Queensland’s Blooming Sunflower Fields Are The Latest Insta-Bait Destination That Might Get You Killed

Blooming idiots.

People are flocking to the sunflower fields in Allora, two and a half hours inland from the Gold Coast, to rubberneck at the big ol’ blooms and maybe, possibly, take a cheeky Insta or two.

But because people are idiots, there’s a whole lot of unsafe behaviour going on on the roads near the fields: pedestrians running across highways, cars slowing down to look or snap photos, parking halfway onto the road, opening doors into the path of oncoming cars.

Now police are warning that someone could get killed at one of the prime photo spots, after there were two crashes on the New England Highway in the space of ten minutes.

Five people were injured in two separate incidents, one involving a rollover and one where two cars collided, The Courier-Mail reports. The first driver was issued a ticket for following a vehicle too closely, and the second crash was reportedly after one car slowed on the highway.

“Someone said they saw someone setting up a camera on a tripod in the road, it’s like they don’t realise it’s a main highway,” one resident told the paper.

“They’re just meandering around like they’ve got all the space in the world.”

The visitors have also attracted criticism for wandering into the fields to get their totally original “follow me” Insta shot, forgetting that it’s, y’know, private property.

The Queensland government encourages tourists to head inland and visit the fields, with the blog at telling visitors:

“Tip: You’ll know that you’ve stumbled across a blooming field when you see multiple cars parked out front. … Practice your photography skills and be the envy of your friends and Instagram followers with that perfect candid shot.”

But also adds:

“When you visit the sunflower fields, please be mindful that these sunflowers grow in the farmlands and crop fields of hard working Queenslanders. Remember to be respectful and do not trespass or damage property or sunflowers trying to get the perfect picture. The best thing you can do is admire the sunflowers from a distance.”

I know you’re in Queensland and all, folks – the Florida of Australia – but let’s try not to die getting a cute picture to go with a Post Malone quote, mmkay?

Terry Crews' Bald Head Is Campaigning To Overthrow That One Egg And Become The Most-Liked Instagram Post Ever

One egg to rule them all.

Yesterday, history was made when a photo of a single egg smashed Kylie Jenner’s world record for the most liked Instagram post ever.

Now, the most liked human ever [citation needed], Terry Crews, has issued a challenge.

Crews posted a pic of his perfectly bald head with a characteristically enthusiastic caption.

#LikeTheEgg #BlackEggDontCrack #TerryLovesEggs #TerryOverEasy #AmericasGotTerry @agt

There are a million reasons why we love Terry like Terry loves yoghurt. He’s the most prominent male voice in the #MeToo movement, both as a survivor and as a role model for looking to hold themselves accountable for toxic masculinity – his Senate testimony even gets a quick cameo in that powerful new Gillette ad.

He’s just so inspiring.

It is a beautiful egg-head, with a beautiful brain in it.

At the time of writing it’s only sitting on a measly 364,615 likes – go and give it some love.

Terry would do it for you.

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