Trump's Pettiness Over Obama's Portrait Is Why So Many Americans Are Dying RN

It's not like there's a global pandemic happening or anything.

If you’re the president of the United States of America and a global pandemic is wrecking havoc on your country, you’d think that that would be the first priority. But if you’re Trump – who is an idiot I must add – then you ignore COVID-19 altogether and instead be a petty little toddler about not putting Obama’s portrait in the White House.

Speaking of Obama, the GOAT team gush about Michelle Obama on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

A long-standing White House tradition has been for a first-term president to host a ceremony for the unveiling of the official portrait of their immediate predecessor, which will hang on the walls of the White House forever, irrespective of personal feelings or political views.

But according to NBC News, Trump is breaking yet another tradition by not bothering to host a ceremony for Obama’s official portrait. Instead, Trump is opting attack the beloved former president like a petty little POS by making up lies about Obama being a criminal and spreading some ridiculous “Obamagate” nonsense that has no basis in fact or reality.

Did I mention Trump is an idiot?

As for why Trump is so focused on his “Obamagate” lies and not giving Obama his official portrait ceremony, it’s another display of gaslighting and distraction from Combover Caligula.

Trump is doing an unprecedentedly piss-poor job in managing the COVID-19 pandemic. In just a few short weeks, America has the most number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, as well as the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 related deaths of any country. With criticism mounting every day, this ‘Obamagate’ rubbish and petty Obama portrait stuff is the Cheeto-in-Chief is doing what he does best: ignore the problem, make crap up, and blame someone else.

As for what Obama makes of this, well he reportedly could really care less about his ceremony so long as Trump is still the Cheeto-in-Chief. The much-loved former president is seemingly more focused on getting people to vote in the 2020 election so that we would be rid of the orange cancer that’s currently sitting in the White House and rage-tweeting every day.

One really can’t help but feel some pity for America right now because not only are many people dying from COVID-19, Trump would rather focus on his petty (and clearly racist) agenda against Obama instead of, you know, focusing on relief efforts for the pandemic that’s sweeping the country.

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If You're Going To Ask Jacinda Ardern Creepy Personal Questions, Prepare To Be Shut Down

Don't be this guy.

In case you haven’t heard, Jacinda Ardern has been nailing it with New Zealand’s COVID-19 response and showing the rest of the world how it’s done. But for TV host Ryan Bridge, it seems like he’s less interested in Jacinda Ardern’s leadership and more into asking the creepy personal interview questions instead.

On the topic of awesome women, the GOAT team gush about Michelle Obama and her doco on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Jacinda Ardern appeared on The AM Show for an interview with host Ryan Bridge, but things quickly went down awkward lane when he started asking her creepy questions about if she dyed her hair and whether it is “going grey or something.”

Needless to say that Jacinda was a bit blindsided by such a personal, non-COVID-19 question that she initially spluttered in her response before recovering in time to give Bridges a cool Ardern dressing down.

“Never… never… never… that’s not a polite question to ask anyone – I was about to say a lady – but anyone, actually.

“It’s just a little touch-up, Ryan. No reason.”

The awkwardness gets cranked up another notch when Bridges digs himself deeper by justifying his line of questioning: “Looks good, Prime Minister. And I only mention the grey hair because you are the prime minister and it does tend to age people. No harm intended, alright?”

In the classiest way of shutting down an awkward line of questioning possible, Jacinda replied “No, it does, it does, I fully acknowledge that. Yep. Thank you for the reminder.”

As for why Ryan Bridges would waste an interview opportunity with Jacinda Ardern to ask such a creepy personal question, well only he knows that but we presume it had something to do with a tweet Clarke Gayford, Jacinda’s partner, shared about helping to dye her hair.

It’s just mindboggling how Bridges wasted an interview opportunity with Jacinda Ardern in such facepalming fashion. He could’ve asked important questions about COVID-19, politics, how well she’s polling at the moment, or even if she’s a fan of Superman, yet all he could focus on is her hair. One even has to wonder if he would’ve asked that question had his guest been male.

And if you just had to ask something personal about Jacinda, asking her about her old DJ days is a better way to go than whether she gets her hair dyed because being PM is so stressful.

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Never Forget Prince William Jeopardising National Security In The Name Of PR

Looking good and sending the right message doesn't come cheap.

Being a member of the British Royal Family means having to pose up a storm for PR purposes in order to show the people that all is well and you’re actually being useful. It’s been done for decades so it’s not really that surprising. Unless you’re Prince William that one time where you accidentally leaked a heap of important passwords that could’ve jeopardised national security.

Speaking of the Royals, the GOAT team talk about ‘Megxit’ on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

With all the attention on Prince Harry breaking off from the royal fam and pissing off grandma, it’s easy to forget how Prince William was at the centre of a far more serious little faux pas that had actual consequences.

Back in 2012 (as per The Guardian), the royal fam really wanted to highlight Prince William’s role as a search and rescue pilot, as well as get some buzz going for his then-new official website. To do this, the plan was to take a bunch of photos of him hard at work with the Royal Air Force.

Pretty standard stuff and it all went quite well as the photos were distributed to every major news website.

That is until the Ministry of Defence realised that these PR photos of Prince William hard at work with the RAF contained sensitive information like passwords and usernames in the background.

What initially began as an innocent little PR exercise meant as a Prince William fluff piece ended up being something of a national security embarrassment due to this unintended info leak.

The photos were later taken down and replaced with properly redacted pics, but not before the world caught a glimpse of some sensitive RAF information on major news websites everywhere. The Ministry Of Defence were forced to change their passwords before issuing out a sheepish statement about the little faux pas.

“A number of photographs of Flight Lieutenant Wales were taken while on duty working as a helicopter search and rescue pilot at RAF Valley on Anglesey, Wales. The passwords and user names shown have now been reset as a precaution and we are satisfied the images do not contravene security regulations.

“All the photos have been now amended and reissued. Media organisations are kindly asked to use these images”.

Not sure what’s worse though, Prince William jeopardising national security just for some PR or the fact that the RAF reportedly used stupidly easy-to-guess passwords for important logins.

Maybe that’s a tactic Prince Harry can use to divert some attention away from himself and Meghan Markle: just leak some important passwords and watch the drama unfold. Actually, better not because pissing off grandma even more isn’t a wise move.

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