Nicole Kidman Freaking Out About Seeing Lenny Kravitz Is Peak Awkward Ex Behaviour

"Okay, this is awkward. Move on."

Seeing your ex is never a smooth experience. (Unless you’re one of those unicorns who’s managed to remain pals with an old flame.)

So, imagine being a public figure who can’t get away with blocking a former lover on every social media account and just moving on. You might have burnt every item that reminds you of that certain ex, but the world is never going to let you fully move on.

Wish you could erase your ex from your memory, too?
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This is what we saw at play when Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron and Margot Robbie appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote their latest film, Bombshell.

DeGeneres turned her focus to Theron, bringing up that the 47-year-old is “shockingly single”. In an attempt to help rectify this, the group were asked to play a game of ‘Who would Charlize rather?’

For this game, two famous hotties were pictured next to one another and the ladies had to choose one fella to eliminate in each round. Dudes like Trevor Noah and Harry Styles were pictured on the screen (both of which, Theron gave a thumbs-down) and the actors had a laugh critiquing the famous men.

…Until Lenny Kravitz’s picture popped up.

Kidman, who was engaged to Kravitz in the early noughties (they reportedly broke up in around ’07), became visibly uncomfortable immediately.

DeGeneres asked Theron:

“Have you ever dated him?”

To which she laughed, “no, I’ve never dated Lenny” before turning to Kidman and saying, “You!”

Our beloved Nic immediately freaked out.

“Okay,” she half-yelled.
“This is awkward. Move on.”

She was every uncomfortable ex in history who’s had to deal with an encounter relating to their former flame. It’s extremely obvious she would have preferred to walk over Legos than deal with this.

I mean, she asks the room to move on about 45 times.

Anyway, the 52-year-old actor ended up handling the situation with absolute class. She chilled out and said, “I love Lenny. I so recommend him. He’s lovely.”

She did tell Theron she was dead, however.

Check out the video in full here:

Oh, and in case you’re wondering – Michael B. Jordan was the winner of the game because of course he was.

Charlize Theron Having A Meltdown While Playing Ouija Board Is My Forever Mood

“I don’t feel good about this.”

Today in unusual things on the internet, absolute angel Charlize Theron and funny guy Nick Kroll have been put through cruel and unnatural torture… in the form of a Ouija board game.

The actors, who were chatting with Cosmopolitan about their upcoming film The Addams Family, were asked to participate in the series ‘Celebs Play Ouija Against Their Will’ and sweet holy hell, Theron was not okay.

In case you weren’t tormented as a youth by friends who made you engage in this kind of sh*t, I’ll give you a quick intro.

The board, which is believed to have originated in Ohio in the 1800s, is detailed with the alphabet, the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’, and numbers zero through nine. It has long been used as a means of communicating with the spirit world.

Users take the planchette (a small pointed piece of wood, usually) place at least one finger on it, and ask questions. The spirits they’re communicating with are believed to guide the planchette to the letters and numbers on the board to give answers.

Wow, I hate this stuff.
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Okay, back to the video.

Early on in the mix, Kroll decided to tell the story of when he last engaged in a little bit of spooky Ouija.

“I played Ouija board in an abandoned hotel with these three kids once,” he said.

It’s at this point the panic begins to flare up in Theron.

“It’s so stupid, why would you do that?” she asked.

“Every movie tells you not to do that.”

“Because none of us believed in spirits. They’re all dead now,” Kroll replied.

While it’s all very cute and funny, it’s also abundantly clear that Theron is genuinely freaked out by the prospect of summoning a spirit through a creepy board. And, as anyone who’s ever seen The Exorcist knows, she should be.

As the Monster actor becomes increasingly fidgety in her seat, she tells Kroll, “I am a little unsettled by this. I get all my information from films, and every film always told me don’t f*ck with this.”  

“I don’t feel good about this. I have a crystal in my pocket.”

As the pair begins the process, she mentions that her publicist should expect an earful, then literally screams, “I don’t want to do this. Why am I doing this?!”

If you were ever a teenager who was forced to watch scary movies, to mess with Ouija boards or to try the whole ‘light as a feather, stiff as a board’ bit, you will one hundred per cent relate to this video.

Nope. Nope. Nope.
Credit: Columbia Pictures

Theron’s face fills with terror as she continually warns Kroll not to freak her out. I’ve never felt so close to an incredibly beautiful, ridiculously rich, famous person before.

If this video proves anything, it’s that spooky games absolutely do not become less freaky with age, and no one should be pressured to engage with them, no matter how “cool” your friend Melissa thinks it’s going to be.

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