Not Even A Great K-pop Group Like GOT7 Can Make Double Denim Cool Again

Can we just bin that look for good, please?

It’s probably an understatement to say that GOT7 are a good looking bunch of chaps. Hell, if they can make bucket hats look cool, they can pull off any outfit. Well, almost. That’s because even this great K-pop group can’t pull off the most controversial of all looks in fashion: double denim.

The only reaction to double denim.

Okay, let’s rewind a bit first.

GOT7 performed their first ever Australian concert in Sydney on August 22, 2019, as part of their Keep Spinning World Tour and the boys showed just why they’re one of the hottest K-pop groups at the moment.

JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom all had the thousands of fans packed into Qudos Bank Arena eating out of their hand from minute one thanks to their intense choreography and willingness to go all in on the performances.

It was a surprise no one pulled a hamstring or strained a vocal chord at how hard they were going over the course of their two and a half hour set.

The septet have gained a reputation for putting on great live shows since their 2014 debut and they’ve only gotten better with age. There wasn’t going to be a major surprise regarding the setlist so GOT7 kept people on their toes with a number of costume changes throughout the concert.

From matching velvet suits and 90s rap-themed outfits to wearing their own merch, the K-pop boy group certainly kept fashion critics on their toes.

But then the double denim came out.

Double denim is a fashion faux pas of the highest order. It may have been cool back in the 90s, but the novelty wore off pretty quickly. What cool that was left in the look had disappeared by the time Britney and Justin wore matching Canadian tuxedos in the early 2000s.

And sadly, not even a group as good as GOT7 can make the look cool again no matter how good their performance was. It’s just too distracting to see so much blue denim on one stage. Hell, an argument can be made that no artist, K-pop or otherwise, could rock double denim.

Plus the mere thought of how hot it would be wearing those outfits while performing is sweat inducing, let alone actually doing it in real life.

The lads clearly had the same thought because they abandoned their jean jackets pretty quickly and normal order was resumed as their performances and banter quickly wiped away any lingering thoughts about double denim for the remainder of the concert.

JB signed off the night by quipping how he didn’t expect Australia to be this cold and he should’ve packed warmer clothes. Next time you come back here with GOT7, keep the denim at home and bring literally anything else you have in your wardrobe.

Hell, wear an entire outfit made of bucket hats because it’ll still be an improvement over the all-denim look.

Pink Was The Unsung Hero Of The Infamous 2009 Taylor Swift/Kanye West VMAs Scandal

No 'Trouble,' just 'F**kin' Perfect'.

Has it been 10 years since the glorious year that was 2009? Man, those were simpler times. Indie rock was on a high, Short Stack were a thing and Tarantino was obsessed with WWII. But all that was overshadowed by one event that continues to reverberate today: the infamous Taylor Swift/Kanye West VMAs scandal.

What Kanye did was a bit of a dick move but no one could’ve predicted that it would be one of the defining moments of the 2000s. Hell, not only are we still talking about it today but the fallout is still hanging over both Tay Tay and Kanye (to the benefit of both their careers, let’s be honest).

Since we’re closing on the 10th anniversary of Kanye’s infamous “Imma let you finish” moment, Billboard decided to dive deep into the aftermath of the incident and boy did they unearth some tasty behind-the-scenes gems we never heard before.

Yes, you’ll need popcorn.

Beyoncé apparently cried backstage afterwards out of embarrassment and sympathy for Tay Tay, Kanye was apparently wasted on Hennessy whiskey the whole time, and the redemptive moment where Queen Bey gave Taylor the stage to make her interrupted speech was all hastily put together at the last minute by the producers.

But the biggest revelation was the role Pink played in the scandal and how she basically tore Kanye a new arsehole.

According to former MTV News correspondent James Montgomery, Pink “walked up” to Kanye after the commercial break and “got in his face.” While he couldn’t hear what was said, Pink was apparently “pointing in his face and nodding her head back and forth, and giving him her two cents about how f***ed up this was and then stormed off.”

We may never know what exactly was said that night but we can hazard a guess based on this tweet from Pink shortly after the event.

The whole 2009 VMAs oral history by Billboard is worth a look beyond the Pink/Tay Tay/Kanye stuff because its filled with how tasty anecdotes on how the incident played out backstage and how networks desperately tried to get the same lightning in a bottle moment again but failed to do so.

Still, the biggest take away from the whole thing is Pink being a certified badarse.

The 2009 VMAs may be a night Taylor Swift and Kanye West will never ever forget, but Pink turned out to be the unsung hero of the whole thing because she got the party started by going up to Kanye and said what we all wanted to say after infamous moment unfold before our very eyes.

2009 Was The Last Great Year For Indie Rock Bangers

We're long overdue for another year like 2009.

Ah 2009, that was a different time. Obama was still in the White House, Marvel had yet to overtake Avatar as the biggest film ever, and Tarantino’s schtick was to rewrite WWII history rather than Hollywood history. But perhaps the thing that most defined 2009 was the ridiculous slew of indie rock tunes that came out over the course of those magical 12 months.

We’ve had some banging indie rock tunes over the past decade, but in terms of sheer quality and quantity, nothing in recent memory comes even close to touching what 2009 had on offer.

From the get go we were treated to an immediate classic by Animal Collective, who dropped their greatest album, Merriweather Post Pavilion, upon the world and gave us the trippy odyssey that is ‘My Girls.’

The quality didn’t let up as we got some seriously good stuff from both sides of the pond in rapid succession, Hell you could make a playlist just from the great stuff that was put out in 2009 by artists from the UK.

Just from the top of my head, we got:

  • ‘Zero’ – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • ‘Crying Lightning’ – Arctic Monkeys
  • ‘No You Girls’ – Franz Ferdinand
  • ‘Who Can Say’ – The Horrors
  • ‘Islands’ – The xx
  • ‘1901’ – Phoenix
  • And of course, ‘Little Lion Man’ from Mumford & Sons

The indie and alternative rock scene in America was also flourishing at the same time and the output just as equally impressive. Let’s just scratch the surface of what was released that year:

  • ‘Two Weeks’ – Grizzly Bear
  • ‘Panic Switch’ – Silversun Pickups
  • ‘The Rake’s Song’ – The Decemberists
  • ’11th Dimension’ – Julian Casablancas
  • ‘Lust for Life’ – Girls
  • ‘Young Hearts Spark Fire’ – Japandroids

All while this was happening, Australia was in its own little musical bubble thanks to Short Stack and all the mania that surround them. Seriously, it was almost impossible to go anywhere in 2009 and not be smacked in the face with quality tunes.

I’ve definitely forgotten a heap of other 2009 bangers in trying to compile this list, which speaks to just how good of a year it was for indie rock. But just as it seemed like the genre was about to take a leap forward, it sort of just… stalled.

Sure there have been great songs released from aforementioned artists like the Arctic Monkeys and The Decemberists since 2009, as well as the rise of newer artists like Mitski, but nothing has come close to reaching the heights of that year in terms of sustained brilliance.

And that’s the big question right here: where have all the indie bangers disappeared to?

Is it because budgets are shrinking? Tastes have changed? Bands failing to capitalise on the momentum? Someone made a deal with the devil and indie rock had to pay the price?

Answering that question properly is another story for another day so let’s just celebrate that magical 12 month period in 2009 when indie rock reached new heights.

From Animal Collective to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, you all gave us a playlist that still holds up as well today as it did 10 years ago and we’re hoping lightning will strike again soon because it’s long overdue.


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