Even Lady Gaga Is Casting Shade On Her ARTPOP Album

This is going to go down well among Gaga fans.

Lady Gaga has had quite the storied career that’s been filled with crazy artistic concepts and headline-grabbing bangers. But perhaps the most controversial era of the singer’s career was her ARTPOP phase, which caused quite the divide among her fanbase at the time of its release in 2013. You either loved it or hated it and there’s almost no middle ground.

It’s been years since ARTPOP was dropped upon us and it seems like Lady Gaga doesn’t have fond memories of that era. To be specific, it seems like she has no memory of that period at all based on this tweet:

Whether Lady Gaga is merely stirring the pot and throwing shade at her album just for the sake of it (likely), has genuinely forgotten about ARTPOP (unlikely), or is celebrating the album’s six-year anniversary in a very weird way (who knows), we’ll never know.

What we do know is that Little Monsters aren’t too happy with this little tweet from Lady Gaga and decided to come out in droves on Twitter to defend ARTPOP and all its merits while slinging shade back at the singer.

Not to play Devil’s advocate or anything, but perhaps there’s a simple explanation as to why Lady Gaga tweeted what she did about ARTPOP.

With only diehard fans loving the heavily-layered, non-commericial nature of the project compared to the “meh” response of regular fans, critics not quite warming to what was being put out, and the album’s middling sales (relatively speaking) compared to previous efforts, perhaps Lady Gaga views ARTPOP as a period where the world turned its back on her and having the album’s sixth anniversary come along dug up some bad memories of that time.

Or perhaps Lady Gaga was feeling a bit nostalgic about ARTPOP and simply wanted to see what folks felt about the project six years since its release.

At the end of the day, there are a few takeaways from Lady Gaga’s simple tweet: there are fans who really, really love ARTPOP and the singer is either a social media genius or has a bad memory.

Don’t be surprised if all this was some sort of ARTPOP continuation or a trolling move from Lady Gaga. It wouldn’t be the first time she’s done something like this.

Simon Cowell Wants To Give White-Washing K-Pop A Good Go

Go back to the drawing board, Simon.

For all his faults – and boy are there many of them – Simon Cowell is pretty damned good at the whole boy band game, having been instrumental in the rise of groups like Westlife and One Direction. However, his latest idea is a step too far in the wrong direction because his new schtick is to essentially make a K-pop group.

In a new video shared on The X-Factor Twitter account, Simon announced a new spin-off reality competition show called X-Factor: The Band, in which he’ll look for the best boy or girl group.

Now that’s fine and all… until he said, “Right now K-pop you could argue is ruling the world. Now it’s time for UK-pop.”

We all know that Simon Cowell’s schtick is to be outspoken and blunt, but this is something else. There are two ways to look at his comment and neither of them are good.

Firstly, UK-pop sounds like he’s trying to cobble together an English-speaking version of a K-pop group (a “pop” group in essence) after seeing a couple of BTS videos on YouTube.

It’s understandable he’ll want to jump on that tsunami – it’s his job after all – but trying to put together a K-pop group consisting of white people is just offensive. It sounds like nothing more than an attempt to whitewash a big part of Korean culture.

Just a little bit.

The other interpretation of Simon’s announcement is he wants to create a boy or girl group that’ll rival all those successful K-pop groups right now. Competitiveness is expected in the music scene, but labeling his new group “UK-pop” sounds like he’s discrediting K-pop as a genre, which is just ludicrous.

Whether you love or hate K-pop, there’s simply no denying the numbers and influence it’s had pop-culture. You can’t own everything in the pop scene, Simon. And besides, did you suddenly forget the UK’s decades-long dominance of the music scene?

So maybe go back to the drawing board, Simon, because X-Factor: The Band doesn’t sound like a very good idea. Plus there’s already a thing called UK-pop: it’s called “pop”. If you want to ride the K-pop wave, go stan BTS and BLACKPINK or something.

Let James Dean Rest In Peace, There Are Plenty Of Other Actors Out There

I'm sure he'd absolutely be thrilled with being brought back to life using CGI.

In the pantheon of people who have been taken away from us far too soon, Rebel Without a Cause star James Dean is at the top of the list. The leather jacket-wearing, cigarette-toting cultural icon who couldn’t take a bad photo if he tried died in a 1955 car crash at just 24 years old, but his legend continues to live on.

Well it seems like Hollywood isn’t content with having just James Dean’s legend living on because it’s just gone and “cast” the late star in a new film.

You heard me.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Rebel Without a Cause star will be brought back to “life” using CGI for the role of Rogan in the upcoming Vietnam action-drama, Finding Jack.

It’s not just a short little cameo (ala Carrie Fisher in Rogue One) either as Dean will be playing a sizeable “secondary lead role”. The plan is to recreate the late actor with CGI using actual footage and photos while someone else provides the voice.

As for why Dean was cast instead of, I don’t know, the many living actors currently working in Hollywood, Finding Jack co-director Anton Ernst explains:

“We searched high and low for the perfect character to portray the role of Rogan, which has some extreme complex character arcs, and after months of research, we decided on James Dean.”

Hoo boy.

James Dean was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of star and replicating him using CGI isn’t just disrespectful, it’s completely pointless. Art isn’t something a computer can just pump out and it’s already been proven that trying to do so will end in nothing but misery (and unintentional hilarity).

Why do you think Rebel Without a Cause hasn’t been remade yet? There was only one James Dean and he’s gone, and no amount of computer trickery can recreate what he brought to the movie screen.

Then there’s the gross commercial aspect of this whole stunt casting saga. I get that Hollywood exists to make money, but shamelessly capitalising on a deceased star’s image like this is pretty unsavoury, even for Hollywood.

This whole thing also takes that god-awful excuse of “oh we simply couldn’t find the right actor/actress for the role” to a new low. I simply refuse to believe there isn’t an actor/actress alive right now who could handle the role of Rogan in Finding Jack.

This whole thing over why resurrecting James Dean using CGI is a terrible idea is perhaps best summed up by none other than Chris Evans:

It’s already weird enough to recreate deceased actors using CGI for roles they previously played (like Peter Cushing in Rogue One…again), let alone generating an entirely new character and performance.

So to those geniuses working on Finding Jack who thought this whole thing was a good idea, please just let James Dean rest in peace and go find another actor. Hollywood isn’t short on talented folk who could easily play the role.

Honestly, the Finding Jack directors should just go cast Scarlet Johannson or something at this point. She’ll be a massive improvement over the plans they have for James Dean.

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