Queer Eye’s Antoni Trying To Be Scary In Tighty Whities For His Netflix Horror Short Film Is Actually Adorable

Even when he tries to be spooky he just sounds sweet.

Queer Eye’s food expert and resident hottie Antoni Porowski has just debuted a teaser video for his Netflix horror short Antoni Psycho, and it’s freaking adorable.

Seriously. Antoni is reenacting the iconic sequence from American Psycho and narrating us through his morning ritual, in his tighty whities. 

The narration is meant to sound spooky but there is just not a single ounce of animosity in Antoni’s voice. It still sounds like thoughtfully-offered self-care advice.

“As part of my daily ritual, I start each morning with a home made face mask made of greek yoghurt and steeped green tea leaves.”

There is not enough creepy background music in the world to make Antoni sound scare I’m sorry this man is a sweetheart.

And honestly, bless Antoni’s heart for making light of the world-wide joke about whether or not he can actually cook.

“I don’t care if they like what I cook or not,” he says. “They’ll eat it if they know what’s good for them.”

Antoni Psycho is one of a series of short horror films called Don’t Watch This that Netflix has dropped just in time for Halloween. Hope they’re all as cute as Antoni in his undies doin’ a spook!

The Trailer For Netflix’s First Australian Series Confirms To The World That Aussies Are In Fact Lethal Water Witches

It looks like Vampire Diaries, in that it’s wildly melodramatic and people die.

Introducing Tidelands: Netflix’s very first Australian-made original series. We made it guys! Now the world can finally get an actual idea of what’s happening down here!

PSYCH! The first Tidelands trailer has just been released and it’s not an exact representation of what goes down down under. At least not where I live.

It’s set in a fictional coastal community that looks like an innocent hippy commune but actually hosts a mysterious supernatural siren crew who lure mean at sea to their deaths.

The show follows an ex-convict (played by Charlotte Best) who discovers the world of ‘tidelanders’, led by Adrielle (played by Elsa Pataky), and is understandably freaked.

It’s like Vampire Diaries had a love child with H20: Just Add Water and that child likes to kill sailors. It looks cool!

Tidelands drops on Netflix on December 14 so let’s get around some homegrown content and show our support for some good old supernatural melodrama.

The UK Rules That Spotify’s Horror-Style Ad Featuring Camila Cabello's Hit Song 'Havana' Is Too Scary For TV Because They Are Total Softies

It's just a demonic eyeless doll wreaking a bit of havoc, no need to make a big deal out it!

Over in the UK, a Spotify commercial has been banned from television after the country’s Advertising Standards Authority deemed it a lil on the spooky side. #Wimps. 

The pre-roll ad appeared on YouTube in June and is emulating a very Freudian horror film style. An eyeless (but not lifeless) doll is haunting anyone who plays Camila Cabello’s absolute track, ‘Havana’. Which is fair, that song bangs.

The people seem to catch on to the fact that playing ‘Havana’ summons this evil, cursed, and seemingly dangerous doll thing into their lives, but they just can’t resist playing it because have you HEARD that song? I relate.

It’s tagline is “Killer songs you can’t resist” and honestly I think this is a pretty damn good ad.

But after complaints from some scaredy cat(s), the ASA investigated and ruled that it is unjustifiably distressing, especially considering it’s targeting children. Spotify tried to contest that they’re targeting a young adult audience who can handle a bit of horror, and their data showed that 89 per cent of viewers of the channel where the ad was streamed were 18 or older.

But apparently between the cute doll and featuring of a house, it makes it a kid’s ad.

“The fact the ad was set inside the home, including a bedtime setting, and featured a doll, meant it was particularly likely to cause distress to children who saw it,” the ASA wrote in its ruling. “We did not consider that the context of the ad justified the distress.”

Anyway, to each their own but I reckon the UK kids could use a little scare here and there. Although I could barely sleep for weeks after watching Final Destination when I was eight. Whatever.

Spotify has folded and both agreed with the ruling and apologised.

“We acknowledge the ruling from the ASA and regret any distress the ad may have caused the complainant,” a Spotify spokesperson said of the ad. “It was created as a tongue-in-cheek horror parody – intended to be a humorous ad that demonstrated just how catchy some tracks can be.”

Whatever the UK says, I like the spooky ‘Havana’ ad I think it’s a masterpiece that is all.

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