Rihanna May Be The Female Lead In The New Batman Film, Which Is Worrying

Yeah, nah.

Now that the all the hooplah over who will be DC’s new Batman is over (it’s Robert Pattinson in case you haven’t heard), the question now is who will be starring alongside him. Well if rumours are to be believed, we may see *checks notes*… uh, Rihanna fighting against the Caped Crusader.

We Got This Covered says Warner Bros. is interested in the singer for a part in the upcoming Batman flick. As for who she’ll be playing, apparently the studio want her to play Poison Ivy.

Well, okay then.

No shade to Rihanna, who we absolutely adore, but Poison Ivy? If it was for another character like Catwoman (who DC are looking to cast as well) then it would be fine. But again, Poison Ivy? Really?

There’s a reason why the character didn’t work on the big screen when we last saw her in 1997’s Batman & Robin: the character is ridiculous in live-action.

If the new Batman film is to be the grounded, dark and gritty exploration into the Dark Knight’s early years as we are led to believe, then not only might it be a little too soon to introduce Poison Ivy but the character perhaps too campy to realistically work.

And if an actress as great as Uma Thurman couldn’t pull off the character – granted that the material she had was rubbish – then it’s hard to see Rihanna pull it off.

But look, we’re getting way too ahead of ourselves here because this is all just a rumour so we should take it with a mountain of salt for now.

And if the sources for We Got This Covered are to be believed, Rihanna isn’t the only one up for Poison Ivy and she may not even be interested in the part since she’s quite busy with her Fenty stuff these days.

While there’s doubt whether she can convincingly pull off playing a supervillain or whether she’ll even be Poison Ivy, at least she’ll rock whatever green-skinned, red-haired look DC have got planned for the character.

Right now it’s another round of the game we all like to play called “let’s wait and see.” But seeing as how DC was able to successfully pull off a live-action Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn, then there’s hope that a new Poison Ivy will actually turn out alright and not something like the 1997 trainwreck.

Harry Styles Cares More About Music And Elvis Presley Than Being Your Prince Eric

Can't really blame him for it either.

So we know that Harry Styles said no to the role of boring ol’ Prince Eric for Disney’s upcoming live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid, much to the disappointment of One Direction fans everywhere. So why did he turn down such a big part? Well, it’s because of music.

Chatting to The Face, Harry said being in The Little Mermaid was “discussed” but he’d rather do his sex and rock ‘n roll music stuff for the time being.

“I want to put music out and focus on that for a while. But every­one involved in it was amaz­ing, so I think it’s going to be great. I’ll enjoy watch­ing it, I’m sure.”

All One Direction and Disney fans right now.

Fair enough to the guy for having the guts and self awareness to turn down such a high profile role in order to focus on what he really wants to do. Plus he’s not really an “actor” per se as he’s only really been in one movie before (Dunkirk) so perhaps being a Disney prince might’ve been too much at this point.

But while he isn’t going keen to be your Prince Eric, he was particularly keen to be Elvis Presley in Buz Luhrmann’s biopic about the late King of Rock n’ Roll.

It wasn’t meant to be either as Austin Butler got the role in the end but Harry isn’t too fussed, saying that despite worshiping Elvis Presley for a good chunk of his life it was for the best that he didn’t get the part if he wasn’t the right person for it.

But hey, let’s look at this with a glass half-full point of view. Harry may not be your new Prince Eric nor will he be Elvis Presley, but the The Little Mermaid will find someone great to fill the role (and hopefully make him less boring) and we’re going to get some nice Harry Styles music instead.

That’s a pretty good consolation prize for everyone.

Is Nicki Minaj's Retirement A Publicity Stunt Or Are We Toxic For Assuming So?

Let the woman retire in peace.

Nicki Minaj dropped a hell of a bombshell when she announced on Twitter her sudden retirement from all things music and hip-hop in order to focus on having a family.

Given how she released new music back in June and has talked about working on a new album on a number of occasions, this out-of-the-blue tweet from the rapper is quite the shock.

Unsurprisingly, this retirement announcement was met with a range of reactions. Among the many Nicki Minaj fans supporting her decision to embrace familial responsibility are skeptical folk calling this as nothing more than a publicity stunt for attention before she makes an inevitable comeback.

It may well be publicity stunt, we’ll never know for sure. As far as we know, she’s not married nor does she have any kids so perhaps her tweet was a bit premature.

Say she does end up having kids, other huge music stars like Cardi B, Queen Bey, Adele, Jennifer Lopez and Pink have all had kids while still managing to have massively successful careers so there’s every possibility that Nicki could make a big return to hip-hip at some point in the future.

However, there’s also the possibility that Nicki, you know, actually intends to retire. After all, she did foreshadow taking her daughter to preschool in the lyrics of ‘All Things Go’ and pondered going out while still at the top in ‘Moment 4 Life’.

Throw in how she’s become a bit of a lightning rod of attention for being increasingly critical of the industry and media over the last few years, it’s not hard to see why she would be over everything and is keen to do something else.

But by dismissing Nicki’s retirement announcement as nothing more than an attention-grabbing stunt while insisting she’ll be back in no time, we’re really no better than a bunch of puffy-chested toxic bros.

For someone who already has the spotlight constantly on her, it can really take a toll when no one believes she wants to call it a day on hip-hop so she can focus on starting a family.

Let Nicki Minaj live her life in peace. If she wants to retire and start a family, good on her. And if she decides that she wants to come back to hip-hop at some time in the future then that’s totally up to her and not what some whiny folk on the internet want.

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