A Definitive Ranking Of The Best “What ____ Are You” Instagram Filters

Are you in the process of finding yourself? Don’t move to Europe! The simplest answer is right here in front of you, or should we say, on top of you. Introducing the What ___ Are You Instagram filters; the easiest, most efficient way of finding yourself in the digital age.

There’s a whole bunch of face filters available on the social media app right now. So, to help you out, we’ve collated the best six that had the most accurate results. Let the reflective process begin. 

6. Which Hamilton Character Are You?

Hamilton is the greatest Broadway musical to come out of this generation, so why not slot yourself right in with this iconic filter. See if you were made to belt out a high note or sing in soothing falsetto, with this well-drawn Insta quiz. As a whiny person myself, I can confirm that yes, I am indeed King George III. This filter is 100% accurate.

(Credit: karlmagnuson)

5. Which A24 Film Are You?

A24 has quickly become such a force to be reckoned with in the film industry. From making Academy favourite classics (Moonlight) to the scariest horror flicks you’ll ever watch (Hereditary) to resurrecting Adam Sandler’s career (Uncut Gems), A24 has done it all. Find out which motion picture suits you the most with this incredible filter.

(Credit: _melissa_margaret_)

4. What 2020 Mood Are You?

It’s a classic. Don’t bother playing hundreds of dollars to see a psychic, just ask the all-knowing Instagram for help! I just found out that I’m going to be travelling this year! I’m not sure where or for how long, but I know that I am excited.

3. What Disney Character Are You?

Disney has been pumping out iconic characters for decades now, making this filter extremely accurate. Are you a princess? Are you a villain? Are you the hilarious sidekick? All good options here! A whole new world awaits you.

(Credit: arnopartissimo)

2. What Aussie Snack Are You?

Cast yourself back to the golden years by checking out this nostalgic fave. As you cycle through the numerous confectionary items, you’ll no doubt be transported right back to opening your lunchbox at recess. Enjoy!

(Credit: irlrubyph)

1. Which Font Are You?

You can tell a lot about a person by their font. Do you possess the serious nature of a Times New Roman? Are you bold and modern with Arial? Or are you someone who should never be taken seriously (aka Comic Sans)?  We want to know.

(Credit: elliotisacoolguy)

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YouTuber Fakes His Girlfriend’s Death For Subs, But Is Anyone Surprised?


Controversial YouTuber, ImJayStation, has admitted to faking his girlfriend’s death in a desperate attempt to get more subscribers on their joint channel, Dream Team.

While we’re on the topic of YouTubers, check out our David Dobrik chat on this episode of It’s Been A Big Day For…

While some are surprised at this revelation, we should have seen the signs

ImJayStation telling the world of his girlfriend’s (fake) death. (Credit: Youtube)

It all started when the prankster, whose real name is Jason Ethier, uploaded a video to YouTube titled “My Girlfriend Alexia Died… *Rest In Paradise*”, in which he told his fans that his girlfriend had been killed in a car crash by a drunk driver. 

Someone went over-the-top with this fake shrine thingy! (Credit: Youtube)

In the video, he said: “Her dream was just to get 1 million subscribers, and we were so close to doing that…Out of respect for her, I should post the remainder videos that we filmed for that channel.”

Honestly, we should have seen all the signs. He’s not even crying in this video, at one point he just wipes his eyebrows. How anyone believed this story is beyond me.

If it couldn’t get anymore fishy, ImJayStation uploads a now-deleted video to YouTube titled “DEAD GIRLFRIEND OUJIA BOARD CHALLENGE AT 3 AM (GONE WRONG)!!”. We understand that people mourn in different ways, but an ouija board? A challenge? At three o’clock in the morning? No, thank you. 

What kind of bullshit is this? (Credit: Youtube)

Fast-forward to today and all the bullshit was confirmed. In a new video called “ALEXIA MARANO *THE TRUTH ABOUT HER*”, ImJayStation comes clean about staging the aforementioned videos with the help of his very-much-alive girlfriend.

He says: “Guys, I fell in love with this girl, I tried helping her become famous on YouTube, she left me without notice and tried to ruin my life.” Yikes. Well, I don’t know what to believe anymore. He’s clearly a massive liar, so consider me clocked out of this saga. 

We out.

This wouldn’t be the first time that a YouTuber has taken things a little too far for clout. In November 2015, popular YouTuber Sam Pepper uploaded a video called “Killing Best Friend Prank”. Here, the prankee was forced to take part in his best friend’s death. As you can imagine, the internet had absolutely none of it. 

The video was removed after an online petition to have Pepper removed from YouTube gained over 100,000 signatures. Maybe that’s the answer. Is it time to remove ImJayStation? We think so. 

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