Well, Tupac Shakur Is Alive And All White In These New Mugshot Photos

Doubt Suge Knight is posting his bail this time though.

Let’s cut to the chase, folks, Tupac Shakur is alive – but it’s not who you think it is.

Official records state that Tupac, aka one of music’s greatest hip-hop artists, was killed in a shooting back in 1996, an incident that remains unsolved even to this day and has spawned many theories that he’s actually still alive and in hiding in Cuba.

Tupac A. Shakur (who shall be referred to as Tupac 2.0 from henceforth), a 40-year-old white man with a bunch of questionable neck tattoos, on the other hand is still alive and in some trouble with the law after trying to live the thug life in Tennessee.

According to TMZ, Tupac 2.0 was arrested after a wild encounter with police. Officers reported to a call about the guy,who had active warrants out for his arrest, and found him fleeing in a car.

After he was caught, Tupac 2.0 reportedly pulled a knife on the cops and was quickly apprehended after getting crash tackled to the ground. After he was detained, cops say they found a syringe and several baggies of meth.

Once Tupac 2.0 was in custody, he was charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest, simple possession of methamphetamine and unlawful drug paraphernalia, and was placed on an $18,000 bond.

Who would’ve thought we’d get a “a white Tupac Shakur gets arrested” story in 2019? The universe has a strange sense of humour, especially after seeing the mug shots of both Tupacs side-by-side.

It’s been well over a decade since Tupac was shuffled off this mortal coil under mysterious circumstances so seeing him come up again under the guise of a middle-aged white man is just surreal. The “Tupac is alive” conspiracy theorists are going to have a field day trying to spin this story into something coherent.

Suge Knight paid $1.4 million to bail Tupac Shakur out of jail in 1995. We have a hunch he’s not going to bother coughing up the $18,000 for Tupac A. Shakir though.

Today I Learned: Jennifer Lopez Caused An Uproar For Saying The N-Word

When keeping it real goes wrong.

Gina Rodriguez caused a bit of a stir when she dropped the N-word on Instagram when rapping along to the Fugees song ‘Ready or Not’ before following it up bit a pretty tone-deaf apology. Now it wasn’t the best moment for Gina but something similar has happened before in the past involving an even more famous Latina star: Jennifer Lopez.

In 2001, J-Lo released a remix of ‘I’m Real’ featuring Ja Rule which included the lyric: “I tell them n****s, mind they biz, but they don’t hear me, though.”

Unsurprisingly, this caused a pretty big uproar at the time, not unlike the whole Gina Rodriguez saga. Having said that, it didn’t have anywhere near the traction as social media was not yet a thing so J-Lo was spared the awful glare that is pissed off internet folk.

Still, this was a pretty damn big deal back in 2001 as the singer was huge at the time and anything she said or did carried a lot of weight. In response to the controversy, J-Lo said:

“For anyone to think or suggest that I’m racist is really absurd and hateful to me. The use of the word in the song — it was actually written by Ja Rule — it was not meant to be hurtful to anybody.”

Ja Rule later went out of his way to defend J-Lo (via MTV) and the use of the N-word in ‘I’m Real’, saying:

“I think it’s silly. I think the whole thing, like everything else, is being blown out of proportion. She’s not the first Latino to use that word on a record, and it’s never been an issue before. I think it’s just that she’s a very high-profile star and it’s something to let people get a chance to poke at her.”

This whole controversy eventually died down (as most things in Hollywood do) but it’s started getting dug back up following the Gina Rodriguez thing. There’s been a vocal contingent on the internet trying to point out how Jennifer Lopez got away with singing the N-word while Gina Rodriguez got slammed.

Well sorry to burst your bubble but J-Lo didn’t get away with it and had Twitter and Instagram existed at the time, she would’ve got the same social media storm Gina got.

Never Forget: Zac Efron Dropped A Condom On The Lorax Premiere Carpet

At least he's practicing safe sex.

Let’s be honest here, we’ve all had an embarrassing moment or two that still keeps us up at night every now and again. However, I’m willing to bet you’ve never had an experience on the level of “Zac Efron accidentally dropping a condom on the red carpet while at the Hollywood premiere of Dr. SeussThe Lorax.”

“What was that square thing that fell out of Mr. Zac Efron’s pocket” is probably something parents didn’t think they would have to explain to their kids while at something as seemingly innocent as the premiere of The Lorax. But hey, they’ll have to learn about safe sex at some point.

Hats off to Zac for sheepishly keeping his composure throughout the accidental condom dropping moment though as most people would crumble under the scrutiny of something like that happening in public.

He also gets bonus points for later copping to it when being interviewed on The Today Show. Not only did he joke about it (“I never really had a pocket-checking policy prior to going on the red carpet before, but now we fully instated one.”) but he managed to spin it into a positive by saying how him being responsible adds a “great message” to the many great messages already in The Lorax.

This, uh, isn’t one of them.

This little trip down memory lane does bring up a couple of questions about Zac and what was in store for him later that night after The Lorax was over and the kids had gone home:

  • Why wasn’t he carrying the condom in his wallet? That would’ve spared him the embarrassment.
  • Who was he hoping to hook up with? There are a heap of single women at these things and he was single at the time (as far as we know) so he was probably hoping something might happen that night. Beyond the good-looking people who were invited, his Lorax co-stars Taylor Swift and Betty White were also present. Just saying.
  • How did Danny DeVito react? He probably would’ve went all Frank Reynolds on it.

Whatever Zac Efron had planned for that after party for The Lorax premiere at least he was being mature about it, so kudos to him for being responsible and practising safe sex.

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