Nike Releases Their Full Colin Kaepernick Ad And It Platforms So Many Inspiring Diverse Athletes I Don’t Even Mind That It Is Also Capitalist Propaganda

I definitely tear up when they call Serena Williams the greatest athlete ever because YES.

Since announcing the inspiring ‘Take a Knee’ figurehead Colin Kaepernick as the face of their 30th anniversary ‘Just Do It’ campaign, Nike has copped a mix of extreme praise and extremely laughable conservative rage.

Well, if you thought that Nike’s Colin Kaepernick poster was powerful, the full video ad will ruin you.

They released the two minute campaign on Twitter today and it features an incredible line-up of diverse, iconic athletes who have overcome adversity and made their ‘crazy’ dreams a reality.

The former quarterback is infamously involved in a legal battle with the NFL over the alleged consequences he has faced for protesting police brutality and racial inequality during the national anthem.

So it’s pertinent that Nike is airing the commercial during the NFL season opener on the NBC on Thursday. It’s a power move, and a damn good one.

Of course, Nike has received some criticism by people who agree with Nike’s message but question the authenticity and motive.

There will always be criticism when a company or individual profits off of publicising social justice issues. But the same people will be quick to criticise a company or individual who has the platform and resources to publicise social justice issues, but does not use it.

For example, Beyoncé cops flack for folding feminism into her branding while that branding contributes to the multi-million dollar success of her career. But Taylor Swift is condemned for not using her sway and reach to campaign for a certain political view.

It’s a bit damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

We are living in a world where there is no contribution to progressive discourse that won’t be faulted by someone, somewhere.

And yes criticism is important. In Nike’s case, the criticism of labour rights issues is something that they – along with most global companies – still need to face up to. But that does not mean that they can not and should not contribute at all.

This Colin Kaepernic ad is great. Its heroes are diverse, inspiring, and entirely from groups that face adversity and oppression.

If Nike spends its money and uses its platform so that people, and children especially, can see this content, then that is something to celebrate. Because this is a powerful and necessary message.

There are so many golden moments in the ad, from LeBron James opening a public school and becoming “bigger than basketball”, to Alphonso Davies’ story of coming from a refugee camp in Ghana to playing for Canada’s national soccer team at the age of 16.

But my absolute favourite part is the closing footage of young Serena Williams growing up to become World Champion Serena Williams. Kaepernick narrates,

“And if you’re a girl from Compton, don’t just become a tennis player. become the greatest athlete ever.”

If a company with the international influence and reach of Nike platforming the heroism of people like Serena Williams and Colin Kaepernick is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right.

Nike Makes Black Lives Matter ‘Take A Knee’ Protest Figurehead Colin Kaepernick Its Hero And Right-Wing Cry Babies Think Boycotting Matters To Anyone

These morons seem to have forgotten that black people buy stuff too – and Nike doesn’t need silly snowflakes repping their brand.

Nike just launched their 30th Anniversary ‘Just Do It’ campaign and it has got to be one of their best yet.

The face of the campaign is Colin Kaepernick, a currently unsigned quarterback who has copped immense backlash for launching a movement of athletes taking a knee during the American national anthem in protest of police brutality and racial inequality.

The tag reads “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

It’s a powerful statement that indicates that Nike stands with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Kaepernick has not been signed with a team since he last played for the San Francisco 49ers in 2016, and has been involved in an ongoing legal dispute with the NFL that alleges his protest of racial injustice prompted an organised effort to keep him off the roster.

But Nike has continued to pay the athlete, who has been contracted with them since 2011, and have made him the face of their landmark campaign in spite of the fact that the NFL is one of Nike’s biggest business partners.

Plus they’ve dropped the campaign three days before the official start of the NFL season. It’s a pretty boss move.

Of course, not everyone thinks so. There are a lot of right-wing nuts who are very upsetti spaghetti that Nike is siding with the man who took a knee during the national anthem. So anti-patriotic how dare he!!!

The conservative idiots don’t quite grasp the reality of systemic racism and police brutality that plagues the nation so they’re boycotting Nike and destroying their already-paid-for merch.

Woe is me.

What the white-bread snowflakes fail to see is that no one cares if they boycott. They forget how statistically huge the black consumer demographic is, especially for Nike.

And honestly, the less white supremacists wearing your brand, the better.

Any right-winger who thinks their tears have the power to bring down institutions representing liberal causes, is deluded. Historically, representation has paid off because racist conservatives might be loud, but they are the minority.

We are very here for any campaign that has social justice figures like Colin Kaepernick at the helm, and hopefully this can give even more reach to the crucial Black Lives Matter movement.

US Open Umpire Punishes A Female Player For Changing Her Shirt On Court Because Tennis Clearly Loves To Dictate Women's Bodies But Celebrate Men's

Tennis could at least try to hide the deeply rooted sexism but nope.

Update: 29 August, 2018

It’s been merely days since French Open officials put a ban on female players wearing any court outfits a la Serena Williams’ skin-tight catsuit because it doesn’t “respect the game”, and now another female player is being berated for the way she wears her own body on court.

While playing in unbearable heat at the US Open, Alize Cornet was hit with a code violation for momentarily taking off her shirt. Cornet hadn’t even started the set yet and was only rearranging herself because she realised her shirt was on backwards.

The chair umpire Christian Rask could clearly understand what was happening but chose to punish Cornet anyway, which sounds about right seeing as Tennis clearly has a problem with enforcing an inappropriate level of control over women’s bodies.

Meanwhile let’s remember that male tennis players are free to take their shirts on and off as they please during a match, without leaving the court.

Oh the scandal.

If anything, male players are celebrated for showing a little skin, while female athletes are only allowed to expose their bodies how and when is dictated by game officials who have no business in the matter because it literally does not affect the actual game.

To be clear, I am not saying that male tennis players should not be allowed to be shirtless. I enjoy Rafael Nadal shirtless as much as the next person. But Tennis needs to fix the double standard immediately.

Original Story: 26 August 2018, By Albert Santos.

Despite being one the best looks to come out of this year’s French Open, the catsuit that Serena Williams wore won’t be allowed at future tournaments if organisers have their way.

Speaking with France’s Tennis Magazine, French Tennis Federation president Bernard Giudicelli laid down the new law, saying that Williams’ outfit wasn’t “respectable”.

I believe we have sometimes gone too far. Serena’s outfit this year, for example, would no longer be accepted… You have to respect the game and the place.

Sure, Bernard.

It should be noted that the decision to wear the catsuit was not entirely sartorial: Serena Williams went through complications whilst giving labour to her child, and the suit was specifically designed by Nike to prevent blood clots.

Nevertheless, fans have taken to social media to call out the move, especially when viewed through the lens of policing what women – and specifically women of colour – can and can’t wear.

Even Serena’s husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, and tennis great Billie Jean King, questioned the decision.

To her credit, Serena has taken the high road in the situation.

In a press conference ahead of the US Open, she said that she has the utmost respect for the French Open organisers, and hopes they understand that the catsuit was for health, not for looks.

That said, it doesn’t really matter: Williams, and any women in sport, should be allowed to wear what’s best for them and their performance. Which, considering it’s 2018, is a ludicrous thing to have to point out, but here we are.

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