Nicki Minaj’s Public Solicitation Of Michael B Jordan At The People’s Choice Awards Is Heroic Levels Of Thirst

And in that moment, Nicki was all of us.

Nicki Minaj has always been outspoken, so it’s not surprising that she would choose to shoot her shot at Michael B Jordan while on stage at People’s Choice Awards.

There is something especially thrilling about celebrity’s publicly fanning over/hitting on each other, so thank you Nicki Minaj for this fairly explicit nugget of thirst for our enjoyment.

The shout out to Hollywood hottie Michael B Jordan came at the end of an otherwise tame acceptance speech for her Female Music Artist of 2018 award. 

“Shout out to Donatella Versace for custom making this outfit for me,” She said. “And shout out to Michael B Jordan ‘cos he’s gonna be taking it off of me tonight.”

The public thirst for Michael B Jordan has been off the charts since his starring role as Erik Killmonger in Black Panther, so I think it’s safe to say many people can relate to the desire to overtly solicit sexual relations with this fine piece of man.

In fact, in an interview later that night, Nicki Minaj admitted that the reason she made the comment was actually because she had watched Black Panther the night before and so he was fresh in her mind.

We respect Nicki Minaj for having a crack, and honestly would be very into the pair as a power couple. Into it, but extremely, extremely jealous.

We Are All Unashamedly Black Panther Obsessed So Marvel’s Best Villain Erik Killmonger Is Getting His Own Comic Book Series

If you think I’ll be imagining Michael B. Jordan while reading that comic then you would be correct.

There are so many reasons to love Black Panther, and one of those reasons is Erik Killmonger. Not only did Marvel give us Michael B. Jordan (thank you), it also gave us a three-dimensional, unsettlingly sympathetic character who challenged the unexplained evil of most villain roles.

No doubt because audience’s were so enamoured by this character, Marvel is giving him his own spin-off comic book, Killmonger.

The five-part mini-series looks at Erik’s life before he returns to Wakanda, to explore how he became the tragic villain in spite of some of his heroic motivations.

Writer Bryan Edward Hill is teaming up with artist Juan Ferreyra to put together the original series.

“I wanted to explore the thoughts and the feelings of a person exiled from his homeland, from his belief system, who’s using revenge as a guiding light.” Hill explains to Vulture

Killmonger is set to go on sale Wednesday, December 5, not long after Shuri, Marvel’s comic about T’Challa’s sassy tech-genius sister is released in October.

If you think we’re anywhere close to tiring of Black Panther content then you would be absolutely incorrect. Bring it on.

Maisie Williams Joins Michael B. Jordan On Upcoming Animated Sci-FI Show Which Should Cushion The Blow Of Game Of Thrones’ Imminent End

Maisie plays a young, mischievous Scottish girl in gen:LOCK. AKA herself.

Maisie Williams earned a special place in our hearts as the young and ruthless Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, and with the series about to come to an anticipated end we don’t want to see Williams fall of the map.

But obviously we don’t need to worry about her because she’s already signed on to a project with Michael B. Jordan, David Tennant and Dakota Fanning.

Rest assured we’ll be able to get our Maisie Williams fix in Rooster Teeth’s upcoming animated series, gen:LOCK. 

Williams plays ‘Cammie MacCloud’, a mischievous hacker who is the youngest recruit to the ~mysterious~ gen:LOCK program.

Our beloved Black Panther villain Michael B. Jordan is voicing the lead character Julian Chase and the whole series looks seriously badass. It’s definitely got a solid cast behind it.

gen:LOCK will premiere January 2019 on Rooster Teeth’s streaming platform FIRST, so add this to the list of animated series to get addicted to.

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