Shia LaBeouf Didn't Knock Out Tom Hardy But He Did Wrestle Him While Nude

Turns out wrestling Tom Hardy while naked isn't as fun as it sounds.

There are many infamous tales of masculinity (toxic or otherwise) that have floated through Hollywood over the decades. One of the more amusing ones is the claim that Shia LaBeouf knocked Tom Hardy out when they were working on Lawless, adding fuel to the fiery claim that LaBeouf is kind of a dick.

As it turns out, the truth is far less confrontational than what we’ve been led to believe and involves more nudity than anyone expected.

Appearing on the hot wing eating YouTube series, Hot Ones, LaBeouf said the rumour that he knocked out Hardy is “a bunch of bulls**t.” He clarified to host Sean Evans that he and his Lawless co-star had no bad blood and got into friendly fighting matches all the time.

As for how the rumour started, LaBeouf revealed he was with his girlfriend one day when Hardy burst into their bedroom without warning and started an impromptu wrestling match. As the pair went at it, they ended up out in the hallway before Hardy accidentally fell down the stairs and hurt his back.

Oh and Shia was naked the entire time he was getting manhandled by Hardy. Yeah.

Anyway, rather than reveal the actual truth to the Lawless film crew, Hardy instead told everyone LaBeouf knocked him out. To be fair, “Shia knocked me out” sounds a lot better than “I wrestled Shia while he was naked and I lost when I fell down the stairs.”

LaBeouf’s weird yet entertaining nude wrestling story on Hot Ones begins at around the 17:40 mark.

So the moral of this story about Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy? Um, if you’re working with Tom, maybe lock your bedroom door or he’ll come in while you’re in the nude and start an impromptu WWE match while your partner is watching.

Let’s go with that.

Kirsten Dunst Isn't Happy About Being Labeled 'Spider-Man's Girlfriend' Either

She didn't win Wimbledon before becoming the most depressed bride in movie history to earn this disrespect.

After getting her big Hollywood break with 1994’s Interview with the Vampire when she was just 12, Kirsten Dunst has been in several critically acclaimed movies and TV shows and is something of a veteran at this point in her impressive career. So you can imagine furor that arose when Reuters decided to label the Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated actress as someone who is best known as “Spider-Man’s girlfriend.”

To get everyone up to speed, Kirsten got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Reuters reported the news in a since-deleted tweet that read, ” Kirsten Dunst, best known for her role as Spider-Man’s girlfriend, receives star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

Unsurprisingly fans quickly jumped on Reuters for this blatant disrespect, reminding the publication that she didn’t win Wimbledon before becoming the last Queen of France to be labeled merely “Spider-Man’s girlfriend.”

Credit: Reuters/Twitter

After initially remaining quiet on the matter, Kirsten has finally responded to Reuters’ tweet and, well, she wasn’t too happy (rightfully so).

Appearing on The Talk to talk about her new show, On Becoming a God in Central Florida, the actress addressed the tweet:

“Well you know, I don’t really look at Twitter and stuff, so I’m not really a social media girl. But I was looking for the show and everything, and it felt like, you know, I read it too and was like ‘Yeah, that’s pretty s****y.’ So I was proud that my fans and everyone rallied around and supported me. It was a very ignorant tweet, and it was probably done very carelessly by a man.”

Hear, hear.

To be fair, Reuters probably didn’t have any bad intentions behind the tweet and there are some people out there who legit only know Kirsten for Spider-Man, which isn’t too farfetched of a thought given how those are easily the biggest films she’s been in.

But seeing as how she had just gotten a star on the Walk of Fame, being labeled “Spider-Man’s girlfriend” in that moment was pretty icky. At the very least they could’ve called her “Mary Jane Watson from Spider-Man.”

The Joke Is Over Folks, Sean Bean Is Done Dying For Your Entertainment

Can't really blame him at this point.

Between getting his head lopped off on Game of Thrones, being an archery practice dummy in Lord of the Rings and being crushed by a giant antenna in Goldeneye, it’s a bit of an understatement to say that Sean Bean has had his fair share of epic onscreen deaths.

Well folks, it’s time to retire the “Sean Bean dies in this movie/show” joke because he is tired of meeting the grim reaper for your entertainment.

Chatting to The Sun, the actor says he’s had enough of playing characters who get shuffled off this mortal coil. In fact, he’s gone one step further by turning down roles that see him bite the dust.

“I’ve turned down stuff. I’ve said, ‘They know my character’s going to die because I’m in it!’ I just had to cut that out and start surviving, otherwise it was all a bit predictable.

And you know what, fair play to him. There’s only so many times you can die (onscreen) before it gets boring and when you’ve been doing it for 35 or so years like Sean Bean, it’s bound to get a little boring.

“Don’t…don’t ever get typecast as the guy who dies all the time…promise me…”

While the glorious deaths spanning from the 80s to Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones are no longer going to happen, Sean is open to grievous bodily harm (onscreen) – just as long as he survives.

“I did do one job and they said, ‘We’re going to kill you’, and I was like, ‘Oh no!’ and then they said, ‘Well, can we injure you badly?’ and I was like, ‘OK, so long as I stay alive this time’.”

“Sean Bean gets seriously injured” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as “Sean Bean dies” but hey, we’ll take what we can get at this point.

“Look, I may be losing my head here but as long as I’m still alive, alright?”

It’s been a good run folks and we’ll forever have those memories of the actor’s many onscreen deaths – and that hilarious “Don’t kill Sean Bean” social media campaign – but the joke is officially over and it’s time to find a new one.

We hereby nominate Samuel L. Jackson as Sean Bean’s replacement. Not only does he actually have more onscreen deaths than the man who was once Ned Stark but he seems to have no qualms about carking it as long as it’s a cool-looking death.


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