Trump's Niece Spills The Scalding Hot Tea On Her Uncle's 'Sociopathic Tendencies'

*grabs massive tub of popcorn*

We all know that Donald Trump is a big orange baby who has a few screws loose and is forever seeking the validation he never got from his old man from bloodthirsty dictators, but hearing someone from his own family who is a clinical psychologist, like his niece Mary Trump, talk openly to a great interviewer like Stephen Colbert about her uncle’s many shortcomings, his “sociopathic tendencies,” and his cognitive tests is chilling yet gripping television.

Speaking of Trump, the GOAT team talk about how K-pop stans trolled the big orange baby on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Appearing on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show to talk about her tell-all family memoir, Mary Trump wastes no time diving deep into the troubled psyche of her uncle, saying that Donald’s 2016 US presidential victory as “one of the worst nights of my life” and how he’s someone who has “so many pathologies” that are “so complex” and filled with “so much co-morbidity.”

It’s pretty jarring to watch a Trump speak in coherent coherent sentences, let alone measured and reasonable ones, but that feeling is quickly replaced by a sense of unease due to the unfiltered way Mary spoke of her big orange baby of an uncle. Mary wasn’t Cadet Bone Spur’s favourite Trump niece in the first place and she only reinforced her position in the family here.

When asked by Colbert whether there was anything that can be done therapeutically for F***face von Clownstick at this point, Mary emphatically says: “It’s an awful answer, and I hate saying it, but I think the answer is no.”

Diving into what made Combover Caligula into what he is today, Mary says “We’re talking about a man who I do not believe could function in the world on his own” and describes her uncle as someone who “demonstrates sociopathic tendencies” that stem from a lifetime of “failing upward spectacularly” while not being held accountable for his actions.

Diving into her family’s dodgy past, which includes her tyrannical grandfather being arrested at a KKK rally, Mary notes how the Trump family legacy of instilling fear rather than love ultimately shaped Donald into the big orange baby we know today.

The cherry on top of this brilliant chat is Mary’s thoughts about Donald’s cognitive tests and his subsequent boasting about passing said tests, saying how bragging about passing these tests is itself an indication of failure.

Mary Trump’s interview with Stephen Colbert lasts about 25 minutes and every single one is doused in scalding hot tea so definitely don’t miss any of it.

From the lack of hugs as a kid and the “sociopathic tendencies” to the likely failing of several cognitive tests, everything Mary Trump said about her uncle Donald isn’t anything we already didn’t know about the big orange baby.

But to hear it all come from not only the lone sympathetic Trump who is also a clinical psychologist is a pretty spine-chilling first-hand account, and it just highlights how important the 2020 US presidential election is turning out to be.

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Captain America Is On A RL Mission To Save The US From Its Own Politicians

Step aside, Thanos.

Chris Evans may have helped save the Earth from Thanos as Captain America (with a supporting turn as Johnny Storm), but that pales in comparison to his real-world mission to try and save the US: launching a politics-focused website called ‘A Starting Point‘ to help prevent his country from imploding due to its own politicians.

Speaking of Captain America and politicians, the GOAT team talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Given the ineptitude displayed by many America’s politicians (especially the big orange baby in the White House), the level of tension gripping the country right now, the importance of the 2020 presidential election, and just the sheer complexity of US politics in general, Chris Evans decided that being Captain America wasn’t enough and decided to launch ‘A Starting Point’ as a way to help his country.

As the website name suggests, ‘A Starting Point’ is an entryway for those who want a basic understanding on what the hell is going on in US politics, what the TL:DR of the country’s major talking points are, and info on important topics such as immigration, healthcare, the economy, and education, all aimed at helping to inform people’s vote.

The big hook for ‘A Starting Point’ though is how it is a platform that offers politicians on both sides of the aisle – Democrats and Republicans – to explain their policies and viewpoints to people in a succinct yet digestible way.

To emphasise that ‘A Starting Point‘ isn’t just something other people have done with Chris Evans’ handsome mug plastered all over it as some sort of mascot, Wired reports that Captain America himself went over to Washington and filmed more than 1,000 videos of politicians speaking about the big issues of the day.

Evans has made it no secret that he hates Trump and all that the big orange baby stands for, but the goal of ‘A Starting Point’ is to advocate the bridging of the political divide in America rather than dumping on Cadet Bone Spurs.

It all sounds great on paper but in reality, well, ‘A Starting Point’ is actually bloody brilliant because it does exactly what Evans and his collaborators set out to do and the website does it in a non-partisan yet informative way. Who would’ve thought that a platform offering both political sides the same opportunity to explain themselves in an non-petty manner could exist in 2020?

So not only has Captain America given us some much needed positivity by romancing Lily James, he’s dusted off his shield (figuratively) to help save his country (but for real this time). If there’s anything to glean from all this, it’s that ‘A Starting Point’ has only extended Chris Evans’ lead in the “Best Celebrity Chris” debate.

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How Much Did The Queen Know Before PM Gough Whitlam Was Axed?

This would've made an excellent arc on The Crown.

After years of waiting and peerless persistence from historian Jenny Hocking, the Palace Letters – i.e the correspondence between then-governor general Sir John Kerr and Queen Elizabeth II before, during, and after the controversal dismissal of then-PM Gough Whitlam in 1975 – are finally here and hoo boy are they spicy as hell.

The GOAT team dive right into the Palace Letters and this whole Gough Whitlam/John Kerr/Queen Elizabeth II dismissal scandal on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

The Palace letters are a big effing deal and are more than just 1,200 pages of correspondence John Kerr and Queen Elizabeth II gossiping about Gough Whitlam prior to his dismissal some 45 years ago. Not only was Whitlam’s dismissal a big moment in Australian history, the letters help shed some light on the Queen’s involvement in what is arguably the biggest constitutional and political crisis of our country,

And what are the big takeaways from these Palace Letters that have been kept under lock and key for nearly five decades? There’s heaps to comb through but there are ultimately three huge revelations from these letters:

  • John Kerr dismissed Gough Whitlam and didn’t tell Queen Elizabeth II first.
  • John Kerr didn’t warn Gough Whitlam he was to be fired because he believed the then-PM was also trying to get him fired. Yes, it’s very backstabby in a high school sense.
  • Gough Whitlam called up Buckingham Palace as a regular citizen after his dismissal to ask Queen Elizabeth II for his job back.

So in short, Queen Elizabeth II definitely knew what was going on and certainly knew more than what she let on at the time.

Okay, so you’re probably wondering what the big deal is in regards to the Queen’s involvement in all this. The answer is, well, also a big effing deal.

Contrary to the popular belief, Australia isn’t a republic and the constitution states that we’re still under Queen’s thumb even though she doesn’t really interfere with the governing of our country. The ultimate power still rests with her and the governor general in terms of having a final say in governing matters, they just choose to let us take care of ourselves in favour of doing out own thing.

So to have Queen Elizabeth II and then-governor general John Kerr play such a major part in the dismissal of an Australian PM, regardless of whether it was Gough Whitlam or someone else, is a huge. Nothing like that has happened before or since.

Now since there are 1,200 pages in the Palace Letters – John Kerr was described by the National Archives director as a “chatty correspondent – it’s going to take some time to read them all, but boy is the tongue-burning tea worth it all.

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