It's Been A Big Day For... GOAT Because We've Got Ourselves A Bloody Podcast

Yeah because there's not enough out there lol.

GOAT have done something revolutionary – changed the game if you will. We know here’s nothing worse than reading words with your eyes but what!! if!! you could just HEAR the words. Not saying we invented the concept of podcasts but like, we’re defs on the forefront of innovation.


GOAT is ecstatic to present your daily informant in the form of wildly funny podcast: It’s Been A Big Day For…

The idea behind the daily podcast is to deliver the GOAT take on the biggest pop culture news of the day but instead of taking the easy way in, we’re in the biz of sneaking through the side door.

It’s Been A Big Day For… is hosted by GOAT’s very own writers and content creators. We’re talking about the biggest stories of the day every day anyway and trying to look at the info differently and find the take-less-travelled.

You can sink your teeth into the straight-up snack delivered right to your bloody phone. (No actual food will be provided, it’s a BYO sitch.)

All you have to do? Hit subscribe.

With legit one button, you’re gonna have a sweet 10 min briefing before you head to the pub or karaoke or like, the park – wherever you go – this podcast makes sure you’re gonna be informed as f*ck.

Half ya luck, the first episode of the podcast is up!! Not even kidding!!

It’s Been A Big Day For Greta Thunberg’s Rideshare Account and you’re gonna wanna get amongst the details of this one. Greta is straight up stranded and is deadass posting like she’s a drunk 18-year-old after their first night on King St, asking around for a lift except she’s like, on the other side of the world and doesn’t wanna be a carbon emissions contributor.

Elon Musk, if you’re listening, you might wanna weigh in on this.