While Australia Stays Put, Scott Morrison Is Planning A Big U.S. Trip

Hawaii is also in the U.S.

Going on an overseas trip is pretty much off the cards for the foreseeable future due to this COVID-19 pandemic thing. Unless you’re Scott Morrison, bloke who told us all no holidays outside of Australia, because he’s got big plans for a U.S. trip so he can hang out with his mate Trump at Washington DC as part of the G7 Summit.

Speaking of COVID-19, the GOAT team talks about the importance of wearing a face mask on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Chatting to reporters on Tuesday, Scott Morrison says a trip to the U.S. in September as part of the planned G7 Summit is still on the cards after mentioning it in June, saying how it is in Australia’s best interests to attend due to the “important opportunities” present.

“I intend to visit Washington myself should the G7-plus meeting go ahead. These are important opportunities for Australia. It would be extraordinary if we didn’t seek to attend these meetings.

“Our alliance with the United States is the bedrock of Australia’s defence strategy. So would it be highly irregular for us not to seek to take every opportunity for those meetings to be held face-to-face and I’m very pleased that they are proceeding on that basis.”

Okay, so this isn’t one of Scott Morrison’s usual holidays where he buggers off somewhere (like Hawaii) while leaving Australia at the hands of its Premiers since rubbing shoulders with Trump at Washington DC as part of the G7 Summit is technically working.

Having said that though, one has to wonder why on this green(ish) earth would Scotty From Marketing even consider jetting off to the U.S. at this point in time, regardless of whether it was for a holiday or work.

The United States is currently leading the world in terms of number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths, and things definitely don’t seem to be improving either with the Big Orange Baby in the White House repeatedly screwing up America’s response to the pandemic. Hell, in Washington DC alone there are 11,858 positive cases, which is pretty bloody alarming considering the city’s population is only around 700K.

Taking into account the overwhelming amount of flak that Defence Minister Linda Reynolds and Foreign Minister Marise Payne got for jetting over to Washington DC as part of the Australian-US Ministerial Consultations (AUSMIN), and the fact that there are genuine concerns COVID-19 may be running rampant among high-ranking Trump officials following confirmation that US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien tested positive for the coronavirus, one wonders how Scott Morrison is still so confident that his September US holiday work trip will go ahead as planned.

It’s just interesting to point out how Scott Morrison was so keen on cancelling a sitting of Federal Parliament due to the COVID-19 pandemic and telling everyone to stay put in Australia, yet he seems to have no qualms taking an overseas trip to the U.S. – i.e the world’s biggest COVID-19 hotspot by some margin.

Apropos of nothing, Hawaii is also part part of the US. Just saying.

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COVID-19 Iso Has Everyone Lusting Over VIC's Chief Health Officer As A Young '90s Fk Boi


Australia is grappling with a second surge of COVID-19 in VIC as Victorian premier Dan Andrews’ solemn announcements of confirmed cases have become a daily routine for the country. The prospect of COVID-19 forcing everyone back into lockdown and face masks becoming mandatory has got many people’s knees shaking, but not quite as much as a throwback photo of VIC Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton looking like a 90’s fk boi that’s making the rounds on the internet.

Speaking of COVID-19 and Dan Andrews, the GOAT team talk about why everyone needs to wear a face mask on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

For many Aussies, VIC’s Chief Health Officer, Brett Sutton, is perhaps best known as the state’s leading health expert and something of Victorian Premier Dan Andrews’ right hand man in this whole COVID-19 thing. On the surface, he’s nothing more than a middle-aged white man who is doing what he can during these difficult times and is radiating some silver fox vibes.

However, that image of Brett has been completely shattered after someone unearthed an old 1997 photo of Sutton looking less like the middle-aged VIC Chief Health Officer of today and more like the unholy fk boi offspring of every 90s grunge band frontman.

To the absolute surprise of no one, the revelation that Brett Sutton was a long-haired 90s lothario combined with the effects of iso has resulted in a lot of people becoming inexplicably horny over VIC’s Chief Health Officer.

For all of Dan Andrews’ efforts in getting people to wear face masks, this resurfaced pic of fk boi Brett Sutton may have undid all his efforts given how people are now taking off their masks so they can hyperventilate over VIC’s Chief Health Officer looking like the bastard love child of Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell.

On one hand, we should probably judge the man on his job performance as Victoria’s leading health expert rather than his 90’s fk boi self and it’s not been great given the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in VIC. But on the other hand, things are so grim right now – especially in Victoria – that we could all use a bit of light-hearted content to get people though these dark times.

It is difficult but possible to be critical of VIC’s leading health expert while also acknowledging him to be a thirst trap once the fog of lust wears off a bit.

It’s been surprisingly tough to get everyone onboard the mandatory face mask thing (especially all the Karens out there) despite overwhelming evidence.

But if there’s one thing that’ll convince people, it’s probably VIC Chief Medical Officer Brett Sutton looking like a fk boi who hasn’t showered in a week and will definitely make you a mix tape of all his favourite songs.

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Trump's Niece Spills The Scalding Hot Tea On Her Uncle's 'Sociopathic Tendencies'

*grabs massive tub of popcorn*

We all know that Donald Trump is a big orange baby who has a few screws loose and is forever seeking the validation he never got from his old man from bloodthirsty dictators, but hearing someone from his own family who is a clinical psychologist, like his niece Mary Trump, talk openly to a great interviewer like Stephen Colbert about her uncle’s many shortcomings, his “sociopathic tendencies,” and his cognitive tests is chilling yet gripping television.

Speaking of Trump, the GOAT team talk about how K-pop stans trolled the big orange baby on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Appearing on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show to talk about her tell-all family memoir, Mary Trump wastes no time diving deep into the troubled psyche of her uncle, saying that Donald’s 2016 US presidential victory as “one of the worst nights of my life” and how he’s someone who has “so many pathologies” that are “so complex” and filled with “so much co-morbidity.”

It’s pretty jarring to watch a Trump speak in coherent coherent sentences, let alone measured and reasonable ones, but that feeling is quickly replaced by a sense of unease due to the unfiltered way Mary spoke of her big orange baby of an uncle. Mary wasn’t Cadet Bone Spur’s favourite Trump niece in the first place and she only reinforced her position in the family here.

When asked by Colbert whether there was anything that can be done therapeutically for F***face von Clownstick at this point, Mary emphatically says: “It’s an awful answer, and I hate saying it, but I think the answer is no.”

Diving into what made Combover Caligula into what he is today, Mary says “We’re talking about a man who I do not believe could function in the world on his own” and describes her uncle as someone who “demonstrates sociopathic tendencies” that stem from a lifetime of “failing upward spectacularly” while not being held accountable for his actions.

Diving into her family’s dodgy past, which includes her tyrannical grandfather being arrested at a KKK rally, Mary notes how the Trump family legacy of instilling fear rather than love ultimately shaped Donald into the big orange baby we know today.

The cherry on top of this brilliant chat is Mary’s thoughts about Donald’s cognitive tests and his subsequent boasting about passing said tests, saying how bragging about passing these tests is itself an indication of failure.

Mary Trump’s interview with Stephen Colbert lasts about 25 minutes and every single one is doused in scalding hot tea so definitely don’t miss any of it.

From the lack of hugs as a kid and the “sociopathic tendencies” to the likely failing of several cognitive tests, everything Mary Trump said about her uncle Donald isn’t anything we already didn’t know about the big orange baby.

But to hear it all come from not only the lone sympathetic Trump who is also a clinical psychologist is a pretty spine-chilling first-hand account, and it just highlights how important the 2020 US presidential election is turning out to be.

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