f(x)'s Amber Liu Is Backpedalling Like Mad After Her Tone-Deaf Comments On Racism

"I am so sorry."

f(x)’s Amber Liu has unleashed an atomic bomb of backlash on the issue of racism following some tone-deaf comments over a viral clip of a white cop arresting a black man for eating a sandwich.

This all began when footage hit the internet of a California man (who is black) getting detained by a white police officer for doing nothing more than eating a sandwich while waiting on a train platform.

The incident went viral and was addressed by many outlets, including the YouTube channel JustKiddingNews, which Amber Liu appeared on as a guest.

When discussing the incident, the f(x) member said:

“He deserved it, I think he just deserved it because he’s being super disrespectful, and you don’t have to act like that toward a police officer. A police officer is still a police officer. You should still show some type of respect. Know your rights, but show some type of respect.”

In response to her comment, her male friend replied:

“That’s going towards a touchy area because culturally I don’t think we understand what the black community goes through so they respond way different to officers than we do.”

Following those comments, a torrent of backlash was unleashed upon Twitter as fans called Amber out for her ignorance on the issue of racism and how she seemingly didn’t recognise the instance of discrimination unfolding in the viral video.

After an epic fan dogpile over the JustKiddingNews video, Amber backpedaled on her comments by issuing out an apology on Twitter.

The singer admits to being at fault for making an “ignorant” and “snap judgment” after watching the viral video clip and acknowledged how it’s on her for not “being more aware of how the systemic racism in the United States has continued and gotten worse while [she] spend 10 years overseas.”

She stresses that she “100%” doesn’t stand for racism and discrimination and is fully behind “#BlackLivesMatter” before stating she “will continue to educate [herself] on this matter.”

The apology was received with mix responses from fans as some acknowledged it was a mistake while others weren’t quite as forgiving and labeled Amber’s response as insincere.

Every Time You Share A 'Your Stripper Name' Viral Posts, You're Exposing Personal Info

Those posts don't even give you a good stripper name anyway.

If you’ve been on Facebook, chances are you’ve come across those viral social media post chains where it asks you to enter stuff like your first street name and your mother’s maiden name so you can find out what your stripper tag is and what not before telling you to share the post to 10 friends.

It’s all innocent fun, right? Well sure, if you want to pay for said innocent fun by having your personal info land in the hands of unsavoury internet strangers.

That’s because it is.

You see, the questions asked in those viral social media post chains, such as your pet’s first name, mum’s maiden name, your date of birth, and the street you grew up on, seem harmless, but that’s all personal info about you that you’re sharing publicly with strangers online.

More worryingly, those sorts questions are the more or less the exact same ones banking institutions and most things you have an account with use as security questions.

So while it may seem like you’re sharing innocent little deets about yourself with these viral social media post chains, you’re actually giving strangers a teasing look at how to access your bank and Netflix accounts.


Now that’s to say it’s all bad if you were one of the many folks who got duped into sharing some personal info in exchange for finding out what your stripper name is.

Would-be criminals trying to access your personal accounts will need a bit more info than what your first pet’s name was, such as your password and the like, but just be wary nonetheless because you never know what could happen and what you may have inadvertently let slip online.

So next time you come across one of those viral post chains asking for deets about yourself in order to make some funny answer, be on your guard and just make stuff up.

Chances are your stripper name will be funnier if you used made-up info than had you used your actual personal deets anyway.

You Don't Have To Like Taylor Swift To Get Behind Her Campaign Against Controlling Men

The rights over her music isn't the big issue here.

Taylor Swift has been stuck in a hell of a music rights fight with Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta, and things have now escalated further.

The mega-star took to Twitter to reveal that Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta are essentially holding her old music ransom unless she caves in to their demands. There’s a lot happening in Taylor Swift’s message so let’s try and go through this bit by bit.

Firstly, Tay Tay states that Scooter and Scott are allegedly trying to throw a wrench in her plans to perform a medley of her greatest hits at the 2019 American Music Awards, where she will be getting the Artist of the Decade Award.

Secondly, she claims they’re also not allowing her to use her old music for a Netflix documentary project, even though there’s no reference to the pair in the film.

Thirdly, Tay Tay claims that Scott Borchetta gave her an ultimatum in which she’ll be allowed to use her old music, but only if her agrees to not re-record new versions of her old songs (which she’s allowed to do in 2020) and to also stop publicly talking about him and Scooter Braun.

She then concludes her message with a plea to her fans and peers to help get the message out that she just wants to own and perform her music without any trouble.

There’s a lot to unpack in Taylor Swift’s tweet, which you can read in full right here:

Just to quickly recap what’s happened so far for those out of the loop: Scooter Braun bought Tay Tay’s old record label, which is the home to all the master recordings to her pre-2018 music, meaning she doesn’t actually own her music.

What this means is all royalties from that music don’t go to Tay Tay but to Scooter and Scott instead. The only way to get around this loophole is to essentially re-record all her old songs again and make new “master recordings” of her music, which Scooter and Scoot are allegedly trying to stop happening.

Tay Tay did try to buy the rights to her pre-2018 master recordings but it was rebuffed by Scooter Braun, whom she called a “bully” on social media, and now they’re stuck in this bitter feud that is shaping up to go even more downhill.

There’s a lot happening in this Taylor Swift/Scooter Braun/Scott Borchetta conflict but it’s difficult not to side with Tay Tay with this one.

She’s the one who spent countless hours of hard work writing all those songs that are currently under the control of Scooter and Scott. Tay Tay should be able to perform them whenever she wants to and not have a couple of dudes controlling her and her work. The fact that she’s been forced onto social media to plead her case is a demonstration of the power imbalance at play.

This whole saga is more than just Taylor Swift and her music, it’s about creative freedom and the worrying amount of power men hold in the music industry. Hell, you don’t have to even be a fan of hers to support her campaign for creative freedom against some dudes in suits.

Scooter and Scott have yet to respond to Tay Tay’s statement at the time of writing.

It remains to be seen how this all shakes out but at the very least, it seems like Taylor Swift has ensured she’s got the public on her side with her Twitter message.

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