#Cultural Appropriation


Johnny Depp's Problematic Dior Ad Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

He's had his moment in the spotlight but it's time for him to just go away.

Madame Tussauds Nailed Ariana Grande's Wax Figure And Here's Why

Will the real Ariana please stand up?

Gucci Is Selling An 'Indy Turban', Proving They Learned Nothing From Their Blackface Piece

You too can be culturally insensitive for the low, low, low price of just $800!

White Comedian Nicole Arbour Has Given Us A Feminist Version Of This Is America Which Is Exactly As Super Cringe As You’d Imagine

SPOILER ALERT: When you hijack a nuanced, crafted, politically-charged statement piece for your own entirely distinct agenda it really doesn’t work.

Hank Azaria Has Addressed The Apu Controversy In Probably The Best Way He Can After Only... One Year

Even if Apu isn’t on the show, the guy voices 30+ other characters so it’s not like he's out of a job.

When People Aren't Falling Asleep In Isle Of Dogs, They're Feeling Icky About How It Treats Japanese Culture

Wes Anderson plus dogs should have been an easy win – but the, uh, tsunami of cliches is kinda drowning out the cuteness.

The Simpsons Have Addressed The Apu Racism Controversy And Made Sure To Bring Lisa Down With Them

Not only do they still not understand the issues with Apu, they've gone and tarnished the one character that was meant to keep us all morally, socially, and ethically accountable.

The Simpsons Have Responded To The Apu Controversy In The Worst Possible Way

So it turns out The Simpsons really didn’t understand the point of the documentary The Problem With Apu and went for the good old, “WE AREN'T THE PROBLEM, YOU ARE!”.

Artists Claim Super-Rich Painter Damien Hirst Has Ripped Off Their Work

If you've got a "dot art" painting it might be worth checking if it was actually created by an indigenous artist.

Iggy Azalea Is Bravely Moving From Borrowing Black Culture To Borrowing Latin Culture

We regret to inform you that Mullumbimby's finest is at it again.


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