Pete Davidson Did Not Hold Back In His Take On R. Kelly And Michael Jackson

He almost gets it right. Almost.

Pete Davidson was met with some boos and a few gasps from the studio audience during his Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update”, when he tackled the controversial topic of famous artists being accused of sexual misconduct.

Specifically, Davidson brought up R. Kelly and Michael Jackson, who have both been recently accused of sexual misconduct in high profile documentaries. Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly resurfaced abuse and misconduct claims against Kelly, while allegations of child sex abuse against Jackson resurfaced in the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland. Kelly and Jackson’s estate both deny all allegations against them.

“Before I continue like this, [R. Kelly] is a monster and he should go to jail forever.” Pete Davidson said. “But if you support the Catholic Church, isn’t that like the same thing as being an R. Kelly fan?” Davidson asked, as some audience members booed.

Pete Davidson accused people of only being upset about the allegations against Jackson and Kelly because they admire them as musicians.

“If I found out Macklemore did some stuff, I’d be happy to free up the space on my iPhone,” he joked.

He then pitched an argument that essentially calls for the critical consumption of artists who are accused or found guilty of sexual misconduct and/or other prejudiced behaviour. 

“The rule should be that you can appreciate their work, but only if you admit what they did.” He said. “You can buy a Mustang, but you have to say, ‘Henry Ford hated the Jews’ as you buckle in. The full sentence should be ‘Mark Wahlberg beat up an old Asian dude, and I would like one ticket to Daddy’s Home 3 please.’ Because if it’s that important to you, at least own it. I don’t need to ever see a Kevin Spacey movie again but if the CEO of Swisher Sweets turns out to be a cannibal, I can’t just change my whole life.” 

Davidson then added that people should donate a dollar to charity every time you listen to the music of an accused person, and joked that he had already donated $142 for listening to R. Kelly’s ‘Ignition’.

The problem with that ‘solution’ is that it’s an easy (and cheap) way for us to sidestep holding people accountable. But at least Davidson definitely has the right approach with the call for people to not let their admiration for artists motivate them to outright reject any unsavoury narratives simply because it makes it uncomfortable to be a fan.

Your Favourite Hot Queer Eye Foodie Antoni Porowski Has Stolen The Spotlight In Pete Davidson And Kate Beckinsale's Make Out Pics

Highly relatable.

In case you missed it, Pete Davidson, ex-fiancé of Ariana Grande, is now dating actress Kate Beckinsale. The man has very good taste, we’ll give him that.

The two were seen canoodling at a Rangers game and by canoodling I mean full throttle making out.

But decidedly the true star of the PDA moment is Antoni Porowski, resident hot food guy of the Queer Eye Fab Five.

Antoni had the pleasure of sitting next to Pete and Kate at the game and the snaps of him looking hella awkward are the meme of the day.

This is a glorious moment to go down in the third wheel history books.

The pictures have inspired so much art.

And so much outrage.

I’m sorry but ‘beck and sail’.

Secondary stars of this Rangers game moment include Rami Malek and David Harbour (AKA Stranger Things‘ Sheriff Hopper and resident hunky Hell Boy).

Meanwhile, to the happy couple’s left, this guy is very done with the Pete Davidson public love train.

But Antoni is the clear star of the moment, of the game, and of the day to be honest. The newly-released trailer for the next season of Queer Eye just dropped in case you need any more Antoni in your day.

Pete Davidson Turned His Ariana Grande Tribute Tattoo Into A Very Grim Memento Of Their Relationship

This is either very salty, or just really sad.

Last year during their whirlwind romance, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande inked themselves with about 12 tattoos between them that commemorated their mutual adoration.

Who knows how each of them feel about all the tribute tats since their engagement ended, but Pete Davidson appears to have covered one by turning it into an extremely grim memento.

The tattoo was on the back of his neck, made to match one Ariana had previously gotten. It’s the phrase ‘Mille Tendresse’, French for ‘a million tendernesses’ and coming from one of Ariana’s favourite films, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

In an Instagram post from tattoo artist Jon Mesa, Pete Davidson shows off a fresh tattoo of an owl – but also revealed what now sits in place of his ‘Mille Tendresse’.

Fans quickly noticed that the tattoo he once shared with Ariana appears to have been scribbled out in red ink and replaced with the word ‘cursed’ in a bold, black font.

The popular assumption is that the cover-up tattoo is a slight by Pete Davidson directed at his ex, however, the general break-up energy seems more sad than malicious. ‘Cursed’ could be referring to a lot of things – jinxing the relationship with tattoo optimism, the tragedy of Ariana’s ex’s death during their time together, a statement of self-blame, a broader statement about his relationship track record – it’s impossible to know.

But it’s definitely not an optimistic tattoo, and hopefully Pete Davidson’s mental health is more positive than the grimness expressed in this ink.

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