Nintendo Removed An Area 51 Level In Mario Because Of The Most Cooked Reason

Nintendo doesn't want to alienate.

Turns out storming Area 51 is a really bad idea, and Nintendo agrees.

Over the weekend, a Facebook event to “storm” Area 51 emerged and has since attracted over one million attendees. Why? Because apparently, a lot of people want to “see them aliens,” and make memes about it. 

Some are on the hunt for love? Credit: Facebook

After it started growing in popularity, the event, named ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us,’ caught the attention of the US Air Force. A spokeswoman for the Air Force told the Washington Post, that Area 51 is “an open training range for the US Air Force, and we would discourage anyone from trying to come into the area where we train American armed forces.”

Allocation exhausted. Credit: Facebook

The Air Force aren’t the only ones taking the event page seriously, either. Nintendo have removed a stage named ‘Storm Area 51’ on Super Mario Maker 2 due to “inappropriate or harmful content.”

The creator of the ‘Storm Area 51’ stage wrote on Reddit: “I recently posted the course ‘Storm Area 51,’ which kind of blew up for it’s memeyness and the fact that it was apparently a half decent course. This morning, it was removed by Nintendo.”

“I’ve never had a popular course before, and it was fun reading the comments and seeing so many people enjoy it,” he wrote.

Nintendo is watching. Credit: Reddit

This week, Nintendo also removed one of the most popular and hardest levels in Super Mario Maker 2, called ‘Pile of Poo: Kai-Zero G’ created by streamer GrandPOObear. 

GrandPOObear confirmed the news this morning, tweeting to his 55.7K followers, “Nintendo just deleted my Kai-Zero G course, one of the most played Super Expert courses in Mario Maker 2. It contained no inappropriate words, pictures etc. It contained no glitches.”

“I am at a loss for words and extremely sad about this. I feel Nintendo just doesn’t want me.”

Who knows why Nintendo deleted GrandPOObear’s level, but it’s quite clear they’re not keen on being associated with any meme-loving social media users storming Area 51.

You Better Take The Blue Pill And Wake Up Because Agent Smith Might've Infiltrated Your Android Phone


Got an Android? Agent Smith from the Matrix might have infiltrated your phone.

According to cybersecurity firm Check Point, Aussie Android users may have downloaded a malicious clone app dubbed ‘Agent Smith’ after Hugo Weaving’s character in The Matrix.


Apparently, the malware has infected around 25 million devices around the globe and is disguised as a Google related application, working to “exploit known Android vulnerabilities” and replace installed apps with “malicious versions without the user’s interaction.” Yikes.

Check Point says the malware has been displaying fake ads for financial gain on users devices, but “hypothetically, nothing is stopping them from targeting bank apps. Ashwin Pal, Director of Cyber Security at Unisys told that the malware developers could “capture confidential data such as Internet banking passwords etc.”


Agent Smith infects users devices when an app is installed containing the malicious code, typically from third-party sites, however 11 apps on Google Play have been found to be spreading the malware as well.

So how do Android protect their phones from Agent Smith? Dustin Childs from Trend Micro says updating your device to the latest version is key, as well as using a trustworthy ad-blocker.

BRB, updating my phone.

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