The Internet Has Zero Sympathy For This Pro-Gun Tweet About 'Feral Hogs'

A bunch of hogwash.

Let it be known – when two mass shootings occur within 13 hours of each other, resulting in the death of 31 people, literally no one will care about your ‘feral hog’ problem. Or, they’ll turn you into a meme. We are living in 2019, after all.

After mass shootings occurred in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio earlier this week, a social media storm surrounding gun laws erupted.

While there were plenty of people pushing for reform, there was one guy who just couldn’t get past how gun laws would affect his ‘feral hog’ predicament. 

First world problems. Credit: Giphy

Country musician Jason Isbell posted a tweet advocating for the control of assault rifles, and William McNabb (the guy with the hog prob) responded: “Legit question for rural Americans – How do I kill the 30-50 feral hogs that run into my yard within 3-5 mins while my small kids play?”

And I…oop. Credit: Twitter

Cue the crickets.

Umm. Credit: Giphy

McNabb’s question was not only savagely roasted by Twitter users, but birthed a fresh batch hog-related memes, and – let’s be honest – represented the *literal* mental breakdown of those trying to push for real change. 

The subject of the hog memes has since taken to Twitter to explain his comment. “Getting ‘roasted’ means nothing to me – if people want to have a real debate about guns – these are real issues that exist.”

Credit: Twitter

They are real issues, and while the thought of ‘30-50 feral hogs’ guarantees a chuckle, making sure that these tragic events never happen again needs to be the number one priority.

There Are So Many Shootings In The US, Trump And Biden Can’t Even Remember Which Towns Were Attacked

Major facepalm.

Earlier this week, the world was rocked by the news that two mass shootings, occurring just 13 hours apart in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, left at least 31 people dead and dozens injured.

Following the shocking events, the Internet exploded with desperate pleas for gun-control reform, and for the powers at be to simply “do something.” With that said, you’d think the first logical step would be getting the basic details of the events correct, but apparently even that is impossible.

C’mon, guys. Credit: Giphy

Both President Trump and Joe Biden have addressed the shootings, and in a major facepalm moment, both have mixed up the locations of where they occurred.

During his address from the White House on Monday, Trump said, “May God bless the memory of those who perished in Toledo…May God protect them.” That’s nice, Don – but the shooting didn’t happen in Toledo, it happened in Dayton. 

Credit: News 8 WROC/YouTube

Biden made a similar gaffe on Sunday during a fundraising event in California. The former Vice President said, “the tragic events in Houston today and also in Michigan the day before.” The politician corrected his mistake, but it was too late, and he’d already confused Houston with El Paso, and Ohio with Michigan. Yikes.

Credit: Twitter

It’s a red-faced moment for Trump and Biden, but are we really that surprised? According to the Gun Violence archive, which tracks every mass shooting in the States, 2019 is the first year since 2016 with an average of more than one mass shooting a day. 

Credit: Twitter

That’s more mass shootings than days this year. There have been so many incredibly violent and incredibly tragic incidents in the U.S. this year, even the country’s leaders can’t keep track. 

Trump says that “hate has no place,” in the U.S. and that “we’re going to take care of it,” but that means real, tangible change needs to occur, and it needs to occur immediately.

A Seesaw Has Been Installed At The Mexico Border And It's Literally Breaking Through Barriers

"What happens in one place has an impact on another."

Breaking down cultural barriers is no easy feat, but two geniuses have managed to come close by installing a hot pink seesaw at the US-Mexico border.

Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello, who are the co-founders of the studio Rael San Fratello, came up with the “Teetertotter Wall” which originally began in 2009 as conceptual drawings.

In an Instagram post, Rael explained that bringing the seesaw to life has been “one of the most incredible experiences of my and [San Fratello’s] career,” and that putting it together was “an event filled with joy, excitement, and togetherness at the border wall.”

“The wall became a literal fulcrum for US-Mexico relations and children and adults that take place on one side have a direct consequence on the other side,” he wrote.

The installment of the seesaws couldn’t have come at a more pivotal time, considering recent reports of the mistreatment of migrants at the US border stations. Yesterday, the New York Times reported that more than 900 migrant children have been separated from their families over the past year.

The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services has weighed in on the Rael and San Fratello’s Teetertotter Wall, writing on Twitter, “Art is such a powerful vehicle for change.”

“A beautiful installation at our southern border that reminds us that: “Actions that take place on one side have direct consequences on the other…We are all connected. We are all one.”

It’s a moving message of unity and shows that making meaningful connections with one another will only make the world a better place. 

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