Detective Pikachu Disapproving Of Psyduck's Physical Affection Is Such A Mood

Find the overly affectionate Psyduck to your disapproving Pikachu.<br />

We’re in the homestretch now before the release of Detective Pikachu and Ryan Reynolds has decided to kick things up a notch by releasing a new trailer because, well, he’s Ryan Reynolds and he does what he wants.

Set to the backdrop of Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World”, the new trailer takes on a bit more of a weepy mood. While we don’t get any new reveals on the level of Mewtwo and Lickitung or much in the way of plot reveals, we do get a few sweet moments, such as Bulbasaur and Squirtle looking adorable:

Snubbull looking absolutely done with everyone’s shenanigans:

“I hate you and everything.”

But the best moment of the entire trailer is Psyduck pulling Detective Pikachu into a big hug and receiving a look of instant disapproval of being handled in such a manner by an oversized duck.

Just hug it out.

After all the goofiness of the last couple of trailers, the latest one is surprisingly wholesome and, dare I say it, somewhat emotional. Didn’t think I would end up saying that about a movie about CGI Pokemon but here we are.

With so much cuteness in store for us come May 10, Detective Pikachu may be the magical self-care we all need after Game Of Thrones ends and Avengers: Endgame renders us into an emotional mess.

In the meantime, check out the new Detective Pikachu trailer here and find the overly-affectionate Psyduck to your disapproving Pikachu.

This Fan Creation Of Steve Irwin As An Aussie Pokemon Trainer Is Wholesome And Perfect

Fittingly, Trainer Steve's Pokemon of choice is Totodile and Krokorok.

For all the real-world influences that have gone into the creation of each Pokemon region, lack of Australia-inspired worlds and areas has been a bit surprising.

Since this is obviously a travesty, Twitter user VivinkArt decided to remedy that by making some cheeky logos of what a hypothetical Pokemon Australia game would look like.

But the best was saved for last as they also drew up the perfect champion for Pokemon Australia: the one and only Steve Irwin.

Trainer Irwin’s messy hair and trademark khaki outfit are completely on point, as was the choice to have Totodile and Krokorok, two crocodile Pokemon, as his chosen creatures.

VivinkArt wasn’t done there as they also drew up sprites of Trainer Irwin in the style of those old-school Pokemon games.

These Trainer Irwin drawings dropped a couple of weeks after what would’ve been Steve’s 57th birthday and sort of became an unexpected wholesome tribute to the beloved wildlife conservationist.

As much as we want a much-long overdue Pokemon Australia game, it won’t be happening anytime soon as the next games in the series, Pokemon Sword and Shield, will be set in the UK-inspired region of Galar.

But hey, if Nintendo were to make a Pokemon Australia or something – and it’ll happen one day considering how the games continue to sell like crazy – they’ll already have some ideas on how to pay tribute to Steve thanks to VivinkArt’s great work.

There's A Gang Of New Pokemon In The Latest Detective Pikachu Trailer And Mewtwo Looks, Well, Weird

Snubble looks absolutely adorable though/Angry naked man springs to mind after seeing Mewtwo in this.

Hold onto your deerstalkers budding Pokemon trainers and wannabe detectives everywhere because a new Detective Pikachu trailer has dropped and it is filled with several new creatures we haven’t seen yet.

With only a few months left to go before the film drops on May 10, the marketing team are really pulling out the stops to ensure fans that Detective Pikachu will be the Pokemon-filled live-action adventure we’ve all been waiting for since Pokemon first came onto the scene in 1996.

Without revealing everything, some of the highlights include the first glimpse of Ludicolo, whose trademark exasperated face is perfectly rendered by CGI:

He didn’t see anything shocking, he just looks like that all the time.

There was a cameo from Snubbull, who looks characteristically grumpy and absolutely adorable:

Awww, I just wanna pinch his cheeks (and hope to Ho-oh I don’t get bitten)

Don’t blink or you’ll miss the super-angry Aipom:

Don’t feed the monkey.

And the creme de la creme of all Pokemon appearances, one that we wished for but didn’t expect to happen – MEWTWO!

And boy he looks… weird?

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… I actually have no idea what it is.

Yikes. This version of Mewtwo is up there on the “looks strange” scale just behind the creepy realistic Lickitung we saw a few weeks ago.

It kinda looks like the Mewtwo we all know and love, but it also looks like an angry naked man floating in the sky.

Ugh, it’s going to take some effort to wipe that image out of my head.  But hey, maybe it’s just me. (It probably is.)

One thing’s for sure, Ryan Reynolds is killing it as Detective Pikachu and he deserves all the gym badges in the world for his performance.

Take a gander at the trailer (and all the new creatures) here and make up your own minds on whether Mewtwo does or doesn’t look super weird.

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