People Are Now Shaming Nick Jonas For His 'Dad Bod' And I'm Done With The Internet


The Internet reached a new level of crazy this week when Nick Jonas was criticised for sporting a ‘dad bod’ while on holiday in Miami.

Shirtless photos of the JoBro partying on the back of a yacht made headlines after fans took to the comments section to point out his “fuller figure.”

While some thirsty fans were lusting over “thick Nick,” others called him “fat” and one Twitter user even suggested that it was because of “all that ghee in the curries from his in-laws.” Wow.

It’s not the first time this has happened, either. Earlier this month Aquaman star Jason Momoa was shamed for stepping out without the washboard abs he’d been previously sporting in the film.

We’re talking about Jason ‘Adonis’ Momoa here. The guy couldn’t look bad if he tried.

It’s true. Credit: Giphy

It’s just another example of the unrealistic standards set for celebrities, male and female, and it’s got to stop.

After the photos of Nick emerged, one fan tweeted: “I really wish the world would stop body shaming…like who cares if Nick Jonas has a ‘dad bod.’ He is living his best life.”

Another added, “People go through seasons where their body fluctuates. It’s NATURAL and none of your DAMN BUSINESS. There’s also this thing called getting OLDER.”

Nick recently got married to Priyanka Chopra, and tbh, has never looked happier. Let’s just let him be happy and save the body shaming for….never. Thanks.

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