Obama Steps Up When We All Need Him While Trump Literally Exits The Stage

Our president.

The protests over George Floyd’s death are showing no signs of easing up, yet the country’s leaders seem to be doing as little as possible or straight up ignoring what’s going on, especially Trump. But while Trump the big orange baby continues to spit the dummy on Twitter about Twitter, Barack Obama is stepping up when we need him the most by releasing a powerful statement about racism and George Floyd’s death.

Speaking of George Floyd and racism, the GOAT team talk about all the white privilege that’s happening right now on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Obama’s statement about George Floyd begins with a series of anecdotes about the various people he’s spoken to about Floyd’s death. After expressing his “anguish” over the horrendous series of events that have unfolded recently, Obama comes down hard on the systemic racism that’s present in 2020 America, saying how it “shouldn’t be ‘normal'” and “it can’t be ‘normal'”.

After calling for justice over the death of George Floyd, the beloved former U.S president finishes his statement by imploring everyone to stay strong and to work together towards a “new normal” where racism, “bigotry” and “unequal treatment” are no longer a thing.

Read Obama’s entire statement here because my words won’t ever match up to his:

At around the same time Obama released his powerful statement about George Floyd and racism, Trump also did something similar.

And by similar I mean he held a press conference that was nothing more than a 10-minute incoherent rant about China and Hong Kong before literally walking off the stage without taking questions because he’s afraid the journalists will be mean to him.

America is literally in the midst of a horrible pandemic at the same time that mass protests are happening and Fu*kface Von Clownstick just walks off.

America is at a serious crossroads right now and it’s difficult to see how it’ll get through all this unscathed. With the 2020 presidential election becoming more important than ever, one can’t help but feel like this is something of a test run for the chaos that will unfold should Trump somehow get reelected.

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While Minneapolis Burns, Folks Are Mad At Matt Healy’s George Floyd Tweet

Being mad at The 1975's frontman is not important right now.

Minneapolis is on fire due to enormous protests from a community mourning the horrible death of George Floyd. Mixed in with this high-tension situation is The 1975’s Matty Healy and the Black Lives Matter movement.

It’s a lot to take in so here’s an explainer into just what’s happening and how all these seemingly unrelated parts are pieces of the larger racism puzzle that’s unfolding in America right now.

Speaking of George Floyd, the GOAT team talk about the incident and white privilege on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Who is George Floyd and why are there protests happening in Minneapolis?

George Floyd was a 46-year-old African-American man who was arrested by Minneapolis Police Department cops over suspicions of using forged documents at Cup Foods (as per CBSN Minnesota).

While the cops claimed Floyd “physically resisted” the arrest in their statement, CCTV footage and videos filmed by onlookers of the arrest showed the cops handcuffing a perfectly compliant Floyd and putting him face-down on the ground.

One of the cops, a white man named Derek Chauvin, then held Floyd down by putting his knee on Floyd’s neck for several minutes. Floyd can audibly be heard saying “I can’t breathe” in the footage.

Various onlooker videos show Floyd losing consciousness yet Chauvin still doesn’t remove his knee from George’s neck until paramedics arrive. An unconscious Floyd was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on May 25, 2020.

Following this display of horrendous police brutality towards George Floyd, protests erupted in Minneapolis and have gone on for several days.

That’s awful, justice needs to be served.

Yep and yep.

After videos of George Floyd’s arrest went viral and news of his death spread, the four cops involved in the incident were fired. Floyd’s family say (as per The New York Times) they want to see the cops be “arrested” and “charged” while Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey called for charges to be filed against Chauvin (as per NBC News).

At the time of writing, no charges have been laid against the four officers involved in George Floyd’s arrest, which has fueled the continued protests in Minneapolis. However it is reported (as per The Guardian) that the FBI have opened up an investigation into police involvement in Floyd’s death.

This horrible incident sparked a number of demonstrations – both peaceful and violent – in Minneapolis and several more were held across numerous cities in America, going as far as Los Angeles, New York City, and Ohio.

Following the third day of protests, Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz has called in the National Guard (as per Deadline) to “protect peaceful demonstrators, neighbors, and small businesses in Minnesota” while Mayor Jacob Frey has declared a state of emergency (as per the Star Tribune).

Trump himself (as per AP) has called for an investigation into the matter but coming from a known racist who piggybacks on events to deflect his own failings, it’s perhaps best to just ignore what he says.

So how does Matty Healy and Black Lives Matter fit into this?

Many celebrities have chimed in with their thoughts about the Minneapolis protests and George Floyd’s death, such as John Boyega who caused a big stir when he tweeted “I really fu*king hate racists.”

The 1975’s Matty Healy, who is known for his outspoken activism and occasionally putting his foot in his mouth, decided to share his two cents on the matter by tweeting “If you truly believe that ‘ALL LIVES MATTER’ you need to stop facilitating the end of black ones” alongside the video to The 1975’s song ‘Love It If We Made It.’

The internet quickly swooped in on Healy’s tweet and soon Matty copped a massive wave of backlash from people claiming he is using George Floyd’s death, the Minneapolis protests, and the Black Lives Matter movement to shamelessly promote his own band’s music.

It didn’t take long for Healy to respond with a follow up tweet stating “Sorry I did not link my song in that tweet to make it about me it’s just that the song is literally about this disgusting situation and speaks more eloquently than I can on Twitter.”

He then deleted his account completely shortly after.

So what’s next in this George Floyd/Minneapolis protests story?

Tensions are high right now and show no sign of easing up, especially if George Floyd doesn’t get any justice and charges are not laid against the cops involved in his death.

Given the recent history of African-Americans dying after encounters with the police, coupled with the general fustercluck that is America right now, outrage and anger among the population is high. It’s anyone’s guess at how this all ends at this point so we can only hope that justice is served and this will all end in the right way soon.

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That Australia-NZ travel Bubble Has A Launch Date So Grab Your Passport

All is not lost for those wanting to travel in 2020.

It goes without saying that Jacinda Ardern has been absolutely nailing it in terms of managing New Zealand’s COVID-19 lockdown. Australia hasn’t been quite on New Zealand’s level but our leaders have done a good enough job on handling the COVID-19 lockdown that’s happening at home. In fact, things have been going well enough in both Australia and New Zealand that international travel between the two countries may be on the cards very soon.

Speaking of travelling, the GOAT team chat to Ben and Liam about moving back home to Adelaide on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

According to The Guardian, Australia and New Zealand have done such a great job at slowing down the spread of COVID-19 with its lockdown rules that there are now plans in the works for a “Trans-Tasman bubble” that will allow people to travel between the two countries.

Jacinda Ardern spoke to Scott Morrison about this Australia-New Zealand travel bubble and both are keen for it to happen “as quickly as we can,” saying that “it won’t be too long before we are ready.”

That being said, don’t pack your bags out of excitement just yet as there’s still stuff to be done.

The Trans-Tasman Safe Border Group – a 40-strong panel made up of government officials, health experts, border officials, and airport peeps – are hoping to present its travel plan to both the Australian and New Zealand governments in “early June.”

Should things go well, there will be a “proof of concept” flight between Canberra and Wellington. If things continue to go swimmingly and both Australia and New Zealand keep doing a good job on managing COVID-19, international travel between the two countries could start back up as early as September.

As an extra cherry on top of this exciting news, passengers won’t need to go into mandatory 14-day quarantine and will be cleared to go home right away.

Now as exciting as all this is, let’s keep our heads screwed on straight and not get carried away just yet as there still a heap of logistics to work out, like flight paths and which airlines will be able to handle all this hypothetical travelling. If the last few months has taught us anything it’s that COVID-19 is as unpredictable as America is racist and we should keep things on an even keel for now.

But hey, it seems like 2020 isn’t a total loss and perhaps this Australia-New Zealand travel bubble is a sign that things are finally starting to get back to some semblance of normality until that COVID-19 vaccine is good and ready.

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