No One Wants The Creepy 'Cats' Movie, Not Even Furries

The only thing more cooked than the film is its ridiculous (rumoured) budget.

Look, I’m sure a big-budget, live-action CGI film adaptation of the blockbuster musical, Cats, starring superstars like Taylor Swift and Idris Elba was a good idea on paper, but if the official trailer is anything to go by, the final result settles somewhere between “nightmare fuel” and “even furries would have trouble fapping to this.”

Given the reaction to the first Cats trailer, which can be summed up as “WTF did I just watch,” this second trailer tries to shine the spotlight on the actual plot and the results are, well, mixed.

Kudos to the Cats marketing team for trying to take the attention away from the creepy CGI human/cat hybrids, but there’s simply no way people aren’t going to notice the fur.

I’m not sure which is worse, the filmmakers somehow achieving the impossible by turning Idris Elba and Taylor Swift into things that’ll scar you for life or the fact that they apparently spent over $400 million on this movie.

It certainly hasn’t won any new furries over either. After the first Cats trailer proved to be terrible fapping material for furries, the latest trailer hasn’t done anything to change anyone’s mind or stir their loins.

No one asked for a Cats movie and that sentiment hasn’t changed after seeing the trailers. But the internet being the internet, folks have managed to turn this dumpster fire into some meme gold.

Hey, if you just can’t like something no matter how much you want to, might as well make some jokes out of it. And boy were there some solid jokes to come out of the new Cats trailer.

But look, let’s try and fight the urge to judge too much before Cats drops upon us on Boxing Day. Who knows, it could be a masterpiece. I’m not banking on it, but it might be!

Oh Dear God, Please Don't Turn 'OK Boomer' Into A TV Show

Such a boomer move to do.

Hoo boy, just when you couldn’t think this whole “OK boomer” thing couldn’t get more out of hand, it somehow keeps escalating. It’s become a war cry for millennials and Gen Z, a source of stress (and potential legal case) for baby boomers, and now it’s in the works to somehow become a TV show on Fox.

According to the findings of trademark attorney Josh Gerben, Fox has filed a trademark application for “OK Boomer” with the intention of launching a TV show with the same title.

Now this may seem like a bad joke but Gerben says this isn’t just something Fox can apply for with the intention of sitting on it and maybe using it later.

Based on the language of the application, it certainly seems like Fox have every intention of making an “OK boomer” reality, comedy and/or game show for TV. Gerban tells CNN that the studio wouldn’t file this unless a TV show was in serious consideration.

Before we get into hypotheticals over what kind of show “OK boomer” will be and all the millennial and Gen Z outrage that’ll likely come from this, Gerben opines that this application will likely get denied as “OK boomer” is a “widely used message.”

He says that a trademark registration won’t be issued to a “phrase that is commonly used to convey a social or political message” and the viral nature of “OK boomer” means it is near-impossible to identify “the source or a product or service,” which essentially defeats the purpose of a trademark.

As dodgy of a move this is, it’s not the first time someone has tried to trademark “OK boomer” for something. Some chap has filed an application for a clothing brand, another company has filed for a stickers and decals brand, and another bloke filed a trademark for a different TV show idea.

Talk about jumping the shark.

Given how annoyed “OK boomer” has made baby boomers everywhere, we shouldn’t be surprised that they’re trying to monetise the phrase as some sort of petty revenge that’ll also land them some big bucks.

But if that whole Kylie Jenner “rise and shine” saga has taught us anything, it’s that this application will likely fail and those who applied for the trademark will doubly feel the wrath of “OK boomer” as a consequence.

f(x)'s Amber Liu Is Backpedalling Like Mad After Her Tone-Deaf Comments On Racism

"I am so sorry."

f(x)’s Amber Liu has unleashed an atomic bomb of backlash on the issue of racism following some tone-deaf comments over a viral clip of a white cop arresting a black man for eating a sandwich.

This all began when footage hit the internet of a California man (who is black) getting detained by a white police officer for doing nothing more than eating a sandwich while waiting on a train platform.

The incident went viral and was addressed by many outlets, including the YouTube channel JustKiddingNews, which Amber Liu appeared on as a guest.

When discussing the incident, the f(x) member said:

“He deserved it, I think he just deserved it because he’s being super disrespectful, and you don’t have to act like that toward a police officer. A police officer is still a police officer. You should still show some type of respect. Know your rights, but show some type of respect.”

In response to her comment, her male friend replied:

“That’s going towards a touchy area because culturally I don’t think we understand what the black community goes through so they respond way different to officers than we do.”

Following those comments, a torrent of backlash was unleashed upon Twitter as fans called Amber out for her ignorance on the issue of racism and how she seemingly didn’t recognise the instance of discrimination unfolding in the viral video.

After an epic fan dogpile over the JustKiddingNews video, Amber backpedaled on her comments by issuing out an apology on Twitter.

The singer admits to being at fault for making an “ignorant” and “snap judgment” after watching the viral video clip and acknowledged how it’s on her for not “being more aware of how the systemic racism in the United States has continued and gotten worse while [she] spend 10 years overseas.”

She stresses that she “100%” doesn’t stand for racism and discrimination and is fully behind “#BlackLivesMatter” before stating she “will continue to educate [herself] on this matter.”

The apology was received with mix responses from fans as some acknowledged it was a mistake while others weren’t quite as forgiving and labeled Amber’s response as insincere.

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