Prepare To Feel Personally Attacked By The Savage ‘I Know A Spot’ Meme

Everyone 'knows a spot'.

After months stuck in isolation, the thought of heading out and painting the town red sounds pretty appealing. While many of us ‘know a spot’ and have good intentions, we don’t always nail it – and this meme currently sweeping social media is proof of that.

The ‘I Know A Spot’ meme has started making the rounds on Twitter, and before you start investigating for a chuckle – prepare to feel personally attacked.

The premise is straightforward. It’s all about picking a crappy physical or emotional ‘destination’ and assigning it to a character. 

Some versions of the meme take aim at folks’ dodgy dating habits and romantic choices, while others put fictional and non-fictional characters in the spotlight – like journalists or Geminis. 

Some prime examples are “men be like ‘I know a spot’ and then take you to rock bottom” or “introvert be like ‘I know a spot’ and then go home.”

Even celebrities aren’t safe from the ‘I Know a Spot’ meme. BTS fans have jumped on the meme in hoards, and even Harry Styles is the subject of one that reads, “Harry Styles be like ‘I know a place’ and then takes you to an imaginary island to meet a fish.” 

Speaking of feeling personally attacked, millennials recently found themselves in the hot seat when a bunch of TikTok zoomers started sharing their thoughts on the older generation.

Speaking of TikTokers, hear how they trolled Trump below:

The insults range from millennials saying “doggo” and “adulting” to using Buzzfeed quizzes to find out their favourite wine. One user wrote, “millennials will attack you if you disrespect their Harry Potter house,” while another mocked millennials for saying “give me a slice of pizza and wine.”

There’s something about calling people (and things) out that takes a meme from good to great. And honestly, who does love a bit of good old fashioned self-deprecation?

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'Ken And Karen' Is Your New Gun-Wielding Nightmare Of A Meme

"Not sure about this new Tarantino."

Word of warning: if you stand outside your mansion wielding an assault-style rifle at a group of peaceful protestors – you will be filmed, you will be posted all over the Internet, and you will become an overnight meme. It’s a lesson that a Missouri couple – now dubbed ‘Ken and Karen’ – have learned over the past 24 hours. Hear all the details below:

Yesterday, footage emerged of the couple – whose real names are Mark and Patricia McCloskey – and it didn’t take long for it to go viral, earn an unsurprising retweet from President Donald Trump and birth countless memes. 

Some Twitter users compared ‘Ken and Karen’ to TV and movie characters – including those of Quentin Tarantino and Ozark. 

Others were, sadly, reminded of the recent antics of other ‘Karens’. 

Last week, the internet was left dumbfounded by these ridiculous excuses for not wearing a COVID-19 face mask from a Palm Beach County community meeting – including “[Masks] throw God’s wonderful breathing system out the door” and “How will children be able to know who the dangerous deviants are?”

And what about all the other ‘Karen’ compilations floating around social media? In them, bystanders are hurled abused and some are even coughed on by the subject of their videos.

In an ironic twist of events, the Daily Mail reports that ‘Ken and Karen’ are both personal injury lawyers and Mark McCloskey had “previously represented a victim of police brutality.” Speaking about the case back in March, McCloskey said, “I’m glad that the law enforcement agencies are subject to the same standard as everybody else. 

Amidst heightened racial tensions, protests against police brutality, and a global pandemic resulting in growing numbers of deaths in the US – it’s no surprise these kinds of videos, and the ‘Karens’ and ‘Kens’ in them, are going viral. 

Unfortunately, it’s just a reflection of our new reality. We can only hope that by exposing violent behaviour, and keeping the conversation going, real change can occur.

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Nothing Screams 'Dodgy Influencer' Like Stealing Someone’s Support Dog

Absolutely wild.

For every hundred well-intentioned influencers, there’s always one who ruins it for everyone else – and this time, it’s all because one of them decided to steal a poor, innocent dog. 

Brittany Littleton, who is an Instagram influencer with over 32.5K followers and the co-owner of animal rehab Little Love Rescue, is being sued by an LA housing equality advocacy organisation after she stole an unhoused man’s support dog and is refusing to return it.

Yep, it’s a lot to process.

According to a press release from Housing Equality & Advocacy Resource Team (H.E.A.R.T), in January this year, unhoused man Elliot Haas was sitting in front of his tent with his emotional support dog Luna when a man and woman offered him furniture. As they were moving the table and chairs, Luna was bundled into their car and the couple sped off.

When Haas called the LAPD, it became clear the couple were connected to Brittany Littleton and Little Love Rescue. 

“Despite pleading for the return of Luna, Brittany refused to return Luna to Elliot and at one point stated that over $6,000 were spent on vet bills for Luna and if Elliot wanted to pay that, Luna could be returned,” the release states.

To make the whole thing even messier, Little Love Rescue created a GoFundMe campaign for ‘Luna, the Paralysed Street Dog’ to raise funds for the rescue. H.E.A.R.T’s release states that Little Love Rescue raised over $8,000 but has not registered as a charitable organisation. 

“Luna helped Elliot perform daily activities,” H.E.A.R.T states. “To take Luna away from him is cruel and only continues to prolong the injustices that the unhoused community faces on a daily basis.”

Speaking of homelessness, hear about how you can help youth on the street below:

Haas appeared before a judge in LA but Littleton failed to appear “or oppose the writ of possession.” As a result, the judge “granted Haas’s writ. Littleton and Little Love Rescue must now return Luna or be held in contempt of court.”

In a statement on Instagram, Littleton claimed she had been asked to “help a dog suffering” that was “paralysed, had sores all over her belly and legs, her feet were bleeding, and she had cuts and scars covering her body.” According to the influencer, she faced “multiple violent threats” from H.E.A.R.T and her “business and livelihood are being threatened.” 

Littleton wrote, “now I am being sued and am forced to hire an attorney to defend myself. I need help covering legal fees to hire an attorney,” however her followers had little sympathy. One user commented, ‘dude just give the dog back’ and another asked ‘how much are you donating to help the man experiencing homelessness?’

There’s no doubt Luna needed to get treated by a vet, but stealing her is not only wrong – it’s against the law. There are plenty of ways Littleton could have helped Haas and Luna, and this was not the answer.

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