the lack of PPE for her and her staff.

If that isn’t doesn’t get the tinfoil hats out, then perhaps this will. A day before Nepmonyashchaya’s fall, Natalya Lebedeva, chief of the ambulance centre in Zvyozdny near Moscow, died after having fallen from a high window. The Russian hospital states that she died “as a result of an accident”, but news outlets reports she tested positive for COVID-19 and may have been driven to suicide after she was accused by her superiors of infecting other doctors and her colleagues with the coronavirus.

Make of that what you will.

Now I’m not saying that there’s something suss behind the deaths of these doctors treating COVID-19 cases and someone (or some people) high up on Russia’s food chain didn’t like their outspoken views on the country’s coronavirus response and wanted them silenced. But let’s also look at what we do know about Russia and its treatment of critics.

Russia has a history of targeting and silencing critics of those in power or people they just don’t like, and several also coincidentally arrived at the pearly gates via mysteriously falling out of a window.

The coronavirus pandemic is running rampant in Russia as confirmed COVID-19 cases in the country are skyrocketing, but those must be taken with a massive grain of Siberian salt due to all the suss things happening.

There’s been a heap of lying, a lot of mistreatment of doctors trying to help people (the three doctors who fell out of windows may or may not fit in this category), and worryingly poor working conditions health care workers have to deal with.

These incidents are like that one Monty Python sketch except it’s shocking instead of being funny. Sometimes it really feels like Russia is nothing more than a more open, shameless version of North Korea.

One thing’s for sure, having so many doctors suddenly falling out of windows is raising questions about Russia and its credibility regarding COVID-19 matters, not that it had much credibility in the first place.

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Exhaustion From Virtual Socialising Is A New Problem We're All Having To Deal With

Another unexpected issue to overcome.

It’s amazing what can happen to the world in a few months. At the start of 2020, we could still be out and socialising with everyone. Then COVID-19 happened and the socialising has become something we do virtually from the safety of our own home due to the social distancing rules in place.

While it’s been great that technology has allowed us to maintain a social life during these dark COVID-19 times, that in itself has caused an unexpected new problem to surface: virtual socialising exhaustion.

Speaking of isolation activities, the GOAT team dive into the world of iso baking on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Socialising back in the day meant making plans and meeting up somewhere, and it required considerable time and effort. COVID-19 and social distancing has changed all that by making socialising with anyone possible from your home at the touch of a button.

Sure we can still have a social life filled with coffee dates, board games, movie nights and dinners. It all just happens to be be virtual now.

All this was great for the first week or so until you realised just how tiring to keep socialising virtually with everyone. Yes technology has allowed everyone to keep in touch without any hassle, but that ease has in turn made things quite overwhelming.

It’s almost like you have even less time to yourself now than the pre-COVID-19 social distancing days ironically enough. Virtual socialising exhaustion is indeed a real thing, and it’s perfectly fine to feel like that.

COVID-19 social distancing made everyone dive headfirst into the whole virtual social life thing without realising how it could overwhelm us.

Working from home has meant that the lines between work and rest are blurred. Talking to your friends over Zoom at night, but it’s also another conference call that you have to take after a long day filled with them at work. Social distancing has meant there’s no way for us to change gears mentally and maintaining a virtual social life can feel just like work.

Then there’s the pressure of fulfilling all those promises and possibilities presented to us via virtually socialising, as well as the fear of FOMO. It sounds exciting to be having virtual dates and social hangouts with people you haven’t seen in a while until you realise how exhausting it is.

At the end of the day, if you’re overwhelmed with exhaustion from trying to maintain your virtual social life, you can always just say no. Yes it’s important to keep in touch with people during COVID-19, but maintaining your mental health and well-being is just as important.

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