Brad Pitt Knows The Answer To This Unsolved Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Mystery

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Quentin Tarantino likes to leave questions unanswered in his movies, and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is no different with Brad Pitt admitting he knows the answer to one of the biggest questions in the movie.

In the film, Pitt stars as stunt man Cliff Booth, a film industry veteran who is basically a lackey to fading star Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio).

Booth isn’t welcome on the set of every movie that Dalton stars in due to the fact there’s a rumour going around that he killed his wife, and because of it, he creeps people out.

The question of whether Cliff killed his wife is raised in a flashback where Cliff is drunk on a boat holding a harpoon aimed at his nagging wife. The boat then lurches forward and it’s implied that he either accidentally or purposefully shot his wife.

Later on in the film he tells a Manson family member he’s “avoided jail” his whole life, leading the audience to once again question whether he did kill his wife or not.

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In an interview with The L.A. Times, Pitt was asked if he knew the answer to the mystery and he confessed, “That, I will never tell.” Adding he didn’t want to spoil the idea that his character could be seen as a hero.

When told the Cliff is then left with a dark cloud hanging over him, Pitt responded, “Precisely… So why spoil that?”

It kind of feels like he knows his character is a murderer but wants to keep it a secret so people still like him?

He also revealed he’d worked out an answer to the question himself while constructing the character, but wouldn’t share what he decided.

So, what do you think the answer is?

Charles Manson Was Meant To Appear Way More In Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

"He did cut quite a lot out of the film."

Before people knew what Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was actually called, people were calling it Quentin Tarantino’s Charles Manson movie. For anyone who’s actually seen the movie, you’ll know that description is pretty far off the mark, as Manson is barely in the movie for more than five minutes.

But it seems as though it maybe wasn’t always the case that the cult leader wasn’t really a huge part of the movie and that a lot of his scenes were cut.

Damon Herriman, who played Manson in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood as well as in David Fincher’s Mindhunter on Netflix, has revealed he shot a lot more scenes than what was included in the final cut.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly the Australian actor spoke about the differences between the projects as well as how much was cut from Tarantino’s film.

“For me, it was fairly evident where the differences lie. The tonal thing you get from the script: Mindhunter was very much a drama, OUATH obviously has that Tarantino tone.

“And we did shoot a little more than what’s in the film. He did cut quite a lot out of the film. The stuff I got to do in that was lighter and more of a fun tone, whereas in Mindhunter, Manson is in jail and he’s bitter and he’s angry at the world.”

Tarantino apparently considered making the movie longer after it premiered at Cannes, and it’s believed the first cut of the movie ran four hours and 20 minutes long and included everything. The movie now runs at two hours and 45 minutes.

One of the Manson scenes that didn’t make the cut was apparently quite “humorous”, however, Herriman didn’t reveal too much about the scene in case it’s ever released.

“With OUATH, it’s hard to talk about in too much detail without referencing another scene that we shot, which I probably shouldn’t talk about. That may make an appearance at some point and I don’t want to spoil it for people.

“Certainly, with what I shot in total, the direction was more in line with the tone of the particular scene, which is a more humorous scene than anything I did in Mindhunter. But obviously the Manson we see in the film now, there’s nothing humorous about that at all and I think that’s obviously a choice that Quentin has made to keep Manson as this ominous figure who you just get a glimpse of but you don’t get to know at all.

“There’s something about that that works brilliantly in terms of what then hangs over the rest of the film.

Herriman added that despite it being a little weird he was cast as Manson twice, he’s not complaining about it.

“I’m not complaining because, obviously, it was an opportunity to work with two of the greatest filmmakers of their generation. So, I’m way happier than I am weirded out.”

Would he consider doing it again?

“Never say never, but I think that would be highly unlikely and probably very stupid of me to be really sitting in concrete, the fact that this is the guy I play. ‘I have one string in my bow and it’s called Charles Manson.’ I joke that maybe the only way you could do that a third time is if it’s in a comedy, but I still don’t think that’s a great idea. I’ve had my fair share of Manson.”

Fair enough!

Margot Robbie Proves She Was The Perfect Person To Play Sharon Tate With This Weird Hobby

It's kind of creepy...

Margot Robbie has proven she was the perfect person to play Sharon Tate in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood after revealing in an interview with Vogue Australia she had a serious fascination with Tate and her tragic death.

Quentin Tarantino who directed the film also performed the interview with Margot and the pair reminisced back to their first meeting after she sent him a letter asking to be in one of his films.

It was during the chat that the Australian actress revealed her interest in Tate and the murders.

She said, “I felt like it was the most exciting meeting I’ll ever take in my life. I remember you said: ‘Do you know who Sharon Tate is?’ and I said: ‘Yes, I do’, because, funnily enough, after I first moved to LA, another Aussie actor Rhys Wakefield and I used to drive up to Cielo Drive [where the Manson Tate murders took place] and read Helter Skelter [a book written about the murders] out loud.”

Quentin responded, “No kidding, really?” And she said, “Yeah, seriously, that was our thing. We’d go in the middle of the night and read Helter Skelter out loud to freak ourselves out.”

“You never told me this!” the director added.

“I know. There are so many Hollywood stories and so many stories ingrained in Hollywood history and that’s one of the standouts,” she told him.

“So did I know Sharon Tate? Well, I knew all about her death. But I’d never ever looked into anything about her life and it wasn’t until reading your script that I suddenly went: ‘Oh my god, I’ve only ever thought about this woman dead.’ I had never taken a second to appreciate her life, and that’s what was so amazing and touching about your script.

“She became so alive on the page and alive in my imagination. I can see her doing all the things you had her doing, walking around or dancing in a bedroom or whatever it is. And then to go back and do all that research and watch all her movies and see her interviews – it was truly a great gift to focus on her life.”

It turns out that Margot didn’t even need to send Quentin the letter asking to be part of his next project because he already had her (and only her) in mind for the Tate role.

Quentin told her, “For me, there was no number two – it was you… It was damn near romantic the way the letter was written because it was so great. It was exactly what I wanted to hear. I couldn’t believe the happenstance of it all. Within a week we got together and were talking.”

It kind of feels like fate that Margot got the role in the end!

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