Please Enjoy This Incredibly Satisfying Story From A Redditor Whose Houseguest Literally Never Stopped Talking

He's like some kind of... never shutting up... guy.

Sometimes your significant other can have some significantly annoying friends. It’s difficult but you do your best to suck it up and get along and, usually,  you can.

But a woman just shared a story on the r/relationships subreddit, and I feel like she may have found the exception to the rule.

So her husband’s buddy from college, Gary, sounds as though he’s impossible to get along with.

And the worst part, he’s staying with the couple for a week.

“Gary talks almost non-stop!” she began.

“He literally talked (mostly about himself) throughout the entire dinner we had last night. He kept talking after dinner. He kept talking until we went to bed. He has an opinion about EVERYTHING.”

Yep, we all know a Gary.

It didn’t take long for the couple to become frustrated with motormouth mate. During dinner, the woman tried to politely let Gary know he was monopolising the conversation and continually talking over her.

“I said ‘EXCUSE ME, please allow me to finish.’”

But Gary just laughed and then kept talking.


The woman’s husband also tried to curb Gary’s constant chat. Yay, good husband!

“Gary, I would like to hear what Bri has to say,” he interjected.

Gary gave a placatory nod then kept talking.

Then their dinner arrived and in a desperate attempt to stop Gary, now the equivalent of a conversational stairmaster, Bri…


That got his attention.

“Bri, what are you doing? Please stop eating my steak!”

The woman ignored Gary and continued to chow down, we’re sure enjoying every schadenfreude-flavoured bite.

And it worked!

“Gary didn’t speak a word the whole time and I got to eat in glorious silence,” she said.

But her husband thought she bit off a little more than she could chew, and has asked she apologised to Gary, who is really upset…

We think the woman should stand her ground, screw it, let them eat steak.

You can read the full Gary story here:

The Internet Is Piling On This Manchild Boyfriend Who Missed His Flight To Australia Then Blamed His Girlfriend

His apparently infinitely-patient girlfriend is now in Australia alone. Can someone introduce her to a Hemsworth, please?

Over the weekend, a 24-year-old American woman asked the never-dull r/relationships subreddit for advice regarding her garbage man-baby boyfriend who missed their flight to Australia.

The woman had done all the organisational legwork: purchased the plane tickets, booked the hotels and scheduled activities to do while they were on holiday here.

She’d even issued her 33-year-old beau a packing list because, she wrote, “he seemed pretty unprepared”.

Turns out “pretty unprepared” was an understatement.

As she literally got on the plane, he still hadn’t arrived.

“I kept expecting my boyfriend to come running at the last minute, but he didn’t make it.”

Only when she got to her stopover did she switch her phone back on to find a flurry of texts and missed calls from him: “saying he was running late, asking where I was, asking what to do”.

When the woman finally arrived in Australia, “dead tired” and jetlagged, she copped an angry phone call from her partner who proceeded to blame her for the whole ordeal… because she really should’ve given him a ride to the airport.

“He was upset I left without him, he didn’t know he could have gotten another flight later, it was his fault he was late, there was traffic and the TSA lines were long, etc. … [I]f he’d been with me he would have been on time because I’m good at that stuff.”

When she asked if she should turn off her phone, ignore him, and go have fun solo and sans manchild in Australia, the internet was quick to respond.

You can read the thread here, although it’s been locked against further comments for now. (There are only so many ways you can say DUMP HIM.)

So, this is a call to action for any nice Aussie guys out there.

An adventuresome, extremely patient young American woman is here somewhere by herself. You must be punctual, respectful, capable of ‘adulting’ and have no tendency to blame people for things which are entirely your fault.

Dudes in their thirties who are actually multiple small children stacked atop one another in a trenchcoat need not apply.


White Comedian Nicole Arbour Has Given Us A Feminist Version Of This Is America Which Is Exactly As Super Cringe As You’d Imagine

SPOILER ALERT: When you hijack a nuanced, crafted, politically-charged statement piece for your own entirely distinct agenda it really doesn’t work.

Youtube comedian Nicole Arbour has done a “woman’s edit” of Childish Gambino’s profound This is America music video and it’s bad, really bad. The kind of bad which makes you cringe, sigh and eye roll all at the same time.

It’s difficult to draw meaning from the nonsensical lyrics but I’m assuming Arbour is attempting to shed light on the hardships she (as a white woman in America) faces, like the fact she “just wanna be pretty” or that she’s “got rape” in her area.

Sure, once you wade through the crap and decipher her points, they’re valid and no doubt resonate with many women who are frustrated by the injustice of patriarchy. I’m a feminist, I get it.

The problem is she piggy-backed of a politically-charged piece of art which specifically highlights the black American experience.

It’s been a week since Gambino’s clip blasted through the monotonous noise and clutter on the internet and demanded attention. It woke us up and asked us to focus on the important issues which society at large is continuing to ignore: racism, gun violence and police brutality.

By parodying this work, Arbour is effectively discounting Gambino and the plight of the black Americans.

Perhaps Arbour should’ve looked to the work of the New Zealand students who parodied Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines if she needed some guidance on how to appropriate appropriately.

In 2013, students took Thicke’s film clip which was rife with misogyny and naked women and put their own feminist spin on it. The spoof was successful because it took a piece of work that had an inherently bad message and gave it a good one. This Is America didn’t require the same attention.

Arbour’s work appears to be far less thought out. Even if she’s trying to be a good feminist her muddled messaging and cultural insensitivity limits the piece’s success.

And it pales in comparison to the SlutWalks or silent protests her fellow feminists are orchestrating. Those women are doing it right.

Looking through Arbour’s YouTube and Twitter, it’s clear she consistently uses shock to extend her online profile. Even bad press is good press when you’re desperate to get followers.

And Arbour is no stranger to controversy, she’s made headlines for her Dear Fat People fat-shaming video.

But look, there are just some things which you shouldn’t touch.

Once Arbour started receiving criticism, Arbour posted on YouTube to defend her work:

“The purpose of my rendition was to honour the spirit of the video which absolutely moved me, by adding my and many women’s life experiences and truths to the brave and brutal truths expressed in the original,” she wrote.

“It was a tongue in cheek way to give additional glory to what I believe is the most impactful piece of art in recent years.”

Yeah, we’re not convinced.


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