Hong Kong Protestors Beg The New RL Mulan To Stick To Fairytales After She Chimed In

Word of advice, maybe don't piss off a massive group of furious protesters.

Chinese celebrities have started to weigh in on the Hong Kong protests and some of the comments – like Jackie Chan‘s – haven’t gone down too well with the pro-democracy crowd.

The latest to chime in on the protests is our new real-life Mulan, Liu Yifei, who empowered the protesters to keep fighting for their freedom because that’s what Mulan would’ve done and *checks notes* oh wait, that’s not what happened at all.

Taking to her Weibo account, where she has around 66 million followers, the actress posted an image from China’s newspaper The People’s Daily (which is like China’s equivalent of Fox News and Sky News) that reads “I support the Hong Kong police; you can beat me up now” in Chinese and “What a shame for Hong Kong” below in English.

As a cherry on top, she also wrote “I also support the Hong Kong Police” with a heart and strong-arm emoji.

Yifei’s post has since been liked and shared thousands of times but it hasn’t gone down too well with the pro-democracy crowd, who have bombarded social media platforms with calls to boycott Mulan.

While Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are all blocked by China’s cooked censorship regime, folks have figured out workarounds to get their boycott message out and it’s perhaps no surprise to anyone that there are a lot of folks who aren’t happy with Yifei’s stance on the Hong Kong protests.

But pro-democracy folk urging people to boycott Mulan isn’t the only action that’s happening on the interwebs.

According to Variety, Beijing has been countering the Hong Kong protests by launching its own misinformation campaign at home and the aforementioned language shared by Yifei has been used as a pro-Beijing rallying cry that portrays protesters as violent agitators who were paid off.

If you take a peek at Yifei’s Instagram comments, you’ll find that it’s descended into a showdown between the pro-Beijing and pro-democracy crowds. Never mind taking down the Huns, the real battle is happening on social media.

How ironic that an actress playing a heroic symbol of freedom is so against the idea of democracy.

It’s all a complete fustercluck right now in Hong Kong and a conclusion to the protests looks further away than Mulan‘s March 25, 2020 release date.

We’ll just see how this whole #BoycottMulan thing pans out when the film comes out. Apropos of nothing, I hear Scarlett Johansson is free these days now that she’s done playing Black Widow and is looking for some new roles.

There's A Big Problem With Ewan McGregor Coming Back As Obi Wan For A Star Wars Show

Why hello there, narrative conundrums!

There’s not really much we can defend about the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy without throwing in a very defensive “okay, yes, but…”. But if there’s one thing in those films that everyone is in agreement with, it’s Ewan McGregor and his pitch perfect version of Obi Wan Kenobi.

Disney clearly think that as well and have decided to rope McGregor back into the Star Wars fray by giving him his own Obi Wan TV show.

According to Deadline, McGregor is in talks to dust off his lightsaber again for a yet-to-be titled Obi Wan Disney+ limited series. Apparently the idea for a series originated from discussions for a solo film for the character, which got scuppered when Solo: A Star Wars Story didn’t earn the $40 trillion dollars needed to warrant the greenlight.

Now this is fantastic news for Star Wars fans as many have been clamouring for more Obi Wan content ever since McGregor hung up his Jedi robes at the end of Revenge of the Sith. However, there’s one big problem with the idea of a limited series starring the Jedi master.

The show is planned to have six to eight episodes according to The Hollywood Reporter, which means around six to eight hours of content.

So… what exactly are they going to fill those hours with?

Use the force and think, Obi Wan.

The show is almost certainly going to be set in the years between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, which will see Obi Wan hiding on Tatooine and babysitting Luke Skywalker for the next few decades.

This means he can’t be going on any grand adventures or do anything big on Tatooine since that’ll draw the Empire’s attention. If this happened, he’d have to leave with Luke and it would take an incredible amount of narrative gymnastics in order to get the story back to where it needs to be at the start of A New Hope.

Having said that, the show also can’t just be Obi Wan hanging out in the desert, tricking Sand People and forgetting droids he knows since that’ll be an incredibly boring six to eight hours.

This is going to be a tough nut to crack.

So realistically, the only idea that could work within the show’s narrative confines is by having bounty hunters hunting down Jedi but even that approach could run out of steam before the end of the series’ six/eight-episode run.

But look, Ewan McGregor is coming back as Obi Wan Kenobi for a new Star Wars show and that’s a big win on so many levels. With no timeline confirmed for when the series will be in production or released, there’s plenty of time for Disney to hash out something that’ll make this show work.

If it doesn’t, well, at least we’ll have The Mandalorian to tide us over.

Jackie Chan Dealt A Blow To Hong Kong's Protestors, Don't Act Surprised

If you had any doubts about Jackie Chan and his politics, this should erase them.

The Hong Kong protests have escalated dramatically since they kicked off back in March 2019 and things are getting dicey. Hundreds of thousands of disgruntled Hong Kongers are holding demonstrations everywhere, the economy is getting shell-shocked, flights are getting canceled and the police are retaliating with excessive force.

Jackie Chan, a Hong Kong native, has now spoken out about the protests and, well, let’s say his comments didn’t go down too well.

Too late for that.

Speaking to the South China Morning Post, Chan said he went to Hong Kong to “express the most basic principles of patriotism as a Hong Kong citizen and a Chinese” and wanted to “represent everyone’s voice.”

“I feel pride in being Chinese wherever I go, and the ‘Five-starred Red Flag’ is respected everywhere around the world.

“I also deeply feel that safety, stability, and peace are just like fresh air, you never know how precious it is until you lose it.”

He then called the protests “sad and depressing” and hoped that peace will come to Hong Kong soon.

While these comments are seemingly positive, they’re the last thing Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters want to hear, especially from a guy like Jackie Chan, and they responded with a barrage of comments labeling him as a traitor and a Chinese lackey.

So why all the hate for the world’s biggest action star?

Well, Chan is a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultive Conference and a staunch supporter of the Chinese Communist Party. When he’s not acting as the face of modern Chinese communism, he’s going around preaching how Chinese people need to have their freedom and democratic processes suppressed so he’s not exactly on the side of democracy here.

They’re certainly trying though.

So when he’s talking about “safety” and “stability” when referring to Hong Kong, it’s less about democracy and more along the lines of “stop dem protests soon because you’re ruining all the safety and stability we got going in communist China RN.”

As a cherry on top of this oppressive, tear gas soaked cake, Chan reportedly feigned ignorance of the protests when he was asked in June, saying how he had only found out the day before and knew nothing.

Hard to believe you didn’t know about the protests that are taking place in your home country, champ.

He really is.

We shouldn’t be surprised by any of Chan’s comments about the Hong Kong protests, though

It’s been long established that he’s an awful human being and his dodgy politics have been out in the open for ages, so we shouldn’t act too shocked that he’s going around and trumpeting empty rhetorics under the guise of wanting peace.

But in terms of swaying public favour away from the pro-democracy protests and back towards the pro-China side, well Jackie Chan has done his job as China’s mouthpiece perfectly.

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