Miley Cyrus Is Having A Disney Channel Throwback Photo Frenzy That's So Epic Even Her Ex Nick Jonas Can’t Resist

Nothing makes you feel old quite like Hannah Montana pictures.

For many of us, the entire 21st century can be chronicled through the exact movements and aesthetic of Miley Cyrus at any given time. She came onto the scene in Hannah Montana in 2001 and everything from Bangerz era through to distressingly adorable newly-wed has played out on the public stage.

Our shameless investment in Miley’s life is what makes her own early noughties throwback photos such a nostalgic trip down memory lane for the rest of us onlookers. Disney channel era Miley takes you back to another time, and it’s irresistible content.

Which is why we love Miley’s recent throwback photo frenzy that snowballed from an International Women’s Day-inspired homage into a treasure chest of memories, getting some of her old mates (and our favourite child stars) involved in the fun.

Posting to Instagram Story, Instagram feed and Twitter, Miley took us back to the Disney Channel golden days of the early 2000’s.

That includes a post of Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, herself, and the Jonas Brothers, that references the Jobros new song ft. their new lady friends, ‘Sucker’.

If there were any doubts left that Miley and her 2006 ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas are on good terms, please see Miley’s post of their recent DM’s. Miley sent Nick an old picture posted on a fan account featuring her in a Jonas Brothers shirt, to which Nick replied,

“Amazing. These throwback shots have been (fire emoji)”

It truly is a post ‘7 Things’ world we are living in.

He’s not wrong, the throwbacks really are fire.

Some of Miley’s mates reposted their throwbacks, like Ashley Tisdale and this picture of the pair self-owning their extreme hair extension phase.

Miley self-owns again in the caption to this photo with Adele and a crew of some of the most talented female vocalists around. Clearly she’s referring to Bangerz era Miley twerking on stage at the VMAs, which we truly were not ready for.

Emma Roberts might be a Nickelodeon star but she gets a shout out too.

Then of course Emily Osment, AKA Miley Stewart’s bestie on Hannah Montana gets some love. Big love to anything Hannah Montana-related.

And finally, I would like to show my appreciation for this bizarre women’s day post, that is semi-throwback, except that this scene definitely never happened.

Thank you Miley Cyrus for the retrospective on the 21st century. Miley going from a break-up ballad for Nick Jonas to both being married and platonically friendly is the inspiration we need to know that progress is real.

Miley Cyrus Challenges Ariana Grande Over Whose Track Is More Iconic: 7 Rings Vs 7 Things

Two queens collide.

In 2019, Ariana Grande gave us ‘7 Rings’. It’s catchy, it’s pink, it’s opulent, it’s championing friendship, and it has been one of the #1 songs in the world since the moment it was released.

But before we had ‘7 Rings’, we had Miley Cyrus’s iconic 2008 break up track, ‘7 Things’, and don’t you forget it. (SHAA.)

Miley kindly reminded us that she invented the ‘7’ song genre, with a throwback of her performing ‘7 Things’ in concert alongside audience-member Selena Gomez.

She captioned the post,

“Your generation = 7 Rings MY generation = 7 Things. Simpler times.

Though Miley didn’t @ her, Ariana responded with the simple, relatable statement,

“7 things defined me”


Of course, Miley and Ariana are mates so all is fair in love and throwbacks, but the funniest part of this interaction is Miley framing the two stars as if they’re from different generations. Ariana is 25 and Miley is 26, making Miley like one of those friends who is a few months older than you and acts like your wiser adult supervisor. Power move Miley.

But I think most of the fans of Miley’s ‘7 Things’ era have grown up to be the majority target audience for Ari’s ‘7 Rings’, and for both we are eternally grateful.

Jonas Brothers Recreating Year 3000 For A 2019 Parody Somehow Makes Everything Feel Better

The wigs!!!

Back in 2006, the Jonas Brothers did an unforgettable cover of ‘Year 3000’, a song originally by British pop punk band, Busted.

Everything about the JoBros music video is so gloriously of the era, and the cover still bangs.

But they’ve brought that era back to life as a special treat on The Late Late Show with James Corden, and brought us the most spectacular recreation of the hit single adapted for the year 2019.

The Jonas Brothers have blessed us with ‘Year 2019’, a parody of the original hit with lyrics to describe the wild world we are living in right here and right now.

Between swipes at the current President and lyrics celebrating the band being back together, there are plenty of gems like this in the rewrite:

“I took a trip to 2019, so many brand new milks that we are trying. Cashew, almond, flax milk, oat milk, rice milk, soy milk, hemp and goat milk.”

“We thought the future would be the best, so what’s new with Kanye West? (Uhhhhh)”

“You can filter any photo/ Look I’m a dog, a sexy dog!”

But please enjoy this masterpiece for yourself in its entirety.

The song parody itself is fantastic but Nick, Joe and Kevin’s recreations of their 2006 ~looks~ really steals the show.

Nick Jonas reuniting with his big curls is almost as exciting as the band reuniting.

Cheers to the Jonas Brothers for this light-hearted parody of the messed up stuff that’s going down in 2019, it actually helps to laugh about it.

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