Ryan Reynolds Totally Isn't Salty Over 'Joker' Beating 'Deadpool' At The Box Office

Not one bit.

In case you haven’t heard, some little indie film called Joker has been killing it at the box-office ever since it was released. It seems like all that bad press has only contributed to its ridiculous box-office haul as it has now officially over Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool as the highest-grossing R-rated film ever.

Yes, well done.

Joker‘s achievement is definitely not something to scoff at. Deadpool not only managed to carve itself a place in the pop-culture lexicon as the leading purveyor of dick jokes, it earned nearly USD$800 million worldwide so the fact that some film about a clown managed to topple it is truly impressive.

Whether you liked Joker or not, this sort of record-breaking accomplishment definitely deserves some recognition and Ryan Reynolds was only too happy to congratulate the film on toppling Deadpool.

Taking to Twitter, the actor went full Wade Wilson and shared a congratulatory post in the only way he knows how: with pure, unadulterated vulgarity with a healthy helping of salt.

Kudos to Reynolds for also including a bunch of other R-rated films Joker toppled, such as The Matrix, It, and Logan. The fact that he included Hugh Jackman’s name in the “congratulatory” post without making fun of the Aussie actor speaks volumes on how he feels about some clown movie beating Deadpool.

Now that the gauntlet has been laid down, the only reasonable response in this dumb Hollywood game of “who can make the most money” is to try and beat Joker with the next Deadpool.

That may take a while given how the character is now under the Marvel/Disney banner now but let’s look at it another way: it just means the writers and Reynolds will have more time to perfect the inevitable wave of Joker jokes for Deadpool 3 or whatever it will be called.

Gwyneth Paltrow Phoned It In For 'The Politician' Because She Just Wanted To Run Goop

Jade eggs take precedence over memorising lines.

We like a good-natured dogpile on Gwyneth Paltrow here at GOAT whenever it is warranted, and boy did she serve up a doozy this time around as she somehow managed to involve her Netflix show The Politician and Goop.

Speaking to Variety, her costar in The Politician, Ben Platt, said they didn’t have to do many takes while on set because:

“a) she’s brilliant and she never needs more than a few [takes] and b) she simply doesn’t have time so whenever Gwyneth was there, everyone is on their toes and working at their most efficient level.”

Alright, save those tears because there’s a “but” coming.

That’s a pretty positive recollection of Ben’s time with Gwyneth on The Politician but it all reads differently when you hold his quote side-by-side to what Politician creator (and her husband) Brad Falchuk said about her.

Speaking to Elle, Brad said not only did The Politician production team agree to work around her schedule, it even agreed to cut some of her lines in an attempt to streamline everything for her.

“She’d show me a giant chunk of her dialogue and be like, ‘I have a board meeting in two days. Please don’t make me do this.'”

So in short, Gwyneth Paltrow wanted to work less hours and memorise less lines because she’d rather run Goop than act in The Politician and wanted to be more efficient with her time.


To be fair though, Gwyneth is a pretty damn good actress (she won an Oscar for crying out loud) so there’s merit in Ben’s recollection of her nailing scene after scene in a small number of takes.

But seeing as how Gwyneth can’t seem to remember her Marvel co-stars or all those MCU films she’s been in, we also shouldn’t be surprised Gwyneth phoned it in just a little bit on the Politician set. Jade eggs and whatever the hell Goop sells are clearly higher on the priority list than some “tiny” Netflix show.

Oh Gwyneth Paltrow, please keep serving up the tea because it’s hot and we can’t get enough, especially if Goop and her husband is involved.

Sorry Shane Warne, Leo DiCaprio Has Better Things To Do Than Play You In A Film

Doesn't hurt to ask I suppose.

It doesn’t matter what Shane Warne does, he’ll always be known for his cricket achievements. He clearly knows that so he’s leaning right into that by heading to Hollywood to discuss making a movie about his career.

According to The Herald Sun, the cricket legend is in talks about a script based on his 2008 Indian Premier League triumph with the Rajasthan Royals. He says it won’t be a “completely true story” and will be “all sorts of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll stuff”.

As for who will play “Shane Warne” in this hypothetical film, Warne has two names in mind: Leonardo DiCaprio or Chris Hemsworth because they’re “super cool.”

It’s understandable you’d want the best and hottest actor to play a Hollywood-ised version of yourself in a film about your life, but let’s be real here, there is no way in hell Leonardo DiCaprio or Chris Hemsworth will play Shane Warne, either in a movie or in the cricket field.

No shade on the guy but let’s be real, Leo is incredibly selective about his work, not to mention he is super expensive. When he’s not acting in the next Martin Scorsese or Quentin Tarantino film, he’s either saving the world or hanging out with his 25-year-old model girlfriend. A niche film about cricket just doesn’t seem like a thing he’ll want to touch.

As for Chris Hemsworth, well he’s blond, a fellow Aussie and knows all about cricket. Damn, there’s actually a possibility it could happen.

Don’t rule it out.

But say Chris does say yes, it is still pretty unlikely to see this film happen because cricket is a boring enough sport to watch, let alone making a movie about it. When you think cricket, you think “afternoon nap” and “beer”, not “all sorts of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll stuff” as Shane describes his take on it.

Should the film fall through, he’s also hoping to put together a documentary called Shane, which will be about his life and career (unsurprisingly).

All in all, it seems like Shane Warne is trying to break into Hollywood in his own way and if in the off chance Leonardo DiCaprio or Chris Hemsworth ends up playing him in a movie, well crazier things have happened.

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