Let's Celebrate Pete Davidson Diving Headfirst Into Love With His Ariana Grande Tattoos Because Look, It's Just Nice, OK?

Pete Davidson is getting gently roasted online for doing exactly what what anyone with a pulse would do if they were dating Ariana Grande: multiple tattoos celebrating that love not even a month in!

In a world where it increasingly looks like we’re all living in an episode of Black Mirror (that isn’t “San Junipero”), any person who wants to celebrate love in the most overt way possible should be applauded rather than roasted – like Pete Davidson, who got some new ink rejoicing in his new love with Ariana Grande.

Three weeks into his romance with the pop singer, Davidson’s tattoo artist shared an Instagram post of the Saturday Night Live comedian sporting some ink behind his ear of a black bunny mask:

If you’re thinking that the iconography it looks familiar you’d be right. It is indeed very reminiscent of Grande’s Dangerous Woman era.

Ariana Grande IS a dangerous woman.

Davidson’s second tattoo – the letters “AG” on his thumb – seem to be a more direct homage to his new love interest.

It’s easy to be snarky with such an elaborate act of love, but come on! This is awesome! There’s so much that is bad right now that two people in the thrall of intoxicating new love is cause for celebration.

It’s cute and nice, and who are we to drag a dude for being happy?

We ship it – and we’re looking forward to Grande getting a stick-and-poke of an apple bong or something in his honour.


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