Never Forget When A 'Sex In The City' Star Implied She Wanted To Bang Mario

"I'll always find time for Mario."

People getting horny for Nintendo characters and obsessing over details like Wario’s nipples aren’t anything new. We’re not here to judge those who put virtual creations on a sex symbol pedestal, which is why we’re totally cool with a newly-resurfaced Nintendo ad where Sex In The City star Kim Cattrall is ridiculously horny for Mario and seemingly wants to mount the plumber like a Yoshi.

Speaking of Nintendo stuff, the GOAT team talk about ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

This unexpected Sex In The City/Mario crossover ad was released back in 2012 to promote the Nintendo 3DS, and it’s now gotten a new jolt of popularity after Twitter user Marc Snetiker shared it alongside the all-too-appropriate caption, “fully losing my mind over this Nintendo ad where Kim Cattrall is horny for Mario??!!??”

The excessive use of exclamation and question marks are a nice touch.

As for what happens, the ad sees Kim Cattrall spoof her Sex In The City character where she lounges around the house playing a Nintendo 3DS and saying overly suggestive things like “I’ll always find time for Mario” and “He’s totally into dressing up. That tanooki suit is my particular favorite.”

There’s just so much to unpack here. There’s the slightly unsettling mental image of a Sex In The City character getting excessively horny over a fictional Italian plumber in a raccoon suit, the ridiculous amounts of sexual subtext (intentional or otherwise), and the strange way Kim Cattrall pronounces Mario as “Marry-O.”

Needless to say that the internet had a field day over this resurfaced gem of Kim expressing her fixation over a CG plumber who has no hair on his body and can rock a pair of blue overalls.

To Kim’s credit, she happily leaned into the fun by retweeting the video and declaring “I’ll always find time for Mario.” Talk about taking horny on main to new levels.

Hats off to Kim Cattrall for embracing Samantha’s Sex In The City “tri-sexual” mantra and shooting her shot with Mario. We’re totally rootin’ for things to work out between these two crazy kids!

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Here’s What’s Going On With The Wickedly Talented Adele Right Now

A look into why she's in the spotlight again.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Adele. Then seemingly out of nowhere, the wickedly talented singer has roared back into the spotlight and caused fans to put a lot of weight on some well-worn Adele topics, like her net worth, divorce, and new album, as well as some unexpected stuff related to her birthday.

To get to the bottom of why Adele is back in the spotlight, we’re going to take a look at what exactly has got everyone talking again.

Speaking of hogging the spotlight, the GOAT team talk about Elon Musk and Grimes’ strange baby name choice for their new bub on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

It was Adele’s birthday

Yes, the wickedly talented singer turned 32 years old on May 5 and she celebrated by sharing a photo of herself to Instagram. This unexpected birthday post caught fire because Adele hadn’t updated her Instagram for months so fans were probably super surprised by it all.

She’s sold over 120 million records and fans want more

To the surprise of no one, Adele is one of the world’s best-selling music artists with over 120 million records sold and fans still can’t get enough of her tunes.

It’s been five years since Adele released her previous album, 25, but word is that her new album is on the way this September. Presumably it’s going to be called 32 because, well, she’s 32 now.

Adele’s net worth is staggering

Everyone seems to be really curious about the net worth celebrities. Well since that’s what the people want, let’s give it to them.

After a bit of digging, the Sunday Times Rich List has Adele’s net worth at £150 million which is about $290 million in Australian dollars. That’s a lot.

Yet even with that level of moolah in the bank, Adele is “only” the second richest musician in the UK. The top spot has gone to none other than Ed Sheeran, who is living it up with his £170 million (about $328 million in Dollarydoos). Can’t win ’em all I suppose, even if you’re Adele.

Adele is getting a divorce but it’s classy AF

Look, divorces happen and sadly Adele isn’t immune from it. After spending eight years (three of which were spent as a married couple) with Simon Konecki, the couple decided to call it quits in September 2019.

While there’s a lot of speculation into the deets of their divorce, Adele has kept things under wraps (as she’s entitled to) and everything seems to be actually quite amicable between the former couple by most credible accounts.

And I think that’s everything as to why Adele is suddenly in the headlines again. Let’s see, there’s her birthday, net worth, divorce, and new album stuff… yep we’ve covered basically every notable Adele-related topic that people seem to be putting a lot of weight on lately.

Pretty confident we haven’t missed anything about this wickedly talented singer. Nothing at all.

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The Wild Story Of How Tommy Wiseau Lost A $700K Lawsuit Is Too Funny To Be Real

What a rollercoaster of hilarity and... actually just hilarity.

Any story that has something to do with Tommy Wiseau is guaranteed to be entertaining in some fashion. So when news broke (via Variety) that Tommy Wiseau was at the losing end of a painful $700K lawsuit over him stubbornly blocking the release of a documentary about The Room, titled Room Full Of Spoons, you know there’s something more to it.

And hoo boy, there so much more to this Tommy Wiseau/The Room lawsuit that it all seems too ridiculous to even be anywhere near the realm of reality.

Speaking of things that are too wild to be real, the GOAT team talk about the long-awaited release of ‘Midnight Sun’ on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

The story of this documentary about Tommy Wiseau chucking a fit over Room Full Of Spoons (he didn’t want it released because it was “unflattering” to him) actually began way back in 2011 and has been a rollercoaster of hilarity the exceeds anything Tommy has done.

Luckily for us, a Redditor has helpfully compiled the major events into one handy Reddit post that outlines the whole saga, which we’ll try and sum up the best we can.

So back in 2011, filmmaker Rick Harper watches The Room and wants to make a documentary about it and Tommy Wiseau titled Room Full Of Spoons. After meeting, Tommy was enthusiastic about the project and agreed to co-produce it.

However, things started quickly going off the rails. The Room Full Of Spoons filmmakers began interviewing the original cast of The Room and it quickly comes to light that the film was actually directed by Sandy Schklair rather than Tommy. Subsequent interviews corroborates Schklair’s claim and Tommy gets nervous enough about the project that he tries to stop Harper from interviewing more cast members.

A few years into filming, the Room Full Of Spoons filmmakers reconnect with Tommy Wiseau, who has since softened his stance and encouraged them to finish their documentary. However, things then take another turn in 2015 when James Franco gets the film rights to The Disaster Artist.

Apparently Tommy also sold his “life story” rights to Franco and is now threatening legal action against the Room Full Of Spoons filmmakers, forcing them to take down a trailer and any mention of Wiseau.

Still, Harper and his team continue working and finish filming their documentary in early 2016. Unsurprisingly, Tommy isn’t happy and preemptively attacks Room Full Of Spoons by posting a sloppy YouTube video accusing the filmmakers of “bulling [sic]” and exploiting fans of The Room.

After Room Full Of Spoons premieres in Canada, the UK, and the U.S. in mid-2016, it is mysteriously removed from distribution. The filmmakers reveal that Tommy Wiseau has been blocking the film by contacting venues and festivals (including the Sydney Underground Film Festival in 2016) claiming the documentary violates copyright laws and threatening legal action (again).

Several months of silence follows until the Room Full Of Spoons filmmakers announce that the DVD will be released in June 2017. However, this hits a snag as Tommy finally took legal action against them and received a court-ordered injunction blocking the documentary’s release until stuff is sorted.

The lawsuit over The Room documentary begins and Tommy drags out proceedings from June 2017 until 2020. Starting with Tommy not rocking up for his first day in court, released court statements reveal what a fustercluck the entire lawsuit was due to a series of ridiculous events on Tommy’s behalf, including:

  • Firing several lawyers before representing himself, only to ask the judge for the case to be dismissed… because he doesn’t have a lawyer.
  • Pissing off the judge by repeatedly trying to have the trial dismissed, delayed or changed because he refuses to get a lawyer.
  • Trying to hire a lawyer to work with his opponent’s lawyers, which the judge tells him is a dumb thing to do.
  • Bringing forth a series of ridiculous accusations, such as evidence tampering, only to be quickly rebuked and debunked.
  • Trying to get a lawyer (finally) to “totally withdraw” from the case claiming that the Canadian courts are “stacked against foreigners” and evidence has been tampered with (even though no one knows what he’s taking about).
  • Asking the judge if he can testify via teleconferencing. The judge refused.
  • Giving the name and number of a witness to the judge, only for the witness to have no idea what was going on. The witness turned out to be a random person.
  • Pissing off the judge even more by basically being a pain in the arse.

The judge eventually had enough of Tommy Wiseau’s bullcrap and finally handed down his verdict in April 2020, ordering Tommy to pay over $700K in lost revenue and punitive damages, as well as the legal bills of Rockhaven Pictures (the studio Harper founded to make Room Full Of Spoons).

Aaaaaand scene.

That was a quick(ish) summary of just how ridiculous this whole Tommy Wiseau/The Room lawsuit was and the whole thing deserves a read here because it’s pure gold.

As for what happens now, well who really frigging knows because it’s Tommy Wiseau. But given how surprisingly entertaining this whole rollercoaster has been, Harper should now make a documentary about the lawsuit itself and call it “The Court Room.”

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