In Arguably More Shocking My Chemical Romance News, Gerard Way Is Related To Joe Rogan!?

News of My Chemical Romance's reunion is secondary to this.

Get out your eyeliner and black clothes because after several years of sleeping in coffins or something, My Chemical Romance is reuniting. But as exciting as this piece of monumental music news is, it is arguably less shocking than another tidbit that came up: the band’s frontman Gerard Way and podcaster Joe Rogan are actually related.

During a chat with Kevin Smith (via Tone Deaf) on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe was asked about his family. Specifically, Kevin brought up the issue like this:

“I gotta ask a question on behalf of somebody else. Your grandmother named Josie—Gerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance.” 

To which Joe replied with a simple:

“Yeah, we’re related.”

Talk about two peas from wildly different plant groups. One is a podcaster who dabbles in things ranging from stand-up to UFC and the other is, well, Gerard Way.

As for what their relation is, apparently the pair are cousins through the aforementioned Josie, who is Gerard’s aunt and Joe’s grandmother, as Smith explains:

“I’m talking to Gerard, and he goes, ‘I don’t have 100% confirmation on this, but I’m pretty sure Joe Rogan is my cousin because my Aunt Josie was his grandmother.'”

The chances of two famous people being related are pretty low, let alone those two people being Gerard Way and Joe Rogan. But interestingly, despite being from the same family, Joe says he and Gerard don’t actually know each other.

With My Chemical Romance reuniting and The Joe Rogan Experience being one of the most popular podcasts around, the only reasonable course of action now that this weird piece of information is out of the bag is to have Joe and Gerard meet and have a chat.

It’s time for these two polar opposites to meet and bring this whole thing full circle.

David Simon's Excuse For Not Firing James Franco From 'The Deuce' Over MeToo Allegations Is Weak

Talk about completely missing the point.

Following the sexual misconduct allegations levelled at James Franco, one of the more curious consequences of this MeToo moment was the lack of consequences. Specifically, the actor was still allowed to keep his job on David Simon’s acclaimed TV show, The Deuce, despite all the horrible claims made against him.

Simon has now spoke out about why he didn’t fire Franco from The Deuce and his response was, well, it was piss weak to put it lightly.

In an interview with Alan Sepinwall from Rolling Stone, Simon was asked about the allegations made against James Franco and how he was still able to keep making The Deuce under the MeToo cloud given how the show tackles similar issues of which the actor is accused, and his tone-deaf reply was a mix of indignant defence, projection and just not understanding the issue at hand.

Regarding the sexual misconduct allegations, Simon essentially tried to downplay them by saying that Franco didn’t use his position to “have sex with anyone” unlike men like Harvey Weinstein or Les Moonves.

“The fundamental difference is that James Franco didn’t seek to use his position to have sex with anyone. There’s not a case of that. He wasn’t using his position or status to try to solicit a sexual favor from anyone.”

Okay sure, but just because Franco wasn’t going around forcing people for sex doesn’t mean harassment and misconduct wasn’t happening. It’s pretty ironic that the creator of The Deuce, a show about porn and all the seedy stuff that goes on with it, doesn’t understand that you can commit sexual harassment without sex and/or assault coming into it.

David Simon didn’t stop at that hot take as he continued to dig his way deeper by going after the L.A. Times piece that broke the allegations made against Franco, insinuating the publication “purposely muddled” things.

He said the publication didn’t have “real, solid, fundamental journalism, about real offenders [Harvey Weinstein and Les Moonves] who were using their positions to obtain sex, and misusing women in that fundamental way” that The New Yorker and The New York Times had by comparison and basically stated Franco’s allegations became lumped in with the bigger ones of the larger MeToo umbrella rather than be portrayed as what they are.

For a man whose career is based in journalism, it’s incredibly disappointing to hear him disregard important reporting by the L.A. Time so flippantly, all while not completely understanding the problem at hand.

Even his attempts at trying not to diminish the voices of the women who spoke out against James Franco comes off pretty poorly as he essentially undermines their claims before blaming the media for not distinguishing Franco’s allegations from other the MeToo abusers.

“I’ve been very careful about saying what these young actors and actresses were concerned about, and where their unhappiness lies is meaningful. I’m not saying there isn’t a story there, but the proportionality got lost.”

The entire interview is a rollercoaster read that’s not easily digested but it is worth at least a look as it is a perfect example of how some people simply don’t “get” the problem, especially when they’re a successful, white man in Hollywood. If you needed an example of digging yourself a hole, well, David Simon just provided one.

Simpsons dig up stupid

Ultimately, the whole thing reeks of a man who was so singularly focused on his TV show that he was willing to put it above the safety and concerns of women, and all these allegations are detracting from the “vision” wanted to convey in on The Deuce.

David Simon has since come out in defence of his comments to Rolling Stone and they’re just as flippant and tone-deaf as the interview itself:

Sounds like you need another two years of reflection and listening on the issues at hand, David, because it’s pretty clear you still don’t get it.

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