When Will Pauline Hanson Exhaust Herself From Being So Angry At Innocent People?

She's found a new set of victims to blame for being victimised.

Pauline Hanson’s history of blaming people for being persecuted or victimised is not new. She’s historically had a lot to say about the many wrongs meted out by Indigenous folks, immigrants, LGBTIQ+ folks, refugees, people concerned about climate change, and pretty much any other group of which she’s not a member.

And now she’s added victims of domestic violence to her list of marginalised people who have had it too good for too long.

“I’m saying to those women out there, don’t throw domestic violence orders at your ex-partners just to further your case or get control of the children, it is not fair or right and when you actually go out and you accuse your ex-partner of sexual molestation of that child, which is untrue, which they are using, and I’ve heard that from even lawyers, that it is cases being used like that, incidences, or stalking, that you know, these things are not true.”

Pauline Hanson, Radio National 18 September 2019

And the reason she’s all het up about women lying about violence from men? Scott Morrison just proudly added her as co-chair to the Inquiry into the Family Court, along with hardline conservative, Abbott-era minister and vocal opponent to Australia’s divorce laws, Kevin Andrews.

In other words, her appointment confirms that this will be a thorough and unbiased look at the court, coincidentally chaired by two people who have been active and vocal in their contempt for it by a government which is currently attempting to get rid of it altogether. Sounds cool!

It’s worth pointing out that despite Hanson’s rhetoric the claim that women regularly lie about domestic violence to the family court is just not true.

Also, that the sort of force-the-parents-to-sort-things-out-between-them approach that both Hanson and Morrison prefer to the Family Court goes against the advice of every actual expert on family violence, who all say that it mainly provides opportunities for further abuse.

Yet this has been a pet obsession of Hanson’s since at least 2016, when she made her return to parliament and declared that women were just making stuff up to hurt men.

“Some [women] are going out there and claiming domestic violence because they’re told ‘I don’t like the colour of your dress’. “They are making frivolous complaints and it’s time that our court system [was looked at] especially for men who are the subject of domestic violence themselves.”

Hanson to ARM Media 10 June 2016

But if a think-of-the-menz approach seems like a weird one to make in an environment where a woman is being murdered by a current or former domestic partner at a rate of one a week, then today she at least shed a modicum of light on it.

It turns out that there might be a less-than-entirely-unbiased reason for Pauline Hanson being so angry at women. As she explained to Radio National one of her sons had domestic violence allegations made against him during a custody battle and… well, you can’t blame a mother for wanting to protect her child but seriously? That’s her basis of dismissing decades of research?

In any case: what are the odds on the inquiry finding that the Family Court should be burned to the ground and replaced by a panel of aggrieved men? Seems pretty high right now.

FKA Twigs Tearing Open Her Stitches While Dancing In An Ad Is Next Level Commitment

Fortunately the ad went viral, as opposed to bacterial.

FKA Twigs is an artist who does not do things by halves and if that means having to tear her stitches out while dancing in an ad for Apple every so often then hey, so be it.

This vile piece of information was gleaned from a new i-D interview with Ms Twigs, known to her mum as Tahliah Debrett Barnett, in which she explained that recovery from a piece of uterine surgery ended up accidentally coinciding with filming an ad with Spike Jonze.

You’ve probably seen the 2018 ad. It looks like this:

And we get it: people don’t want to give up a chance to shake a hoof for one of the best directors on the planet. But…

“I had tumours in my uterus, so I had an operation to have those removed. Then, four weeks after my operation, I get a call from Spike Jonze.”

It turned out that she had to do some impromptu moves right then, on FaceTime, and then fly her to LA the next week.

“I looked like death, I looked disgusting. I wasn’t supposed to be moving. And Spike’s like, ‘Okay, so we’re gonna play the song and I need you to dance around your living room to it’. I was fully going for it and literally feeling like my uterus was gonna fall out. I didn’t tell them about the surgery or that I had all these stitches in my bellybutton. It was grim. It was grim as f***.”

Surely being in that Google Glass ad was painful enough?

And it gets better! And by better, we mean… more post-surgical.

“When I was on set with Spike, the stitches in my bellybutton were splitting open. I told him: ‘Just so you know, if I start bleeding through this white shirt…’. I basically couldn’t lift my arms up, because all your organs stick together and you can’t stretch your stomach.”

Fortunately everything stayed where it was meant to be and FKA Twigs is now without stitches again and free to dance with abandon.

Meanwhile, now we can’t look at that ad without clenching.

Nuclear Energy Isn't Going To Help Your Power Bills

Australia's not going nuclear any time soon, and there are really good reasons for that.

The mere act of paying one’s increasingly-horrifying power bills is enough to make you go nuclear – but that’s really more of a metaphorical thing than a power generation strategy.

That said, there’s been a lot of talk lately about Australia embracing nuclear energy, with the nation’s Energy Minister Angus Taylor especially keen to discuss it as a clean energy source instead of that greenie solar/wind/hydro stuff.

it’s a weird choice because Taylor likes to say things like “Australians expect a fair deal on energy, and that means they want to have reliable, affordable electricity and gas. When Australians flick the switch, they expect the power to stay on, they expect the power to come on.”

We all would. We allllll would.

And that’s true, as far as it goes, but if that’s your goal there are way, way, way easier and cheaper options than nuclear.

And yes, nuclear doesn’t have greenhouse gas emissions (after construction, at least), and is far less polluting than is, say, coal.

But there’s no reason to evoke the spectre of nuclear disasters like Chernobyl or Fukishima, or the fact that we still don’t have any way to store radioactive nuclear waste, to explain why nuclear energy isn’t going to help your electricity bills

For example:

1. It’s staggeringly expensive

Since nuclear energy uses uranium – which is fairly rare and very expensive, and needs to be looked after in very specific ways – the electricity it pumps out is similarly pricey.

The cheapest form of electricity generation, according to international calculations, is hydro. The next cheapest is solar, then government-funded-and-insured nuclear (in France, at least), then wind.

Coal and natural gas are next, and then it’s a fairly long walk to commercial nuclear.

Even if our government did embrace nuclear, the difference between France and Australia is that we don’t have an industry here and would need to import all the technology and all the expertise.

Adding to cost is time. Optimistic estimates on how long it would take Australia to build a reactor still hover around the decade mark, and that’s after the planning permission has been sorted.

And given how bolshy Australians get about the government doing things like putting a bike path in their neighbourhood, that might take a while.

2. Security, security, security

If there’s one thing that conservative governments like more than coming up with reasons to ignore renewable energy it’s touting their keeping-people-safe credentials.

And nuclear has one big security issue in that the process creates plutonium, which needs to be stored securely because it’s the most poisonous substance on the planet. And also because it’s a dream ingredient for dirty bombs.

So aside from all the other expenses, it involves signing up to massive and forever costs to ensure this stuff doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, and also the ensure that the facility doesn’t become a target itself.

All things being equal, that really isn’t a problem solar farms have to deal with.

3. Climate change is making reactors unuseable

Nuclear reactors are all about keeping an atomic reaction under control. And that requires huge amounts of water to help cool said reaction down when it threatens to get overexcited.

The problem is that on a warming planet, cool water can sometimes be a tricky thing to get hold of – as Europe discovered when it sweltered under 40-plus temperatures and the river water used to cool reactors in France and Germany was too warm to use.

A reactor that needs to be shut down when it gets hot isn’t ideal for Aussie conditions, so you can probably rule out Australia using nuclear as a way to reduce power bills any time soon.

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