R. Kelly's Girlfriend Risks Her Life To Detail The Abuse She's Suffered

The new claims are shocking.

Joycelyn Savage, one of R. Kelly’s live in girlfriends, has spoken out about the abuse she suffered while living with the singer. She’s said that she’s “risking her life” and breaking non-disclosure agreements in order to tell her story, but that she should’ve told it a long time ago.

Joycelyn, who’s 24 now, has started posting her story on Pateron – beginning with meeting R. Kelly when she was 19. She talks about how he gave her gifts and spent money on her, all the while promising her a music career of her own. 

Pretty soon, he started “giving [her] commands” to call him Master or Daddy. She alleges that once she accidentally called him ‘babe’ instead of Master or Daddy. She says “he grabbed me and choked me until I blacked out.”

She talks about how she was manipulated and controlled in every aspect of her life. 

“Robert likes to manipulate whoever he’s was in the room with even down to his own assistant. He didn’t care, everyone was in it for a check so they didn’t care either.”

“I can say I didn’t have any type of privacy at all now that I think of it. If I showered one of his assistant would have to be by the door while I shower.”

Joycelyn has been referred to by a lot of outlets as R. Kelly’s “sex slave” before, and she says she was pretty much used for sex or as a “punching bag”. She also says that “I’ve been peed on numerous of times. I really didn’t want to say this but the truth needs to be heard.”

Joycelyn even writes about an abortion she was forced to get outside of a medical centre in 2016. “I realized I was pregnant by this monster. Eventually, I ended up getting an abortion I was forced to get the surgery done at his house.”

Credit: Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune/TNS/ABACAPRESS.COM.

Currently, R. Kelly is locked up in a Chicago prison. His lawyer is denying everything on his behalf.

If this story has raised any concerns for you, both 1800 RESPECT and Lifeline 13 11 14 are available 24/7.

FFS, How Have We Not Stopped Blaming Women For Their Own Murders Yet?

“You can’t consent to your own murder.”

Grace Millane was an English backpacker in New Zealand, when she was strangled to death in a hotel room, and her body was buried in a suitcase west of Auckland. She’d been out on a Tinder date with the 27 year old man accused of her murder.

Grace died on December 1st 2018, and the man accused of killing her is currently on trial. Instead of focussing on justice for Grace, one line seems to have stuck out in the reporting surrounding the trial – the defense says that Grace’s death was an accident during “violent sex.”

If you Google Grace Millane’s name, a lot of the headlines focus on her interest in BDSM. 

There’s “Friends of Grace Millane give evidence about her BDSM interests”, and “Grace Millane ‘naive’ when messaging in online BDSM communities”, and “Grace Millane was member of BDSM dating sites and asked ex-partner to choke her during sex, court hears”, and “Grace Millane murder trial: Alcohol ‘a likely factor in backpacker’s death‘”.

Do you know how often people having consentual sex accidentally choke one of the partners to death? Almost never. Prosecutor Brian Dickey made the point that it’s “incredibly rare”, and has actually never happened before in New Zealand. He also pointed out, “you can’t consent to your own murder.”

Who cares what Grace was or wasn’t into? Her sex life shouldn’t be the big talking point in her case, the point is that she’s died violently at the hands of someone and was then buried in a suitcase. 

Using this tidbit of information to effectively blame Grace Millane for her own death is exhausting to watch, and incredibly disappointing, but really – not that surprising. 

The court has also heard that the man accused of killing her didn’t act like it was an accident after she’d died. He allegedly wasn’t panicking, but instead was “was cool, calm, in control” while he went and bought a suitcase, and even organised another Tinder date while her dead body was still in the hotel room with him.

But I haven’t seen any headlines about that.

Eminem’s Awful Lyrics About Rihanna Never Should’ve Seen The Light Of Day

Nobody should be taking Chris Brown's side.

In the most unsettling news of the day, some pretty horrible Eminem lyrics have allegedly been leaked, making it look a lot like he’s on Chris Brown’s side when it comes to the infamous domestic violence case Brown had against Rihanna. As you can imagine, he’s copping some well deserved heat.

Back in 2009, Rihanna was hospitalised with really serious injuries to her face and arms, and Chris Brown turned himself in to the police shortly afterwards.

In a clip of the unreleased verse from a track called Things Get Worse, Eminem can be heard rapping the line:

“Of course I side with Chris Brown, I’d beat a b**ch down too if she gave my dick an itch now.”

Things Get Worse was Eminem’s collaboration with B.o.B., and was released on mixtapes for both artists – B.o.B’s E.P.I.C. (Every Play is Crucial) and Eminem’s Straight from the Lab Part 2

The lyrics are awful and distasteful enough when we’re discovering them now, but they were actually recorded years ago. Things Get Worse was released in 2011, but it’s being said that the original recording of the verse could have been recorded for Eminem’s Relapse album in 2009 – the same year that the domestic violence incident happened.

So best case scenario, it was recorded two years after the fact, and worst case scenario it was recorded in the same damn year.

The. Same. Year.

Sure, Eminem is known for being an edgelord with his lyrics, but there has to be a line to cross somewhere. He’s been writing incredibly violent lines for as long as he’s been making music, he wrote an entire song about murdering his ex-wife and throwing her in the back of his car, and was even investigated by the secret service earlier this year for rapping about killing Ivanka Trump.

Who knows what other garbage lines have been recorded over the last 20 years of Eminem’s career, but in the age of the internet it’s a pretty safe bet that they’ll come to the surface eventually.

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