Zendaya Has Revived The Larry Stylinson Conspiracy And Louis Tomlinson Isn’t Happy

Pandora's box has been opened. Again.

I worked in K-pop for years and have dealt with the rollercoaster ride that is intense fandoms, particularly BTS fans. And despite seeing a lot of crazy stuff happen, the intense obsession that surrounds super popular boy bands continue to astound and surprise me in ways I never expected.

Case in point: Today I learned all about the “Larry Stylinson” One Direction conspiracy.

For those who are unaware, Larry Stylinson was a massive fan conspiracy that Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles were secretly dating in the first few years of 1D but had to hide it/get fake girlfriends because management thought the group won’t be to able to sell records to their female fanbase if girls didn’t think they had a chance with the pair.

Despite Louis denying this whole conspiracy and Harry not saying anything about it, the fanbase were adamant about this, which led to a boom in Larry Stylinson fanfics because people just wanted it to be true so frigging badly.

I bring this conspiracy up in 2019 because it has caught fire once again thanks to Zendaya and a scene from her teen drama show, Euphoria.

During the scene, Zendaya is narrating some Larry Stylinson fanfiction written by one of the show’s main characters. Not only is the fanfic an incredibly, uh, descriptive piece of Harry comforting a nervous Louis before a concert with oral sex, it is all depicted visually through some very striking animation. The fanfic is a bit meh but it at least looks great.

Needless to say that this scene from Euphoria stirred up the buzz (and loins) Larry Stylinson fans and it started blowing up online all over again.

In fact, it caught so much attention that Louis commented on his Twitter that he was not contacted nor does he approve of Euphoria‘s use of the whole Larry Stylinson thing.

Since revisiting some crazy 1D conspiracy from over five years ago isn’t enough tea already, some K-pop stans have decided to chime in with their own conspiracy by trending the hashtag, #harrystylesisgoingtojailparty, on social media.

This secondary conspiracy claims that Harry approved Zendaya’s reading of that Larry Stylinson fanfic and allowed it to be incorporated into Euphoria‘s script. Unsurprisingly, it has stirred the pot something fierce and sparked something potentially terrifying between One Directioners and Kpoppers.

Take cover, everyone.

It’s like the boy band fandom equivalent of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object and it’ll only end in a brutal stalemate after oodles of wanton destruction.

This whole #harrystylesisgoingtojailparty thing by Kpop fans came out of nowhere and makes no sense, but it is perhaps best summarised with this tweet:

I have no idea how this whole saga is going to end but my advice is to hole up in a bunker somewhere and avoid the internet for a few days while this whole Larry Stylinson/Kpop vs 1Ders thing blows over.

For what it’s worth, Harry has yet to comment on this whole saga. Make of that what you will.

5SOS' Gig To Support Young Aussies Proves They Will Never Forget Their Roots, Bless 'Em

Wear it like armour and use it for a good cause.

Not many people know this but I was born and raised in Parkes, which is in the middle of rural New South Wales. When I moved to Sydney, I tried to keep this little fact on the DL because I didn’t think it was anything worth noting to people.

I never thought I would say this but I think I should take a leaf out of 5 Seconds of Summer’s book by proudly embracing my roots and use it for a good cause.

The quartet grew up in Western Sydney near Blacktown before making it big, but they definitely haven’t forgotten where they came from because they’ve announced that they’re putting on a special concert at The Factory Theatre in Marrickville as part of their “Friends of Friends” initiative.

For those who are unaware, the Friends of Friends is 5SOS’ clothing line and all the funds raised go to regional charitable causes.

What makes their July 3 Marrickville concert particularly special is that all the proceeds will be going to the Blacktown Youth Services Association, which is “a social impact organisation dedicated to nurturing young people and creating social change in the community” and a place that’s close to where the lads all grew up.

Just to make this little gig even juicier, 5SOS have decided to bring along Amy Shark, Genesis Owusu, and The Modern Glitch for the ride.

It’s quite heartwarming to see the band wholeheartedly embrace their western Sydney roots while parlaying their success into a good cause that’s close to their hearts.

Good onya, 5SOS, you’re all champs.

The Conspiracy That 5G Is A Money-Grabbing Ploy Is Actually Pretty Legit

Should've known there was a catch with this high-speed mobile network business.

Australia’s internet/NBN situation is a dumpster fire, that much is true. But while our broadband is second-rate, our mobile network is actually pretty good and it’s about to get even better as 5G gradually replaces 4G as the telecommunications standard.

But there’s one big problem with 5G at the moment and no it’s got nothing to do with 5G hurting you. That’s complete bollocks.

The issue has to do with 5G’s data plans and how they’re nothing more than a money-making ploy for the rich daddies upstairs right now.

5G offers incredible speeds up to just under 500Mbps (but can “theoretically” reach up to 2Gbps), which is nearly 10 times faster than the fastest 4G speeds we’re getting right now. This means downloading movies and games will take seconds instead of hours, and streaming shows on Netflix at the highest quality possible will be a cinch.

However, using 5G will burn through your data like a hot knife through butter. Let’s say you have a generous 20GB monthly data plan with your 5G connection and you want to download a couple of 1GB movies, a 3GB TV show, and a 5GB game.

That’s 10GB of stuff and downloading everything on 5G will take you… 20 seconds.

Even if you limit yourself to just everyday stuff you do, such as using Instagram, tweeting stuff, emails, browsing the web and random YouTube videos, you’re going to chew through your 20GB of data in mere days.

Visual representation of your data being used up.

Now some might say “why not just get the biggest data plan?” but that’s only viable if you’ve got dosh overflowing from your pockets.

There are only a limited number of devices that support 5G right now, all of which are quite expensive, and the most data you can get right now is 150GB, which will set you back $172 a month. Throw in all the excessive data usage fees you’ll inevitably get and that $172 a month will likely double.

Of course, you could just not use 5G but that’s just ludicrous because why wouldn’t you use it if you have it?

As it stands, 5G is a great idea on paper but without reasonably priced unlimited data plans, the technology is nothing more than a way for telecommunications companies to line their pockets with your moolah.

Having said all that, we’re still a little while away from 5G becoming standard as coverage is still relatively limited at the moment. Here’s hoping that they figure out whole cheaper unlimited data issue before 5G is available everywhere or we’ll be stuck with all this great tech with no viable way to use it.

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