It's Christmas In July... Come Early? The Yuletide Stoner Comedy The Night Before Is Coming To Netflix In June

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's vastly underrated seasonal R-rated comedy is about to have you giving Elf face.

Look, there aren’t many people who confuse May 31st with Christmas Eve. In fact it may never have happened before, because frankly we’re still recovering from our most recent turkey-induced family death match.

But there is reason to crack out the egg nog* this June as Netflix is about to give you elf face.

*And when we say “egg nog” we do so because the behaviour strongly associated with stoner comedies is drinking a merry snifter of an alcoholic beverage… right?

Is it a perfect comedy? Hell no. Is it going to replace Elf as your favourite Christmas comedy? Probably not. Is it a high quality film that only just missed out on Oscar nomination after its critically acclaimed debut at Cannes? Nahh.

But it gave us the greatest moment in Lip Sync Battle history as Joseph Gordon-Levitt hit the promo tour:

As well as some delightfully quotable moments.

So what’s it got?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt giving “Elf face”

If you didn’t already love him, well what’s wrong with you? But here’s another reason.

Anthony Mackie getting six shades of punished by Broad City‘s Ilana

Anthony Mackie is awesome in this film. Because of course he is. But Ilana Glazer chews up the scenery as the Yas Queen equivalent of Die Hard’s Hans Gruber, stealing weed from the heroes and money from the homeless.

Seth Rogen spewing in a church

This is exactly what it promises. But it is Jillian Bell as his wife Betsy who steals the entire scene.

Mindy Kaling analysing Wrecking Ball

“You can cry to it. You can run to it. You can party to it.”

Oh and there’s a cameo from Miley as well.

Kanye West’s Runaway getting the Big giant keyboard treatment

Take Tom Hanks in Big. Remove Tom Hanks. Add Seth, Joseph and Anthony. Remove ‘Chopsticks’. Add ‘Runaway’. Cook for 30 seconds. Serves goodness forever.

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