The Flintstones Is Getting A Gritty, Adult Reboot And Oh God, Yabba Dabba Don't

Are contemporary audiences really yearning for a post-modern stoneage family?

The constant clamouring hunger for new content without any of the risks of original IP continues with the news that the Flintstones is getting a gritty, adult reboot dealing with contemporary issues of the modern family. Which… hey, isn’t that basically the idea behind Roseanne?

And on the face of it that’s a weird decision, starting with that what demographic of viewer still remembers, much less feels a great fondness for, the golden age of cheap Hanna-Barbera cell animation?

Timeless comedy.

What’s more, for several generations of American youth the Flintstones aren’t a familiar cartoon family lovin’, laughin’ and learnin’ together, and which The Simpsons ripped off blind.

They’re a brand of baby vitamins. And here in Australia they’re not even that.

It’s a similar issue with the beloved Warner Brothers animated characters, in that it seems like something that 40-something studio execs would get excited about rather than contemporary audiences.

It’s great that Don Cheadle’s come on board the inexplicable decision to make another Space Jam movie, and LeBron James makes sense as the new Michael Jordan, but does anyone under thirty still feel any particular identification with Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck, much less Foghorn Leghorn or Yosemite Sam?

And let’s not even open the can of worms that is Pepe Le Pew in the post #metoo era.

Grab ’em by the… well, exactly.

But back to the Flintstones: on the plus side, it’s being done by Elizabeth Banks’ production company and her forthcoming Charlies Angels reboot looks pretty amazing, so that is reason to be cautiously optimistic.

Also, the recent Flintstones comics have been unexpectedly edgy and entertaining, so… maybe this is a story that needs telling, and can only be told with wildly anachronistic hominids co-existing with dinosaurs?

The Swiss Shut Down A Yodelling Festival With Fighter Jets And If Anything We Feel It Was An Underreaction

"We will fight them in their pavilions, we will fight them in the Spiegeltents…"

Look, all art is subjective and we would never want to criticise someone for enjoying something, even if that something could be accurately described as “sing-yelling, but worse”.

But the news that a Swiss yodelling festival was shut down by military aircraft seems… look, it seems about right to us. Whatever it takes.

“We took the highway to the yodel zone!”

Now, it should be pointed out that it was not deliberate.

There was an aerial display by Patrouille Swiss, the stunt flying team, and was meant to be performed for a celebration at Langenbruck in honour of centenary of the death of pioneering aviator Oskar Bider.

However, the lead pilot saw a tent set up nearby Mümliswil, figured that was the venue, and proceeded to stunt fly the hell out of the skies overhead.

‘What I do is very important!”

Sadly, the yodelling contest did then continue after the mixup, so we assume next time they’ll send in ground forces.

Bider was not available for comment.

You Can Buy A Home For $11K In A Little Aussie Town, But How Comfy Are You With Murder?

Look, at least the neighbours are probably pretty quiet?

Property in Australia is both an Australian obsession and a national nightmare, with the dream of home ownership being little more than that for entire generations of Australians facing wage stagnation and the gig economy.

However, there is a place where someone with a pocketful of dreams and a few thousand bucks can start that dizzying ride that is owning property. Heck, a laundromat just went for eleven thousand dollars and even the largest homes are going for under a hundred K!

There is one teeny tiny little problem though.

it’s a fixer-upper!

Said properties are in Snowtown. Yes, that Snowtown.

Snowtown is known for two things: the 1999 Bodies in the Barrels murders, and the 2011 movie about the Bodies in the Barrel murders.

The details… look, they’re not great. You can look them up if you want.

That said, the murders are not the reason local property prices are so crazy low, though.

For one thing, they happened 20 years ago and, if anything, would be a bit of a draw. Indeed, the bank vault in which said bodies were entombed was successfully sold to a couple who’ve reportedly turned it into a nice if presumably very haunted home.

The issue is that Snowtown is a long way from the nearest big city, Adelaide – 145 km, to be specific – which makes it an unattractive commute for most workers.

Still, if you have the cash and don’t mind a long, flat drive to the nearest everything, dreams CAN come true!


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