Can We Pls Talk About The Glow Up Of ‘My Name Is Earl’ Actor Ethan Suplee?

The Internet is shook.

If your New Year’s resolution was to get jacked, you’re gonna need some serious inspo and no one is a better source of that right now than actor Ethan Suplee.

Remember this guy!? He was in Remember the Titans, My Name is Earl and Boy Meets World, but has come a long way since his early days in the spotlight.

MY NAME IS EARL. Ethan Suplee as Randy Hickey. Credit: Justin Lubin/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Photos have surfaced of the actor quite literally looking half the man he used to be, and it’s safe to say, the Internet is shook.

In a new episode of his podcast American Glutton, the now 43-year-old actor opened up about his incredible weight loss journey and unhealthy relationship with food that started at just five years old.

After doing “all the diets” Suplee said “I had this idea now that food was something that people didn’t want me to have.” 

“So if I wanted to have more, I needed to do it privately, and it became something that I was withholding from people,” he said, revealing that he weighed over 90 kilograms by the time he was age 10. 

Despite losing hundreds of pounds, Suplee said his dramatic weight loss hasn’t actually been that great for his acting career. His co-host even noted that “we were all used to your My Name Is Earl weight or more.”

It’s a similar story for fellow actor and comedian Seth Rogen, who after losing a significant amount of weight a few years ago said, “you probably all notice that I’m around 10 pounds less funny.” 

“I think for chubby guys, I was their guy,” he told interviewers. “They were like, ‘I can be chubby – Seth Rogen’s chubby, so who cares.’ But now I’m not so chubby anymore – I’ve let them down.” 

Seth Rogen. Credit: Jerod Harris/Getty Images

After experiencing wildly fluctuating weight over the years, Ethan Suplee is now focusing on increasing his muscle mass and using food as “functional fuel.” 

It’s pretty damn impressive to watch someone shed so many kilos and get fit without the help of big Hollywood trainers, but most importantly make their health their wealth, no matter what.

The Veronicas Are Right, Protesting Drag Queen Story Time Only Creates Trauma

"You don’t get to decide what other parents get to enjoy with their children."

UPDATE 15:40pm 13/01: According to reports, Wilson Gavin, the president of the University of Queensland’s Liberal National Club has died in a suspected suicide.

If you, or anyone you know is experience mental health struggles, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636.

The Veronicas singer Jess Origliasso has called out a group of protestors after they stormed a drag queen storytelling event in Brisbane over the weekend, reportedly traumatising a group of children in attendance.

Origliasso posted an Instagram video of the protestors, who entered the LGBTQ event and began chanting “Drag queens are not for kids.” 

According to, police were called to Brisbane Square Library after people complained the protestors were scaring the children. 

“This morning a good friend of mine took her daughter along to a children’s storytelling event in Brisbane by two gorgeous Drag Queens, when a screaming group calling themselves the UQ young Libs stormed the event in a public library, causing chaos and distress to the children and everybody there,” the singer captioned the video.

“What they did today was unnecessarily add to the bigotry, division and trauma young children are left to face in today’s society,” she added. “This was a fun morning put on for families who wanted to be part of it – if you don’t like the idea – don’t go.”

“But you don’t get to decide what other parents get to enjoy with their children,” The Veronicas singer added.

Speaking to Sunrise, drag queen performer Johnny Valkyrie said the protestors “put children, families, staff and the public in the line of conflict and vilification.”

“This is not about politics. This is about humanity,” they told Sunrise. “The family and the children were distressed by the event.”

In an Instagram statement, Rainbow Families Queensland said their event, which was run by “two Blue Card registered and fully trained drag queens,” saw the children enjoy “singing and dancing, reading, and doing craft.”

Rainbow Families also stated that “drag queen storytime is a highly successful event that has been held four times in Brisbane over the past two years,” and added the quote from coordinator Holly Zwalf, “Love makes a family. There’s no room for hate in our hearts.”

The Veronicas, Johnny Valkyrie and Rainbow Families Queensland all make valid points. Protests like this breed hatred, traumatise children and turn a harmless and beautiful event for families into awful experience. 

Echoing the comments of Origliasso, if you don’t agree with it – don’t go, but don’t disrespect and discriminate against others in the process.

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The BAFTAs Know Their Nominations Lack Diversity, So Where's The Solution?

It's time to stop shifting blame.

While this week’s Golden Globes were initially praised for their diversity in nominees, the BAFTAs has been slammed for missing the mark with their nominations, which were announced yesterday.

Out of the 18 people nominated across BAFTAs four leading and supporting actor categories, not a single person of colour is up for an award.

The leading actor nominees include Leonardo Di Caprio for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Adam Driver for Marriage Story, Taron Egerton for Rocketman, Joaquin Phoenix for Joker and Jonathan Pryce for The Two Popes.

As for leading actress, the nominees are Jessie Buckley for Wild Rose, Scarlett Johansson for Marriage Story, Saoirse Ronan for Little Woman, Charlize Theron for Bombshell and Renee Zellweger for Judy.

It was a similar story for the supporting actress category, and whilst we’ve been celebrating our very own Margot Robbie receiving two nominations for her roles in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and Bombshell, the lack of diversity is still rather staggering.

Since the nominations were announced, the BAFTAs have copped major backlash on social media with the hashtag #BAFTAsSoWhite and both the chairman and CEO of the awards has acknowledged the problem.

“Clearly everybody knows that everybody in the four acting groups of nominees are white, it’s infuriating, we can’t make the industry do something, all we can do is encourage and push and inspire and try to help people coming in at the bottom end,” Marc Samuelson, chairman of BAFTA’s film committee told PA Media news agency.

Speaking to Radio 4, BAFTAs CEO Amanda Berry said, “if I’m being totally honest, no, I’m very disappointed…I’m going to totally agree with you because that’s how I felt when I first saw the list and this isn’t being disrespectful to anyone who has been nominated because it’s an incredibly strong list this year.”

“If you look at the director category this year in which I hoped we would see at least one female director, that is an incredibly strong list. When I’m looking at the performance categories and the lack of diversity, I think you positioned it very well.”

While Berry acknowledged that BAFTAs “has a role to play,” she also said that the awards “can’t tell the industry which films to greenlight and who to hire.”

“Talent is everywhere but opportunity is not,” she said. “We need to up our efforts and keep the pressure on the industry to create these opportunities.”

While it’s up to the awards to shine a light on a diverse range of talent, it’s equally-as-important for the film industry to cast a diverse range of talent in the first place. However, as many have pointed out – there were plenty of diverse cast members for the BAFTAs to choose from in 2019.

We’ve come so far in recent years but quite clearly there is still a long way to go in terms of equality and representation in Hollywood. Keeping the conversation going is the first step – now it’s time to stop shifting blame and make some real, lasting changes.

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