BTS' RM And Lil Nas X's 'Seoul Town Road' Is Surprisingly The Best Collab Of 2019

Just add a dash of BTS in the form of RM and voila! Magic.

Lil Nas X has released four remixes of his annoyingly catchy hit song “Old Town Road” so far and they’ve all been hits so far. There’s only so many times you can hear a single song but it appears the rapper has saved the best for last because he’s decided to rope in BTS’ RM for the ride.

Titled “Seoul Town Road” (geddit? Because RM is from South Korea and…yeah), this new remix features RM sharing vocals with Lil Nas X and the end result is… weirdly good?

While the hook and Lil Nas X’s vocals are basically untouched, the addition of RM’s rapping and the stripped down ukulele bits actually breathe new life into the song.

To be honest, the original version of “Old Town Road” is listenable but nothing spectacular. However, the addition of RM and different instrumentation elevates “Seoul Town Road” to around the “hey this is pretty good” territory, making it the unofficial best collab of 2019 by virtue of how much the remix improved upon the original.

This also virtually guarantees that Lil Nas X will nab that coveted record of having the most consecutive weeks at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart with “Old Town Road”, which is currently sitting at 16 weeks (and counting).

Many props to Lil Nas X for being a shrewd businessman in lining this remix up because everyone is simply itching for a collab with BTS right now, regardless of whether it’s with the entire group or just one member.

With five versions of the song now under his belt, there’s surely no way Lil Nas X can possibly top “Seoul Town Road”. Hell, even he seems to realise it as he promised on Twitter that this will be the last remix.

We’ll believe you for now Lil Nas X. At least until the rest of BTS or BLACKPINK come calling.

Never Forget When Justin Bieber Performed A Naked One-Man Show For His Grandma Because Why Not

Justin Bieber + no clothes + a guitar + his grandma = uh, profit?

In the years since we’ve known him, Justin Bieber has done some weird, eyebrow raising stuff. Between feuding with Marilyn Manson over a T-shirt, wanting to fight Tom Cruise for some reason and his checkered history as a pet owner, what more can he do to surprise/shock us?

And besides, there’s nothing he can do (maybe aside from storming Area 51) that will top the time when he decided to serenade his grandma while wearing nothing but an acoustic guitar in front of his junk.

Hey, you went and did it so don’t give us that look.

The year was 2012, the location was at nanna Bieber’s house, and ol’ mate Justin had apparently slept in a bit too late on Thanksgiving morning. After hearing his family and friends having fun around the house, he decided that it was a great idea to go prank everyone by stripping down, getting his guitar and playing a naked set around the house.

But the person who got the best performance from Justin was his grandma, who apparently caught an eyeful of her grandson as he serenaded her. While the whole thing was apparently funny, nanna Bieber reportedly told Justin that he was a bit pitchy and his timing was off with his guitar playing before sending him to his room to put on some damn clothes.

While we can’t host the photos of Justin in is naked, guitar-wielding glory here, you can cop an eyeful of what went down on Thanksgiving in 2012 over at TMZ.

Dude, if you don’t know then how the hell are we supposed to know?

There are two conclusions we can draw from this little naked Justin episode: a) holidays at the Bieber household are weird and b) Canadian Thanksgiving is crazier than we gave it credit for.

Dave Grohl And Foo Fighters Show How You Walk Back A Wild Move Like Backing HIV Deniers

This throws a Monkey Wrench into Dave Grohl and co's seemingly pristine history.

Dave Grohl has a reputation for being the nicest guy in rock while his band, Foo Fighters, are known for a bunch of well meaning goofballs who can also sell out stadiums around the world.

Surely there aren’t any milkshake duck moments awaiting a well-meaning band like Foo Fighters, one who has done things like trolling anti-gay protesters by performing a song about “man muffins” to them, right?

Well, not quite because there was a period where the band were quite into the whole HIV denial thing.

Back in 2000, Foo Fighters threw their support behind the Alive & Well AIDS Alternatives group, which is basically a cohort of nutjobs who questions the link between HIV and AIDS, after bassist Nate Mendel was taken in with a pseudoscience book about the topic and convinced his bandmates to go along with it.

They organised concerts, rubbed shoulders with notorious AIDS/HIV deniers including like live & Well founder Christine Maggiore, went on record advocating for Alive & Well and even plastered their support for the group all over their website.

It’s not exactly the brightest moment from the Foos and there’s no erasing this dark spot from their history regardless of how many rock classics they’ve pumped out over the last few decades.

Now in the band’s defence, this was 2000 so they were young and dumb, not to mention that they were riding high on the momentum of a successful album release that included the banger “Learn To Fly” so it’s no surprise that they went a little stupid during this period.

But whereas some famous celebs stubbornly cling to their beliefs no matter how ridiculous or harmful they are, the Foo Fighters have seemingly realised that maybe, just maybe, there’s actually something in the whole HIV and AIDS thing.

They’ve stopped talking about the topic, erased any mention of Alive & Well from their site and have all but erased that period from their band history. Since then, the band have backed some actual good causes that includes autism research, poverty and breast cancer.

Hell, Dave even threw his support behind organisations that promote treatment, research and prevention of AIDS, like Elton John’s AIDS Foundation. There’s no way he’d do that if he truly believed that there’s no link between HIV and AIDS.

It sucks that influential people like the Foos can get taken in by nonsense like HIV denialism but it’s quite a relief to see them learn from their mistakes.

Maybe more celebs can be more like the Foos when it comes to supporting dumb causes: Shut the f**k up when they realise they’ve been wrong, learn from their mistakes and let their actions do all the talking.

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