You Don't Have To Like Taylor Swift To Get Behind Her Campaign Against Controlling Men

The rights over her music isn't the big issue here.

Taylor Swift has been stuck in a hell of a music rights fight with Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta, and things have now escalated further.

The mega-star took to Twitter to reveal that Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta are essentially holding her old music ransom unless she caves in to their demands. There’s a lot happening in Taylor Swift’s message so let’s try and go through this bit by bit.

Firstly, Tay Tay states that Scooter and Scott are allegedly trying to throw a wrench in her plans to perform a medley of her greatest hits at the 2019 American Music Awards, where she will be getting the Artist of the Decade Award.

Secondly, she claims they’re also not allowing her to use her old music for a Netflix documentary project, even though there’s no reference to the pair in the film.

Thirdly, Tay Tay claims that Scott Borchetta gave her an ultimatum in which she’ll be allowed to use her old music, but only if her agrees to not re-record new versions of her old songs (which she’s allowed to do in 2020) and to also stop publicly talking about him and Scooter Braun.

She then concludes her message with a plea to her fans and peers to help get the message out that she just wants to own and perform her music without any trouble.

There’s a lot to unpack in Taylor Swift’s tweet, which you can read in full right here:

Just to quickly recap what’s happened so far for those out of the loop: Scooter Braun bought Tay Tay’s old record label, which is the home to all the master recordings to her pre-2018 music, meaning she doesn’t actually own her music.

What this means is all royalties from that music don’t go to Tay Tay but to Scooter and Scott instead. The only way to get around this loophole is to essentially re-record all her old songs again and make new “master recordings” of her music, which Scooter and Scoot are allegedly trying to stop happening.

Tay Tay did try to buy the rights to her pre-2018 master recordings but it was rebuffed by Scooter Braun, whom she called a “bully” on social media, and now they’re stuck in this bitter feud that is shaping up to go even more downhill.

There’s a lot happening in this Taylor Swift/Scooter Braun/Scott Borchetta conflict but it’s difficult not to side with Tay Tay with this one.

She’s the one who spent countless hours of hard work writing all those songs that are currently under the control of Scooter and Scott. Tay Tay should be able to perform them whenever she wants to and not have a couple of dudes controlling her and her work. The fact that she’s been forced onto social media to plead her case is a demonstration of the power imbalance at play.

This whole saga is more than just Taylor Swift and her music, it’s about creative freedom and the worrying amount of power men hold in the music industry. Hell, you don’t have to even be a fan of hers to support her campaign for creative freedom against some dudes in suits.

Scooter and Scott have yet to respond to Tay Tay’s statement at the time of writing.

It remains to be seen how this all shakes out but at the very least, it seems like Taylor Swift has ensured she’s got the public on her side with her Twitter message.

How The Hell Has Idris Elba Not Aged A Day Since 1995?

He drinks from the same cup as Paul Rudd and Keanu Reeves.

It’s official, Idris Elba is immortal and drinks from the same cup as Paul Rudd and Keanu Reeves.

This revelation all began when John Legend was named People‘s Sexiest Man Alive for 2019, which prompted some “gentle” ribbing from his wife, Chrissy Teigen:

It’s no small feat to be named Sexiest Man Alive, especially when your predecessor is the one and only Idris Elba, but John Legend took the honour with a healthy dose of humility and self-deprecation.

For what it’s worth, he fully deserves the title and proves once and for all that (actual) nice guys don’t finish last.

Not done with roasting her husband for being the Sexiest Man Alive, Chrissy followed up her tweet with with a spicy request for Idris to share a 1995 photo of himself so she can compare it to a 1995 pic of John.

Clearly this is for science and not for any thirst-related reason.

To everyone’s surprise, Idris duly delivered on Chrissy’s request and hoo boy did we get a hell of a gem because the photo he shared of himself could’ve been taken from last week and you wouldn’t know the difference.

So yes Chrissy Teigen, Idris Elba circa 1995 is indeed “prob still very hot,” which is a bit of an understatement.

Seriously, how the hell has Idris Elba not aged a single day over the last two and a half decades? The only difference between him circa 1995 and him of today is the sprinkling of salt and pepper in his hair and beard, which is probably something he does by hand as a fashion statement and has nothing to do with aging.

As for Chrissy Teigen’s reaction to Idris’ photo, well, it’s basically what you’d expect. No shade to 1995 John Legend, who is also gorgeous, but 1995 Idris wins this round.

It’s no secret that the man is finer than the year is long but looking virtually the same today as he did in the 1990s is truly a mystery. Honestly, this lends credence to the conspiracy that Hollywood is sitting on some sort of fountain of youth, which is the only reasonable explanation as to why no one there ever seems to age.

It’s either that or Idris Elba is secretly an immortal vampire who feeds off the energy of people thirsting all over him.

Whoever Cast Mark Wahlberg In Tom Holland's 'Uncharted' Film Needs To Be Fired

Clearly the casting director has never played an 'Uncharted' game before.

There was a point in time when Mark Wahlberg was being considered for the role of Nathan Drake in Hollywood‘s big-screen adaptation of Uncharted. Thankfully that never panned out and the filmmakers found a far better option for the role in Tom Holland.

But it seems like forces beyond our control are hellbent on having Mark Wahlberg be part of Uncharted in some capacity, no matter how unsuited he is.

According to Variety, Marky Mark is in “final talks” to play Victor “Sully” Sullivan, Nathan Drake’s mentor in Uncharted. There’s only one reaction to this news: yikes.

Yeah, we’re confused too.

No disrespect to Marky Mark’s acting ability, but whoever thought to cast him as Sully in Uncharted has clearly never played any of the original games that are informing the movie and they deserve to be immediately fired.

For those who are unaware of why this is such a terrible casting choice, Victor Sullivan is a man in his 60’s who is a grey-haired thief with a love of cigars, charisma that could solve world peace, and a well-oiled silver tongue. In other words, the character is everything Mark Wahlberg isn’t.

Even taking into account how this adaptation will focus on a younger Nathan Drake, Marky Mark certainly isn’t the first actor – or even the 10th actor – who comes to mind to play Victor Sullivan of any age.

Just the thought of Tom Holland and him exchanging banter is throwing up some worrying red flags, but what’s done is done and we have to accept it.

Okay, I’m probably being quite pessimistic here. Mark is a good actor and there’s every chance he could surprise us all with his own spin on Sully. He is an Oscar-nominated actor after all so that’s got to count for something.

Fans are going to be watching this like a hawk, which is probably for the best that Uncharted isn’t coming out for at least a few years. That gives Marky Mark plenty of time to get greyer and to grow a great moustache worthy to play Victor Sullivan.

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