Your Childhood Would've Been Ruined Had Pokemon Ended The Way Its Head Writer Intended

Smarter heads prevailed.

Pokemon, the TV series, formed an important part of my childhood. Every morning at 7:00am before school, I had a permanent appointment in front of the TV where I watched Ash Ketchum and Pikachu battling some gym leader while Team Rocket got up to their usual array of shenanigans.

I still look upon those early Pokemon years very fondly, not only because it was a simpler time back then but because it could’ve all come crashing down dramatically had the head writer of the show managed to implement his original plan.

Take a seat because this could be traumatic to your childhood.

The late Takeshi Shudo was Pokemon‘s head writer during the first five or so years of the show and was instrumental in its initial success before he left. But for all the greatness he brought to the show, Shudo also wanted to end the show at its peak and had a ridiculously depressing ending in mind.

A year prior to his death in 2010, Shudo wrote a blog post detailing his original plan for Ash Ketchum, Pikachu and the show. Thanks to the translating work of Redditor NAveryW, we know that Shudo planned to end Pokemon with elderly Ash reminiscing on the good ol’ days.

However, it is then revealed that all his adventures with Pikachu, the gym battles, the Pokemon he caught and the skirmishes with Team Rocket were just figments of his imagination.

That’s right, the original plan was to end Pokemon using the old “it was just a dream” cliché. In the (translated) words of Shudo:

“It is an embellished memory of childhood. A fantasy…The imaginary creatures, Pokémon, and their adventure. Friendship. Coexistence. That is, in the real human world, something [Ash] could not possibly encounter.

The mood right now.

Talk about an uncharacteristically dark and lame ending for a light-hearted children’s show. Still, this idea isn’t actually too surprising when you consider Shudo wanted one of the Pokemon movies to have Pikachu become a revolutionary (via who frees his fellow creatures out of captivity before clashing with Ash at the end.

Thankfully, Shudo never got to implement his end game for Pokemon as the show proved to be so wildly popular that it made no business sense to end it just yet. With the show still currently running (and is likely to do so until the end of time), who knows if Shudo’s ending idea will ultimately rear its ugly head again at some point. But hey, stranger things have happened.

Ultimately, having the show continue on was the best move. Not did this save millions of children’s childhoods from going up in flames, it also helped save every English/writing teacher around the world from having a stroke upon realising that Pokemon, one of the biggest shows ever, ended on such a lame ending as “it was all just a dream”.

Watchmen And Terminator: Dark Fate Is Proof We Need More Badass Grannies In Film And TV

Time to let older women take the reins.

Watchmen and Terminator: Dark Fate have landed on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to dusting off old IP and tinkering with it for a present-day audience.

Whereas Watchmen was able to successfully honour the source material while managing to tell an interesting new story, Terminator: Dark Fate was like a rehash of the franchise’s greatest hits (again).

But there’s one thing the two have in common: the older leading ladies.


Watchmen has largely revolved around a new cast of masked vigilantes led by Regina King’s kickarse Sister Night. Now as great as the new characters are, re-introducing the character of Laurie Blake from the comics is a stroke of genius.

Not only does this forge a stronger link between TV show and source material, Laurie Blake brings in a conflicting yet equally compelling point-of-view to the narrative. She’s the older and wiser character who has seen and done everything the new crop of vigilantes have done so far, and she has no time for any BS that goes on.

They say with age comes wisdom and boy does Laurie embody that sentiment. She’s clearly the smartest person in the room whenever she’s onscreen butting heads with people, she manages to make them all seem inferior, including Sister Night, this iteration of Watchmen‘s protagonist.

But underneath that tough exterior is some serious character work at play that ties into Laurie’s history. She’s undergone a lot on her time on Earth and yet there’s still a well of rich stuff to dig into even if she’s almost at retirement age (hellooo giant blue dildo).

Equally impressive as Watchmen‘s re-introduction of Laurie Blake is Terminator: Dark Fate‘s handling of Sarah Connor.

The film is a messy yet entertaining romp to put it nicely, but Sarah’s character arc manages to play the “honour the source material while telling a new story” card quite well. Plus it’s never not a pleasure to see Linda Hamilton wielding a bunch of big guns and kicking Terminator arse.

Terminator: Dark Fate recycled many plot points from previous entries but the decision to have Sarah become a protector this time around as opposed to the damsel in distress was an inspired move. Not only does it show the development of the character after all these years, it helps give Dark Fate an emotional grounding that has been sorely lacking in the series for many years.

It’s almost a shame that Terminator: Dark Fate completely bombed at the box-office because a series of films revolving around an older Sarah Connor would’ve been epic.

Not if the box office numbers are any indication.

Perhaps it’s time to let the grannies have their crowning moments of awesome onscreen because Watchmen and Terminator: Dark Fate have demonstrated that it is more than possible to craft compelling stories involving older women.

After all, age is just a number.

Jeff Goldblum Has Put Himself Into The 'Oh No' Corner After Defending Woody Allen

Why did you have to ruin the fantasy by saying stuff, Jeff?

Oh Jeff Goldblum, we had a good thing going. You had virtually ensured yourself a spot in everyone’s mind as either the sexy shirtless guy in Jurassic Park or the quirky uncle of Hollywood. But now you’ve gone and ruined it all by talking about Woody Allen and MeToo.

Chatting to iNews, the topic turned to Woody Allen and the allegations that the he molested his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow – which he denies – and Jeff offered up a staunch defence of the director and said working with him in the future isn’t off the table.

“I think there is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. I know I enjoyed working with him many years ago and I sat in with his band once too.

“Even though I feel like this cultural shift [the MeToo movement] is very, very positive and long overdue and I support it wholeheartedly and take it very seriously, I also admire his body of work. So I would consider working with him again, until I learned something more (negative).”

Oh boy…

Damn it, Jeff Goldblum, this twist wasn’t in the script.

This defense of Woody Allen he’s putting up is pretty unsavoury as he is rationalising it based on a positive working history with the man rather than the severity of the allegations. It all sort of makes his comments in support of MeToo a little disingenuous.

Why he decided to talk about this particular topic we’ll never know because defending Woody Allen has never panned out well for anyone. Just ask Scarlett Johannson.

People have also noted the timing of these comments seems pretty sketchy given the Jeff Goldblum related buzz that’s come up on the interwebs recently.

Back in October, writer Nicole Cliffe made some wild claims on Twitter regarding Goldblum, tweeting that she had been contacted by several people with allegations against the actor.

Nothing has come out of these claims all of this doesn’t paint a particularly flattering picture for Jeff Goldblum, who has seemingly gone from one of the internet’s loves to pariah in record time.

But as the man said himself, there’s a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. We have all enjoyed watching his work for many years so we should consider holding the pitchforks back until we’ve learned something more.

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