Madonna Preaching About COVID-19 In A Petal Bath Reeks Of Privilege

"Be a little more empathetic to the less privileged ones."

Over the past few weeks and months it has become increasingly apparent that COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor, where you’re from, or what you do, we’re all at risk of contracting it. The reality of coronavirus is something Madonna attempted to convey to her 14.9M Instagram followers, but sadly, backfired – badly.

In a series of Instagram stories, Madonna – soaking in a rather boujee-looking bath of petals and flowers – told her fans, “That’s the thing about COVID-19, it doesn’t care about how rich you are or how famous you are, how funny you are, how smart you are, where you live, how old you are, what amazing stories you can tell. It’s the great equalizer.” 

“What’s terrible about it is what’s great about it. What’s terrible about it is it’s made us all equal in many ways and what’s wonderful about it is it’s made us all equal in many ways. Like I used to say at the end of human nature every night, we’re all in the same boat. If the ship goes down, we’re all going down together.”

Madonna is right – coronavirus is having a devastating effect on life as we know it, but it’s forcing us to see each other as equals. However, fans were quick to point out how little she was recognising her own privilege – and the fancy bath didn’t help, either.

One fan commented, “if the ship is going down, do you really think we’re going down together while you’re in your bathtub having people working for you to be there?” and another wrote, “I love you, my queen. But things outside your mansion are very different from what you think. Stay safe and be a little more empathetic to the less privileged ones.”

“Sorry my queen, love you so much, but we’re not equal,” a fan pointed out. “We can die from the same diseases, but the poor will suffer the most. Do not romanticise nothing of this tragedy.”

Hear about how people are turning isolation into a positive experience below:

Yikes. Madonna is yet to respond to the backlash and who knows if she ever will from the coronavirus-free comfort of her petal bath. If anything, it’s a reminder to have some perspective. 

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Sophie Turner DGAF If You Value 'Freedom' Over Health, Like This Celeb

"It’s not cool, and it’s not big, and it’s not clever."

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you’d be well aware that coronavirus is spreading at an alarming rate and breaking the rules around social distancing has become a big, fat no-no.

Self-isolation doesn’t have to be boring. Listen to how people are staying entertained together, at home below:

Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner recently hammered that very important message home in one of her iconic ‘that’s the tea’ Instagram posts. 

During the Instagram Live video, featuring husband Joe Jonas, Turner said, “Stay inside. Don’t be f*cking stupid, even if you count your ‘freedom’ over your health. I don’t give an eff about your freedom, you could be infecting other people, other vulnerable people around you by doing this. So stay inside, guys. It’s not cool, and it’s not big, and it’s not clever – and that’s the tea.”

Turner’s message was for all her followers, but it was clearly throwing some specific shade at Lost actress Evangeline Lilly, who ruffled feathers last week with her controversial coronavirus comments.

In an Instagram post, Lilly said, “Just dropped my kids off at gymnastics camp. They all washed their hands before going in. They are playing and laughing. #businessasusual.”

Lilly’s post was quick to receive backlash from fans who labelled her “extremely selfish and irresponsible” for denying the reality of the coronavirus crisis. 

In response to the criticism, the actress  wrote, “I am also immune compromised. I have two young kids. Some people value their lives over freedom, some people value freedom over their lives. We all make our choices. With love and respect.”

Unfortunately, Evangeline Lilly isn’t the only person to break strongly recommended social distancing rules. Yesterday, it was announced there will be a full lockdown of ‘non-essential services’ in Australia, including pubs, cafes, cinemas, gyms and more. 

The strict measures come just a few days after officials in Australia temporarily closed Sydney’s Bondi Beach when crowds ignored the government’s warnings.

Just listen to Sophie Turner’s advice and follow the rules – it’s about keeping yourself safe from coronavirus, but it’s also about protecting those who are more vulnerable. 

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Here's Some Very Random Celebrity Couples To Take Your Mind Off Things

If the pandemic is getting you down.

There are the celebrity couples who will go down in history. We’re talking Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love…the list goes on.

But then there are the celebrities who shacked up and had us shouting from the rooftops: what were they thinking!? Here are some of the most random celebrity couples to keep your mind off all the doom and gloom of the pandemic:

Speaking of iconic celeb couples, listen about Brad and Jen’s recent reunion below:

Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morrisette

Did you know that Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Reynolds and ‘90s songstress Alanis Morisette were actually engaged from 2004-2007. They reportedly met at Drew Barrymore’s birthday party in 2002 – which is iconic in itself – and Morisette once told People she felt “so loved” by Reynolds, “in a trampoline kind of way” – whatever that means. Sadly, the pair called it quits in 2007…but it was probably for the best, considering Reynolds went on to meet wife and baby mama Blake Lively and Morrisette followed a similar path with her beau.

Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis

Before Mila Kunis tied the knot with her That 70’s Show co-star Ashton Kutcher, she was in a long term relationship with Home Alone actor, Macauley Culkin…FOR EIGHT YEARS. If you’re thinking, how did I miss this!? You’re not alone. These two had a super low-key relationship, and little is known about it, except for the fact they dated from 2002 to 2011 and split up when Kunis became a big star. 

Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood

In a million years, would you have ever put Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood with controversial musician Marilyn Manson? Despite a whopping 18-year age gap, Wood and Manson started dating in 2007 and had an on-again off-again relationship for several years. In 2010, Manson proposed to Wood during a performance in Paris, but the pair broke it off just one year later. 

Michael Buble and Emily Blunt

It’s hard to believe there was a time when Emily Blunt and John Krasinski weren’t our favourite Hollywood couple, but alas, here we are discussing it. In 2005, Blunt began dating iconic yet random crooner Michael Buble while there were both at the Logies in Melbourne. The pair dated for three years, and even shared a house together in British Columbia, but sadly parted ways in 2008.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

Remember when Lindsay Lohan was all over the tabloids and was dating Mark Ronson’s sister, Samantha Ronson? Yeah, neither do I, because it was all the way back in 2008 and this was one super random celebrity couple. Lohan refrained from commenting on their relationship, insisting she wanted to keep “her private life private,” but the media was relentless. In a 2010 interview with The Times, Ronson said she “still loved” Lohan, but dealing with the paparazzi was becoming too much.

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