Move Over Henry Cavill, Michael B. Jordan Is The Superman We Want

Just do it, DC.

For all the success DC have had with its slate of superhero films, the one hero they’ve yet to successfully crack has been Superman. Henry Cavill may be visually perfect for the part but his films haven’t exactly set the world alight. Now word on the street is that another even more charismatic chap is being eyed for the role: Michael B. Jordan.


According to a big breakdown on the future of DC’s movie slate from Variety, the suits at Warner Bros. have been trying to figure out a way to make Superman palatable to fickle audiences these days and they’ve chatted to both J.J. Abrams (who signed a big deal with the studio) and Michael B. Jordan to help make it a reality.

The most interesting tidbit however is Jordan reportedly pitched the suits his “vision” for Superman. But despite interest from both parties, don’t expect Michael B. Jordan to be the new Man of Steel any time soon.

Variety reports that Jordan’s schedule is filled up with projects and filming on a Superman flick won’t happen for a few years so expect nothing sooner than a 2023 release at the earliest should he join the DC universe. It may a while away but this is only a good thing as it’ll allow the filmmakers to get the material into working shape before beginning production. We don’t want another Batman V Superman and Justice League situation here.

Good things come to those who wait (hopefully).

It’s all just talk at the moment but let’s say the gears are turning and Michael B. Jordan is indeed in the frame for Superman, then he’s definitely the perfect replacement for Henry Cavill.

He’s a great actor, buff as all hell, has charisma spilling out of his pockets, and would look fantastic wearing a red cape with a big “S” on it. Plus it would be fantastic to see someone other than a white bloke play Superman for a change.

Even more importantly is Jordan’s self-confessed love for comic books and knowledge of the character, While no one exactly knows what he pitched to Warner Bros. regarding his vision for Superman, we can hazard a guess based on some previous comments that his idea is to play the character of Calvin Ellis (who is basically a Superman from another alternative universe) rather than Clark Kent.

So where does this leave Henry Cavill if Michael B. Jordan does eventually become Superman? Well there are two possibilities that we can see. The first is Jordan straight up replaces Cavill, who probably won’t be too happy about that given how he’s still keen to keep the role (despite admitting his Superman films were crap).

The second possibility is both Cavill and Jordan get to play Superman, which wouldn’t be too farfetched if Warner Bros. buys into the whole multi-verse idea and having multiple versions of the character.

For now though, there are no Superman projects in the works as far as we know so we’re just going to have to make do with fantasies and fanart of Michael B. Jordan wearing the red cape for the time being.

You Missed The Chance To Buy A Legit 'Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker' Script On EBay

It's what happens when someone tells you the odds.

The folks behind Star Wars have made secret-keeping and leak prevention into something of an art form ever since Disney took over the franchise. So it’s a bit of a surprise to hear from J.J. Abrams himself that not only did someone manage to lose a Rise of Skywalker script, it even appeared on eBay for everyone to bid on.

Chatting about this heart-rate raising moment on Good Morning America, the director said one of his stars – he wouldn’t name who – left their Rise of Skywalker script “under their bed” and it was found by the cleaner, who gave it to a Star Wars-loving friend – who then promptly put it up on eBay.

Now before you go scouring eBay for this Rise of Skywalker script, Abrams said Disney caught wind of it and quickly got it back before Star Wars nerds parted with their life savings in an attempt to gain access to this treasure chest of secrets before the film’s December 20 release date.

While some folks would’ve been wary of getting their hands on the script for fear of spoilers, the temptation of the Dark Side might’ve been too great given how Rise of Skywalker is the grand conclusion of everything (until the new films arrive in 2022). Plus there’s the interesting tidbit of how Abrams picked George Lucas’ brain for ideas on how to end the Sequel Trilogy, which makes things even more intriguing.

But alas, we’re starting to delve into ‘what if” territory now so let’s just give props to Disney for somehow containing the leak and maintaining its reputation for being the Fort Knox of spoilers.

This just leaves one remaining question about this weird little Rise of Skywalker story: who was the one who left their script for the cleaner to find?

Presumably it’s one of the leading stars since they’re likely the only ones who have access to the script. We can only assume that they had to have a very uncomfortable chat with J.J. Abrams and their Disney bosses about losing such an important item.

If we were to hazard a guess, our money is on either John Boyega or Oscar Isaac because we can’t really see Daisy Ridley or Adam Driver being so careless.

Black Panther Literally Helped Save A Poor Kid Who Got Impaled In The Face

Who said you couldn't learn anything from a Marvel movie?

When you sit down to watch a Marvel Cinematic Universe film, you’re doing it for the entertainment, explosions and quips. You’re certainly not watching an MCU flick for any important life lessons or insights into the human psyche. But for some kid in America, watching Black Panther literally helped save his life.

11-year-old Xavier Cunningham (via People) was playing in a treehouse one day when he was attacked by a swarm of wasps, which by the way are absolute bastards and deserves all the flack they get.

In an attempt to escape from those painful, god forsaken insects, Xavier accidentally fell from a ladder to his treehouse and impaled his face onto a foot-long meat skewer that was left out in the open for some unknown reason.

This wasn’t some mere flesh wound either as it pierced through the front of his face and through the back of his skull.

A SFW recreation of the accident.

Luckily for Xavier, he didn’t panic, left the skewer in his head as it was, and was rushed to hospital, where doctors were able to remove the skewer once they recovered from the shock of the “one in a million” chance that the object somehow missed the kid’s nerves and brain stem.

When Xavier was asked later how he managed to keep calm and not touch the skewer, he said he learned it from watching Black Panther. Specifically, the fight at the end between T’Challa and Killmonger.

At the climax of the final battle in Black Panther, T’Challa stabs Killmonger in the chest with a dagger. After an emotional final few words between cousins and a moment of understanding while watching the sunset, Killmonger removes the dagger from his chest and dies.

Xavier says after he “watched Black Panther” and saw the part where “he just takes it out and dies,” he “was like, ‘Nope!'” and opted to keep the metal skewer in his head until medical aid had arrived.

He also mentioned how Jesus also played a part in saving his life, but that’s a far less interesting excuse as to how he survived so we’re just going to brush over that and keep the focus on the Black Panther stuff, which is pretty amazing no matter how you look at it.

So there you go, next time someone questions the merit of a Marvel film, the excuse “it may literally save my life” is actually applicable thanks to this bizarre incident involving Black Panther.

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