Thank Some Thieves For The Existence Of Green Day's American Idiot Album

A blessing disguised as a heart-shaped hand grenade covered in eyeliner.

Here’s a fact that’ll make you wonder where all the time has gone: Green Day’s punk rock opera and the album that formed the bulk of playlists of every person in their 20s, American Idiot, turns 15 this year.

Some remember it as the album that introduced them to Green Day and a surprising thirst for Billie Joe Armstrong, others remember it as the unexpected second coming of a punk band who had seemingly passed their prime, and there were those who saw it as the juvenile voice of reason amidst a time of political chaos in America.

American Idiot was a lightning in a bottle moment for Green Day and it all wouldn’t have happened had some thieves not robbed the band.

Back in 2003, Green Day were waning in popularity and their 90s goodwill from Dookie was finally running out. The band were planning to record a new album to follow up 2000’s Warning, which was relatively unsuccessful.

Titled Cigarettes and Valentines, the trio had completed around 20 songs for the new album before the demo master tapes were stolen from their studio. After a bit of mourning over their lost work, Green Day decided to start from scratch rather than re-record everything because their producer essentially told them, “yeah, you can do better, those songs were a bit rubbish, ay?”

After spending a few months writing new stuff, the band stumbled across something when they were trying to outdo one another by writing ambitious 30-second songs.

After connecting these together, they ended up with ‘Homecoming’ and that inspired them to write arguably the greatest Green Day song ever, ‘Jesus of Suburbia.’

From that point on, the floodgates opened. The punk rock opera concept for American Idiot was born and George W. Bush provided Green Day with inspiration via the political fustercluck he was putting America through. Once the album was dropped upon the world, the rest quickly became music history.

American Idiot was ultimately a massively successful album that was both ambitious in its ideas and messy in its execution, but it was – and still is – a goddamn good listen. It also polarised Green Day’s fanbase while introducing them to a new generation of fans, though we can’t imagine they’ll be too worried about that when the ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’ cheques come in.

Hard to believe that all this success and history wouldn’t have happened had a bunch of thieves not broke into the Green Day’s recording studio and stole the tapes of the album they were originally working on.

Turns out blessings do come in disguises, which in this case is in the form of a heart-shaped hand grenade covered in eyeliner.

Tool Frontman Maynard James Keenan's Defence Of Justin Bieber Is Weirdly Nice

Well this was unexpected.

We’ve seen some weird stuff in 2019 but ranking among the most bizarre of happenings this year is the “feud” between Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan and Justin Bieber.

It all began when Biebs shared some Tool lyrics to his Instagram story and revealed himself to be a big fan of the band’s music. After this little tidbit reached Maynard James Keenan’s ears, the Tool frontman responded with a spirit crushing tweet:

Not enough ice in the world could help a burn of that magnitude but Justin’s wife, Hailey Bieber, gave it a good crack anyway by clapping back at the Tool frontman on Twitter and slamming him for shading her husband who just wanted to express his admiration for the band.

In response, James Keenan only tweeted out the video to a Tool oldie, ‘Hush’, which we’re sure he did to remind fans about how good the tune is. Really.

It’s been a while since the “feud” took place and James Keenan has now shed some light on what went down and what he actually meant when he tweeted #bummer to ol’ Biebs.

Speaking to Zane Rowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1, the Tool frontman says the “#bummer” was directed at “the crap that surrounds [Justin Bieber]” than at the singer himself. He also cleared the air by saying Justin’s “probably a good kid.”

That’s… weirdly nice?

Elaborating what he meant, James Keenan says Biebs “was never armed with the tools to handle [the spotlight]” and called the singer’s entourage surrounding him “monsters.”

“So when I make a statement like #bummer, it has nothing to do with him. It has to do with, I know that the ocean of s**t that’s going to follow because he couldn’t just be a quiet Tool fan, he had to say it out loud, and now I know the flood’s coming from the people that don’t get it, and the people that think they do, and they’re going to argue with each other.

“And it’s going to be stupid. And it doesn’t matter. And this poor kid’s caught right in the crosshairs, as he was, as he is.”

Well there you go. There wasn’t any feud after all, just something blown out of proportion because we all like the drama I suppose.

Be honest, you all frothed on it.

James Keenan also nailed the part about Biebs not being “armed with the tools,” so much so that you wonder if he saw the singer’s soul-searching (and problematic) Instagram post about his struggles and decided to share some nice words out of sympathy or something.

Anyway, it’s time to put whatever “feud” we thought existed between Justin Bieber and Maynard James Keenan to bed because it’s all bullcrap.

Hopefully ol’ Biebs can now enjoy Tool’s new album without thinking they hate him. But maybe keep the fanboying and sharing of song lyrics to Instagram on the down-low this time alright?

Rihanna May Be The Female Lead In The New Batman Film, Which Is Worrying

Yeah, nah.

Now that the all the hooplah over who will be DC’s new Batman is over (it’s Robert Pattinson in case you haven’t heard), the question now is who will be starring alongside him. Well if rumours are to be believed, we may see *checks notes*… uh, Rihanna fighting against the Caped Crusader.

We Got This Covered says Warner Bros. is interested in the singer for a part in the upcoming Batman flick. As for who she’ll be playing, apparently the studio want her to play Poison Ivy.

Well, okay then.

No shade to Rihanna, who we absolutely adore, but Poison Ivy? If it was for another character like Catwoman (who DC are looking to cast as well) then it would be fine. But again, Poison Ivy? Really?

There’s a reason why the character didn’t work on the big screen when we last saw her in 1997’s Batman & Robin: the character is ridiculous in live-action.

If the new Batman film is to be the grounded, dark and gritty exploration into the Dark Knight’s early years as we are led to believe, then not only might it be a little too soon to introduce Poison Ivy but the character perhaps too campy to realistically work.

And if an actress as great as Uma Thurman couldn’t pull off the character – granted that the material she had was rubbish – then it’s hard to see Rihanna pull it off.

But look, we’re getting way too ahead of ourselves here because this is all just a rumour so we should take it with a mountain of salt for now.

And if the sources for We Got This Covered are to be believed, Rihanna isn’t the only one up for Poison Ivy and she may not even be interested in the part since she’s quite busy with her Fenty stuff these days.

While there’s doubt whether she can convincingly pull off playing a supervillain or whether she’ll even be Poison Ivy, at least she’ll rock whatever green-skinned, red-haired look DC have got planned for the character.

Right now it’s another round of the game we all like to play called “let’s wait and see.” But seeing as how DC was able to successfully pull off a live-action Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn, then there’s hope that a new Poison Ivy will actually turn out alright and not something like the 1997 trainwreck.

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